Pulled Over By The Deputy Pt. 3


Well, I have not wanted to finish this but I guess I will but it is not something I will give details on because they gross me out. I was walking to her daughter and suddenly passed out. The reason I passed out is that the deputy stuck me with a drug in the ass and I collapsed. A day and a half later I was in my car, waking up with a terible headache. I was in my tube top on and mini skirt on. I was parked in the shade and next to me a package with a note. "Enjoyed your visit, let's do it again. " and I opened it and it was a DVD. I was sore al over and had love bites all over, literally all over. I got home and sat on the couch and put in the video and it began with the deputy and her daughter and I all in bed. I was limp from the shot they had given me. Then I was in a room and there were at least 10 to 15 men, in jail jump suits all around and I was in the middle of the bed naked and spread out They al raped me and did all they wanted to. I was used and tossed around and filled with their cocks,something I hate. I began to come around and they shot me with another needle every time I was waking up. They finished with me, cleaned me up and dressed me and dropped me off. Nothing nice about that.

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   No more MEN stories ever folks. .