Random Seductions Pt. 2


Carl and Joyce had opened up a lot and Joyce had goten used to me needing sex everyday after classes and we usually drove to her place and got naked. When we did either it was her and I or Carl was there waiting and we wore him out. One Friday I was going to stay over for the weekend and so I had changed after classes into my favorite tube top and skirt and no panties. I got into the car across the street from school and told Joyce, "off with the bra and panties Hun. " "You are turning me into a really loose woman Tess. " she said laughing, "But since you are always in charge I guess I had better do as you say. " She took them off and put them away in her purse. "Lets stop and get something to drink" I said and motioned towards a lounge that was in the next town over from ours. We usually went the long way around to her house if we were going to play.
She looked at me begging with her eyes and said, "How about a little further away please?" "Well, okay. " I said and she drove on. We drove another 30 or so miles and there was a kind of Cowboy Lounge and so she pulled in. I had my tube top down to just above my nipples and had opened her blouse to below her cleavage. It was 6 by now and the lounge had a few guys in it, drinking beers and talking to some of the women there. We went to the bar and the guy looked at me, "You look underage to me hun. " he said looking ove the bar at me.

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   I leaned on it and said, "You ever see anyone underage with something like these?" and pulled the tube top down letting my tits free. He just looked at me, "Go ahead, feel them, they are real. " I said and he reached over and took one in his hand. "Sure as hell is real lady. Come on and enjoy the first drink on me. " Joyce laughed and I climbed onto the stool. He gave me a screwdriver and I tok it down fast, "Any more free drinks?" I said. "Shit, have another. " he said and he fixed me another and I drank it right down. Joyce had not had a drink yet thinking she was driving soon.
"Give her a double of the strongest you have" I said to him and he served up something and I pushed it towards her. "But I have to drive. " she said. I looked around and said, "Oh, I think we have all the entertainment we need here. " and took another drink that was offered to me.

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   She drank it down and gasped and I ordered her two more. He put them in front of her and I told her "Drink. " "But, what about. " she began and I told her to drink. She was obviously now feeling it and I unbuttoned her blosue to her waist and pulled it open some. A good looking guy came to me and said, "How much to see those tits again Sweetheart?" and me reached into his pocket for cash. He had a nice bulge in his crotch and so I reached down, "What it will cost is not in that pocket Hun, it is here. " I said and massaged his bulge. "Let me suck it and you can see all you want to and more. " I said and Joyce laughed. "What is so funny?" he said. Joyce laughed again and looked at me and whispered in my ear, "Well, my daughter usually keeps her clothes on longer than this. " she said and laughed again. "So do you Mom," I said and pulled her blouse open and my tube top down showing our tits at the same time.
There were lots of men around us now and I had pulled out the man's cock that had spoken to me.

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   I dropped to my knees and sucked him into my mouth and began really sucking so that he would cum fast. It didn't take long and he filled my throat and I stood up licking my lips. "Oh that was good. " I said, "Wanna a taste Mom?" I said and kissed her. "She smiled," you are right sweetheart, "it was delicious. " The man that owned the bar went to the door and told the man there to make sure people came in that would not mind the fun that was beginning. "Would you ladies like to use to pool table?" We looked at each other and Joyce said, "Oh fuck yeh. " and we both got on it and began taking off each others skirts and then we began sucking and kissing each other all over and soon we were 69ing each other and had orgasms soaking the table. Now there were men and women all around the table and they were cheering us on.
I sat up and leaned on my elbow, "Well guys, pussy can just do so much, anyone hard for me?" Several men stepped up and one began putting on a condum but I said, "If you need one of those I don't need your cock, I want them all bare and I want all the cum I can get" Joyce repeated it and soon we laid next to each other naked, legs spread and men in our pussies and us yeling out like crazy as we both got fucked like hell. The night went on and on and finally I woke up next to her the owner saying he was locking up and if we wanted we could sleep in the back room and leave when we wanted to. I looked at him, "Did you ever fuck me?" "Oh hell yes, and sucked me off twice too lady, you are one hell of a woman. " Joyce laughed. "Now what is so fucking funny?" he said. "Tell him how old you are Tess.

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  " I looked at him and pulled my ID from my bag he handed me and showed him, "13 next week!" I said. "!3!, damn you had me fooled!" he almost yelled. "It is okay, I love to have fun and my aunt and uncle that I live with know what I do and in fact they are the ones that taught me. " "Okay he said, the back room is open, leave when you like. Next time have a fake ID at least. "