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There’s a fifteen year old, hot teen in my grade. Dirty Blonde hair. Size 23 waist. She was 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 100 pounds. Dania’s her name. At our school we have a fixed uniform, in which we wear polyester shirts and black pants or the girls have the option of wearing skirts and the guys can wear shorts. One day, during math class, Dania and I were both partners in a class project. “Damn, I need a ruler,” she said, frustrated. She saw one. It was lying at the tip of the other side of the desk. I was sitting to her left; therefore I saw her left side. Both of the buttons on her shirt were open. She leaned over the desk to get the ruler and the front of her shirt sagged down (God bless gravity). Her fingers were barely reaching the ruler. Meanwhile, since her buttons were open and her shirts were sagging, I saw her tits packed up in her bra. If I were to guess, her tits are B-cups on the verge of C-cups.

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   She had great, perfect, soft looking tits, and great cleavage. She finally got hold of the ruler and sat back down. I thought; why not get a back show. When she was looking away, I put the ruler back where it originally was and this time I sat behind her. Really frustrated, she leaned over again and her skirt slipped down a little from the back. Enough to let me see that she wasn’t wearing a thong. She wasn’t wearing women’s boxers. She wasn’t wearing panties. She wasn’t wearing anything under that short skirt. I got a peek at the top of her ass. Both checks were sticking out. They looked so soft, squishy, just like her tits. She sat down again. The bell rang. School was over.

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   Going home that day, I realized that I could easily get with her. But she’d never let me fuck her until we fell in love and all that shit. I needed to fuck those juicy tits and that spankable ass of her as soon as I could. Whenever I thought about the two peeps I got of her, my 8 incher got hard. I thought, screw it, if she wouldn’t let me fuck her, I’d do it anyways. I went home that day and made a plan. I called her friend up and casually discussed with her that we should throw Dania a birthday party. The stupidass gave me her address. The next day during math class I was chatting with Dania in the back of the room. She told me on Saturday night, her parents would be out and no one would be home. Good thing she told everyone else that too. She also mentioned how scared she was that the back door of her house had no lock. We told her not to worry. I saw an opportunity. It was Friday.

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   After school I went straight home. I found a pair of gloves that were a little big, but they were good enough seeing that I had to do what I was going to do the next day. I took some masking tape, a piece of cloth, and a lot of rope, 2 inches thick. I went to my bathroom, and got my bottle of Vaseline. In the kitchen fridge, I found what I remembered seeing a night ago. Two 7 inch long cucumbers. On the kitchen counter, I saw a fruit knife, and took it. I knew she was a virgin but you never know if she got AIDS through a needle and I didn’t wanna get her pregnant. I went to the local department store, and got a pack of 5 condoms. I put all of the stuff in a small bag. The next morning at about 11 am, I woke up. By 5 pm I was done with my homework. I got the address that I had written down and put it in my pocket. I told my parents that I was done with homework and I was going to sleepover at a friend’s house. They agreed.

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   I changed into black pants, and a black long sleeves shirt. I took a taxi and asked the cab driver to park at the corner of the street on which Dania’s house was. I took my bag and walked down 8 houses until I reached her place. I put on my gloves. It was dark and outside her house only the 2 lights of the gate were lit. There was only one room which was lit, and that was Dania’s room. I could see her shadow in the window. As I went in the house through the back door, I realized she had really loud music on that was louder than the sound of my footsteps on the wooden floor even in the hallway. I crept up the stairs and peeked inside her room. The door was open just enough to see inside with one eye. She headed towards her closet and with no time to loose, I crept into the room and shut the door gently. I put down my bag besides the bed, and took out the fruit knife that I had also put in my left pocket. I tip toed my way to her, and in seconds I was standing behind her. She was leaning over and I could see that she was wearing a red thong under her jeans. Above her waist she was wearing a spaghetti top and I could see the straps of her sky blue bra.

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   Before she could turn around, I wrapped my left hand around her mouth and put the knife to her neck, pulled her back up from her bending position and said in a very deep voice “I swear, if you scream or make any, and I mean any moves I WILL cut your throat. If you cooperate, you won’t get hurt. ” Throughout my night with her, I spoke in the same deep voice. She didn’t make any moves and I slowly took her towards the bed, making sure she wouldn’t see me. I told her, “I’m going to let go of your mouth now, but don’t you dare turn around or say a word or you WILL die. ” I took my hand off and pushed her down on the bed, face down. I leaned over the bed and took out the piece of cloth from my bag. I used the cloth as a blindfold and tied it tightly over her eyes. I turned her around face up. I took out the masking tape, and put several layers over her mouth. “Remember, any moves, and you die. ” I went over to the stereo and turned off the music. I went back up to her and could see her pulse had gotten faster. I placed her in the middle of the bed, face up, and got out the pieces of rope from my bag. I tied her wrists to the two of the bedposts and then tied her feet to the opposite bedposts, leaving her thighs open.

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   I went over to the door and locked it. “No noises, or else. ” I went to the bed and got on top of her. I started to kiss her soft neck and gently bite her delicate ears. I worked down and kept kissing her neck. I started taking the straps of her spaghetti top off and kissing her shoulder. I took the knife and tore through the rest of her top. I took the top and threw it on the ground. And there they were. The softest, juiciest, most perfect tits I had ever seen packed tightly in her sky blue bra. Below her tits was such a smooth sexy stomach, belly button pierced. She had a nice, Coca Cola bottle body figure. I started kissing and sucking all over her stomach. I sucked on her piercing and belly button and worked my way up. I worked up to her tits.

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   I kissed and sucked and bit on the parts of her tits that were bare and the parts covered by the bra. I reached behind her back, and cut the bra with the knife, and took off the bra with my hands from the front. OH MY DEAR GOD!!! I could have fainted at the site of her tits! They were bloody perfect. I fondled with them in my hands, and squeezed them. I sucked and bit her nipples and areola over and over. I even tried putting an entire tit in my mouth. It was like heaven. I had to save those for later. It was time to move down. I kissed her stomach again and worked down to her jeans. I undid her button and unzipped her zipper and saw a bit of her red thong. There was no way of taking the jeans off because her legs were tied. I ripped the front of her jeans with the knife and tore off the leg sleeves. I threw the pieces of her jeans on the ground. I pushed my face against her thong started licking her vaginal area over the thong. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   I ripped the thong off with the knife and saw a really tight and soft pussy. It looked like it had never been touched before. I pushed my face towards her pussy. I started licking it and kissing it. Damn did it taste good! I pulled aside the lips of her pussy and started kissing and licking. I inserted two fingers into her pussy. It took me a while because the pussy was really tight. I heard her squirm when I shoved the fingers in and out and sucked on her clit at the same time. I increased the speed with which I was fingering her and sucking on her pussy. I started sucking harder and harder on her delicate clit. I inserted in another finger and a while later, my entire fist, in and out, in and out. She screamed under the masking tape but no one outside the room could have heard it. She ejaculated all over my hand and faced. I licked my face and my hand clean of her fluids and sucked her pussy dry. Her breathing had gotten really fast.

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   She had never had an orgasm that hard in her life and there were more to come. I took off my shirt and my pants. My 8 incher was rock hard and sticking out of my boxers. I took off my boxers and reached for my bag and took out a condom. I put the condom on but it only covered ¾ of my cock. Good enough. I got on top of her again, and whispered into her ears, “This won’t hurt a bit, even if it does, shut the fuck up or you know what. ” There were mascara tears running down her cheeks from under the blindfold. I had to slowly insert my cock into her pussy because it was so damn tight! Slowly, I forced my 8 inch long, 3 inches thick (diameter) cock into her juicy, wet, tight pussy. I pushed it in all the way, as far as it could go. Slowly, I took my cock in and out of her tight pussy. Since it was so tight, I thought I’d loosen it up a little, a started to fuck her hella faster than before. Her ribs pushed up as I banged her as fast as I could. Fluids were slipping out of her pussy. My cock was smacking against the furthest inner walls of her vagina.

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   The lips of her pussy were wet and spread wide apart. She was feeling some pain as her pussy was so tight, and never had anything so thick and big inside, going in and out so fast. “MMHMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMM!!!!!! AMMMMMMM AAAMMMMM AAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!MHMMMM!!!” she screamed from under the masking tape, but again, no one outside the room could have heard it. I started to fuck her faster and harder and lied down on her rocking the bed. “UNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” She was trying to move, but I didn’t care because she couldn’t. I was so surprised when she cummed before me, screaming, and seconds I later I ejaculated inside her. Her pussy was throwing out female cum all over my cock. I slowly stopped. Her heart beat was fast once again. I took my cock out of her and saw that her pussy was still wide open. It slowly took back its shape. I threw away the condom and got another one. On second, thought, I decided I didn’t need a condom anymore. I put my hand on her vagina and said to her, “Don’t worry, I think its wide enough now. ” I could sense some relief on her face.


   She didn’t know what was coming. Her perfect tits once again caught my attention, so I’d thought I’d get my dick to give them some attention. I sat over her upper torso in a kneeling position with my legs on the bed at her sides. I put my clock in her cleavage and pushed her tits against my cock and slowly began to push and pull. OH LORD!!! It felt better than fucking pussy. Her soft tits felt great! I fucked them faster and harder. She didn’t seem to squeal as much as she did before. Her face showed signs of pleasure. I pressed her tits harder against my cock that was now fucking her cleavage faster and harder. The friction caused a burning sensation on her skin. “MMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! AAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!” Soon enough I came all over her tits and her neck as well as her shoulders. Her tits looked great covered with cum. I cleaned her up with a towel nearby and put it in my bag so that she couldn’t use the sperm for a DNA test. She seemed tired as hell, but I was no where near done. I reached into my bag and got out the Vaseline and a cucumber.

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   She felt uneasy as she knew whatever was next would be worse. I took the knife in my hand and put it to her neck. “Do as I say and everything will be painless. ” She knew she had no choice. I untied her wrists and took off the rope. I untied her feet but kept the rope on. I turned her over, face down, and tied her feet together, closing up her thighs. Damn, her ass was so fine, and the cheeks were so juicy and soft. They were big enough to need two hands to grab one cheek completely. I couldn’t resist. I spanked her ass, 3 or 4 times until it got red. I sucked, licked, kissed and bit her ass cheeks. I kissed her smooth back all the way up to the back of her neck, feeling her firm tits. Yet, my attention remained on her ass. I had to fuck it.

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   I told her to sit in the doggy style position and once she did, I tied her wrists to the posts again making sure she maintained that position. I took a bit of Vaseline and rubbed it on the opening of her anus and then applied more and slowly pushed my finger in. “UNNNFFFFFFF!!!!!!” Her ass was 10 times tighter than her pussy. It felt great. Once the opening was covered I got the 7 inch cucumber and rubbed loads and loads of Vaseline all over it. I took the cucumber and pushed one end against the opening of her anus and slowly pushed it in. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNHHHHHHHHH!!!!” I shoved almost the entire thing up her ass. Then I pulled it out and pushed it back in with gentle force. “UNNNHH!!! AAANNNNHH!!!” she cried over and over. I pulled the entire cucumber out and noticed it was now dry of all the Vaseline. I positioned myself behind her, and place my hands on her tits. My knees were on the bed. The tip of my hard cock touched the opening of her anus. I shoved my cock all the way up her ass. The inside of her ass was so warm and smooth.

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   The spiral texture inside her ass added to the pleasure. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” she screamed from under the tape. I pulled my cock out all the way and she screamed louder. I shoved it back in and began to fuck her with intensity and as fast as I could. At the same time I was squeezing the hell out of her tits. I spanked her ass a couple of times and her cheeks jiggled. “AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! ANNNNNNNHHH!!!” Her body was shaking, she couldn’t take it anymore, and I didn’t care. I fucked her ass harder and harder, pulling my cock all the way out, and shoving it all the way in as fast as humanly possible. Soon enough, I cummed inside her ass and she squirmed when she felt the warm jizz hit deep inside her ass. I pulled my cock out. An hour had passed since I had arrived. She was about to faint. I smacked her ass until all of the sperm came out of her ass. Her ass was really red, just like her pubic are had become. I had one more hole to go.

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   I untied her wrists from the bed post and slid her down onto the ground, her feet still tied together. I tied her wrists together behind her back and made her sit in a kneeling position with only her knees touching the floor. I got up and went to her dressing table, where I found red lipstick. I came back to her and put the knife to her neck and said, “The pain is over, but there’s something else to do, I’m gonna take the tape off, but if you scream, you’re dead. ” I took off the tape. Her lips looked yummy, so I pushed her to the ground and forcefully made out with her, slobbering all over her mouth. 10 minutes later, I put her back in the kneeling position and wiped her mouth. I put the red lipstick on her lips. Damn, did she look hot. I sat on the bed and opened my legs towards her face. “Now, I’m gonna teach you how to suck cock. ” I grabbed her hair from the back of her head and slowly pushed her lips to the tip of my penis. I pushed her head forward, and her mouth took in my cock. The bright red lips looked great over my cock. I pushed her head forward and back.

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   Faster and faster and told her to pretend she was sucking a lollipop. She sucked, slurped, and licked as I pushed my dick in and out of her mouth. I pushed and pulled her head faster and faster. I was about to cum, so I pushed her head forward, making her take in my entire 8 inch long cock, with the tip of my cock deep inside her throat. I ejaculated inside her throat. She was trying to cough and pull her head back but I didn’t let her. When I was done, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she coughed but the cum was now inside her stomach. I put more tape on her mouth. I carried her towards the curtains of her window. I tied her wrists to the ends of the curtain pole and tied her feet together and then tied that knot with the bottom of the window. Basically, it looked as if she had been crucified. I had remembered that I had brought two cucumbers, both 7 inches long. Without Vaseline, I reached behind her, and shoved one all the way up her ass. It was in so far that it wouldn’t fall out. “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNN!!” I shoved the other up her pussy, all the way, and it didn’t fall out either.

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   “AAAHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNN!! MNNNNNN!!!” To make sure they wouldn’t fall out, I went to her drawer, and pulled out a black thong. I untied her feet for a second. I put the thong on her and pulled it up really tight. “AAAAAAAAAHNNNNNN!!” I tied her feet back in the crucified position. I thought it was unfair that one hole was left empty. Since she had eaten dinner already, she didn’t need her mouth for the night, or at least until her parents got back. I went downstairs to the kitchen and found exactly what I needed. A cucumber, 5-6 inches long. I went back up and took the tape off her mouth, giving her another warning. Her lips still had red lipstick on. I told her to look up and open wide and with some hesitation, she did. I shoved the cucumber down her throat. The end that I was pushing in with was now sticking out of her mouth about a quarter of an inch. I told her to breathe through her nose. She couldn’t spit out the cucumber; it was way too far down her throat.

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   I took the tape, and pushed her tits together, and then pushed them inwards. She couldn’t make any noise. I taped them in that position, with the tape going all round to her back. 4 or 5 layers of tape. I put on my clothes and got my things and took one final look at her. Knowing her parents would be home soon, I left, turning the lights off. The next morning, I remembered the next week was a off from school, and I found out her parents had been gone for the week. I thought maybe I’d have to pay her a few more visits and maybe take her to different parts of the house, maybe even for a swim. But those are stories for another time. Be sure to check out the forums for more great stories http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index. phpor our new story site http://www. bluestories. com/forums/index. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 


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