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"You've certainly grown a lot in the last few years," he said. "Yeah, although dad still thinks of me as his little girl I guess. " "Daddy's little girl," he replied in a strange voice. At that moment she turned to glance at a couple walking past in the street outside and didn't see him lick his lips. "Do you have a boyfriend, then?" he asked. "No, not at the moment. Well, no-one special. " "I bet all the boys are queing up to get to you, eh?" he drained the last of his beer and stood up to get another, staggered a little. As he reached her a cloud of alcohol fumes spewed from his mouth over her. He went to leave the room, paused for a second and then grabbed her. Rachel was too shocked to react as he wrapped his arms around her and jammed his lips against her own, forcing his tongue and sour breath into her mouth. She began to kick and struggle away. He pulled back. "God I'm sorry. . .

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  please. . . please don't tell anyone. " "My dad's going to fucking murder you!" she cried in disgust. She turned and went for the phone in the hallway. . . and a strong hand grabbed her long blonde hair and dragged her painfully back into the room. She tried to scratch his hand and pull away and he slapped her so hard stars burst before her eyes and she found herself on hands and knees on the carpet, stunned. Jack stood over her, panting. "Well," he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, "in for a penny, in for a pound. " Taking a roll of electrical tape from his toolbox he placed a boots on the back of her head, forcing her face into the carpet and pulled her arms up behind her, securing them tightly. He groaned as he ran his calloused hands over her legs and pulled her white panties down and off, then sniffed them deeply before rolling them up and wedging them in her mouth, slapping another length of tape over her lips. She struggled but the tape held her tightly, tried to scream but couldn't even drown out the game show on the TV as he stripped off his overalls and clothes behind her.

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   There was a mirrored wall beside the leather couch and she could only watch as his hairy, bulky body was exposed and his hard cock sprang free from his jeans. It was big, considerably bigger than the three boys she'd slept with already. He stood there panting and gazing down at her, his cock bobbing around, then glanced at the clock and picked her up as easily as a sack of meat and tossed her down on the leather couch. She tried to kick him, in vain, and he brought one large palm down on her ass with a crack that was deafening. The pain brought tears to her eyes. he took a small knife from the box and quickly cut her clothes from her body, leaving her completely naked and exposed. Her face turned crimson with shame and she began to sob as his hands roamed over her legs and firm ass, exploring her. He moaned when each hand found a fistful of breast and began to squeeze, then stroked down her back to her buttocks again. His fingers traced up and down her ass crack, making her shiver and his other hand pulled her cheeks apart and held them that way with thumb and forefinger. A finger ran over her exposed asshole, making her body tense up and then. . . OH GOD! She could feel the pressure on her ass as his finger pushed against it and bucked wildly, tensing her ass muscles in a vain effort to keep him out. But the finger pushed inwards inexorably, the only thing worse than the pain being the unbelievable sense of violation and disgust she felt as it went in deeper and deeper, up to the knuckle, buried in her ass. Rachel tried to relax in the hope it would make the pain abate somewhat.

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   It helped a little until he started sliding it in and out. Her ass was filled with a horrible burning sensation as the finger moved in it and she screamed and moaned around the gag. He either mistook her cries for something else or was completely lost in his drunken fantasy. "Like that do you? I knew you would. You just needed a little push, was all. Cos you're such a good girl, but I could tell you wanted it. Oh god, i've thought about his so long I can't believe it's finally happening. I lie awake at night thinking about you and all the nasty things you've wanted me to do to you. " She could still see him in the mirror. He was watching her cheeks bouncing with every hard thrust of his finger, her tight young body splayed out before him like the best christmas present on the world. Pleae, sh though, mum, dad, someone come home before he goes any further! "Oh god I can't wait. I want to fuck you. " NO! she screamed in her head his finger popped out of her, leaving her ass feeling sore and empty. As he grabbed her by the hips and flipped her over she kicked out, catching him a glancing blow on the jaw. He hit her in the stomach and the breath blasted out of her along with all the strength in her muscles.

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   "Fuck-ing be-have," he hissed, punctuating every syllable with a hard slap to her tits. "Don?t think I won't hurt you," he continued, leaning in close to her face. His face was twisted with lust and drink, barely human and she felt a cold terror seeping into her. Jack twisted her round again so she was kneeling on the floor bent over the couch. The leather felt cool again her stinging breasts. His hairy legs pushed hers apart. She felt something press against her cunt and jerked again but Jack grabbed her and held her down tightly, one hand on the small of her back, the other pushing her face into a cushion and then, with a loud cry, he pushed himself deep inside her. All she could smell was leather and the musty scent of his sweaty body. All she could see was the blackness of the cushion pressing against her eyes. All she could feel was his strong hands controlling her totally and his cock slamming into her repeatedly, painfully hard, Jack grunting or roaring incomprehensibly with every brutal thrust. her mind swam and she tried to close it off to the awful physical sensations and the utter shame and misery she felt but she was dragged back to reality when he pulled out of her. Had he come? She didn't think so. he yanked her backwards off the couch and twisted her round, manhandling her like some kind of object, not a person at all, and she found herself upside down, shoulders agaainst the carpet, back leaning on the couch and legs swaying in the air. She didn't think she could have felt more humiliated but this new position was the worst yet, impotent, exposed and ridiculous. "Wouldn't want you to get pregnant, would we? We'd have a hard job explaining that eh?" he said as he kneeled just behind her, legs on either side of her head.

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   he laid his still-hard cock across her face and rested his balls on her forehead. Rachel tried to turn away but his legs held her tightly in place. He began to play roughly with her pussy, flicking her click painfully and jamming his fingers inside and as he played he started to gently buck his hips, sliding his wet, veiny cock back and forth over Rachel's face. As he started to jerk a little faster he stopped fingering her and grabbed her legs for support. His breathing got heavier and his grip became tighter, digging agonisingly into her soft thighs and then he cried out, a long, deep moan. The first shot of cum ran over the tape on her mouth and down her chin to her neck. He drew his cock back across her face and the second spurted over her nose and eyes, blinding her. The last two shots splashed her forehead and dribbled down into her hair. She was blind and helpless, covered in sticky spunk with her legs dangling in the air above her. She thought he might untie her now her ordeal was over but as she listened he just went to the kitchen and got another beer. The phone in the hall rang and her heart leapt. She listened intently to Jack's side of the conversation. "Alright Brian. " Her dad! Help at last! "Is it? Most of the evening? That's tough. Yeah, I'll just head back home if you won't be coming back until then.

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   See you mate. " He hung up then dialed another number. "Dave? Yeah, it's Jack here. I'm not bad, you? Good stuff. Look, remember that night we were talking in the pub about Brian's daughter? Remember all the things you said you'd like to do to the little slag. . . ?" Once again Rachel began to cry. .

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