Raping an Illegal



Elena was a 17 year old illegal immigrant from Jalisco. She and her father and two brothers were in a group of people being led across the border into Arizona by a mule. They were scattered when vigilantes discovered them and shot at them. Elena became separated from her father and brothers and scrambled through the cactus and scrub brush of the Arizona desert alone and very frightened. She managed to go for most of the day until she dropped exhausted and starving of thirst. She thought she would die. Two of the vigilantes discovered the pretty young Mexican girl. They hauled her to her feet, gave her some water to revive her and forced her to get in their old Chevy pickup. She sat between the two bearded white men. One held her by her wrists while the other drove.

"You know what we do to wetback women in Arizona?" said the man holding her. His beard was scraggly and his teeth appeared to be rotten. He pushed his face close to her pretty face as he talked.

"Fuck them to death. That's what we do," he continued after she did not answer.

Her young dark brown eyes were wide in fear as the men pulled up to an deserted adobe shack somewhere in the desert.

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   They pulled her roughly from the truck and into the open door of the the house. The men had used this place before. They had raped at least two young illegals, but this one was real pretty. She had a slender light brown body, black curly shoulder length hair, a beautiful Latina face with full red lips. She wore a blue tee shirt and blue jeans.

"You're a pretty little bitch. What's your name?"

"Elena," she answered and began to sob.

"How old are you, cunt?" asked the man who had driven.

"I am 17," she replied.

"Well Elena, we are going to fuck the daylights out of your sweet young body. You're a Mexican wetback and we can do anything we want to you, so don't complain. You are in this country illegally, so you got no rights. "

The other man held her hands behind her back as the driver ripped the tee shirt off her slender body revealing a pink bra. With both hands he tore the bra off her small well separated "B" cup breasts. Her nipples were hard and firm and large on her small tits.

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   He took one of her breasts in his hand and squeezed it brutally and slapped her across the face with the other. She cried out in pain, and the man stuffed the bra in her mouth and tied in tightly around her head to shut her up. She felt him jerk her jeans down below her knees and then her panties were dragged down below her knees. She was too weak to struggle against the onslaught. The man behind her pushed her to her knees and the two men stood over her, their faces filled with lust as they looked at her bare buttocks and hairy beaver.

"She's got a great little ass on her, ain't she Burl?" yes the one behind her.

"And nice tits. Let's get to fucking her tight little pussy. "

Burt crouched over her and pulled her small ass cheeks apart revealing her puckered anal eye. He shoved two fingers between her pink pussy lips and finger fucked her until she responded and began to get wet. He positioned his hard large cock and shoved it brutally into her doggy style and standing over her he fucked her hard plunging his rod down into her tight young cunt. Her knees were still together, and at first the penetration which had punctured her hymen and rammed down into her vagina hurt, but gradually the man's big cock expanded her vaginal walls and soon his deep thrusts seemed less painful. The other man had pulled the gag out of her mouth and had forced her jaws open and began to fuck her face. He rammed his long hard cock down her throat choking her and forcing her to gag. The men fucked her this way a few minutes and soon both of them came.

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   She was forced to swallow the younger man's cum while the older man named Burl rammed his seed deep into her cunt, forcing his cock into her cervix.

They weren't through yet. They ripped her jeans and panties off and forced her to her feet. Her beautiful young slender body trembled as the younger man sucked and pawed her tits and the other man picked her up and positioned his newly hard cock at her anal entrance.

"NOO!" she screamed as he forced his cock through her rectal opening.

"God, that's a tight ass hole," he complained, "but that's the way I like them. "

He got three or four inches of his man meat into her tight rectum and pulled her legs apart so that the younger man could penetrate the girls hairy cunt. Soon they held her up between them as they double fucked her hard and deep in both entrances. When their legs grew tired they forced her to the floor and one lay under her fucking her tight rear entrance while the other penetrated her deep in her tight young pussy. They fucked her for what seemed like hours to the young Elena. They climaxed. Then they took her naked body and drove her to a deserted area and left her.

They did have the decency, however small, to alert the border authorities by an anonymous phone call where she could be found. The authorities found her and she later recovered and was sent back to Jalisco to what remains of her extended family. .

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