Rapist Chronicals: Part I


I guess I should relate these ‘experiences’ in chronological order, as if this was a diary. After all, with all my success, someone will want to make a movie of this once I am dead. You see, I have will these pages to the current editor of several magazines. I won’t get caught, but I will eventually die. Anyway, on with the show…I was only thirteen the first time I raped a girl. I was in middle school and it was fall. The weather was still nice enough for shorts and my last class was physical education. Well, every Friday many kids wore their uniforms, short shorts and a t-shirt, home to be cleaned. It was just such a day that I did the deed for the first time. As I started for home I noticed a blonde head entering the woods ahead of me. I didn’t even know a girl lived over in that neighborhood, so I was curious. I was, and still am, in excellent shape. I ran hard, cut directly through the woods, and found myself ahead of her. Her name was Alexis and she was beautiful. About five foot tall, with breast that seemed just right on her, and no extra weight, she had the best body in school. Her long, blonde hair was up in a pony tail that bounced side to side as she walked.

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   I licked my lips. The trail came very close to where I was and I was ready. I had thought about this for some time. I had imagined how I would fuck my first girl. I had prepared. I waited. Alex got close, so close I could smell her, as she passed I stood up. She was so oblivious, she would never have seen me had I just stood there. I did not just stand there. I was a tall, large boy for my age, about a foot taller than her and easily fifty pounds heavier. When I swung my fist, she offered no resistance, my hand di not even hurt afterward. She fell limp to the ground. I looked around quickly, then picked her up and carried her into the woods. I entered a small creek and walked along it until I came to a bank of rocks and ascended quickly to ‘my spot. I had left a backpack there and it contained all that I needed.

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  I laid her down, careful to check that she was still unconscious, and pulled a large blanket from the pack. After spreading it around this clearing, I pulled out a blindfold and covered her eyes, then gagged her. I was careful, always careful, to be sure she could breathe. Finally, I tied her hands together. Using scissors, I cut off all her clothes and put them in the pack. Now I paused, to just look at her body. Her breasts were perfect, standing on their own, a young girls breasts. Her bra indicated they were ‘32B’s. ’ Her stomach was flat, her ribs not protruding, but visible. She was a very healthy girl. Now I removed my clothes and began stroking my cock. It was already erect and I was ready. As she was already on her back, all I had to do was spread her legs. I began to rub her pussy, her nearly hairless pussy. The hair was soft, blonde, almost silky.

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   She was becoming wet, probably dreaming some naughty dream. That would soon change. I lifted her hips slowly and stuffed my cock into her. She was beginning to stir. She was a little wet, but still a virgin. I am not a very long man, but my girth has always been ample. On the third try, I penetrated in as far as her hymen and came. I shuddered and she started to scream. WHAM! Her scream ended abruptly as I slapped her. I growled at her. “Do as I wish and you will live. Make a sound and you die. Disobey me and you die. Understand you little whore?”All she did was whimper, so I hit her again, asked her again. This time she said yes.

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   Her pretty face was welling up, she would have two healthy black eyes very soon. Now, back to the action. I grabbed her legs, my cock still embedded in her, my cum already drooling out some. I drove through her hymen, she yelped in response. I was about to hit her, but her pained scream was cut short as she bit her lip. I chose to show her some mercy. I looked down at our union as I fucked her pussy. I remember thinking how incredible it looked, how ‘cool’. My cock moving in and out of this girl that so many guys jerked off to. I would have never had a chance with a girl like Alex. Now, I am her first. She was bleeding freely from her tiny cunt as my engorged cock moved in and out…. . in and out…. .

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  Now that I had that part down, I thought back to other scenes I had seen in magazines. I reached up and roughly grabbed her tits. It was wonderful! They were so soft, like small, firm pillows. Her skin was perfect, smooth, the color of cream. Her nipples were small, with areolas the size of quarters. She bit her bottom lip till it bled as my cock violated her and my hands continued to pull and pinch at her nipples. She whimpered each time I hurt her, which was often. Suddenly, I felt myself starting to harden, I was going to cum again. I wanted just one more thing from this little bitch. I pulled out and grabbed her hair. I pulled her face to my cock. “Suck my cock you bitch. Bite me and die, so be very nice to me. ”I shoved my cock all the way into her mouth. It was amazing, as I fucked her mouth, as she gagged, I pumped my cock, masterbating into her virgin mouth.

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   It only took a few minutes. No quarter was given, I simply grunted and came. When I saw some dribbling out of her mouth, I pinched her nose. She quickly started to swallow, but it was too late. My cum went down both pipes and just after I stood away from her, she vomited. After that ordeal she fell unconscious again and I moved her to another location. I was just about to leave, when it occurred to me that I hadn’t fucked her tight ass. I decided I wanted to finish the job. I dropped the pack and undressed. I positioned her doggy style, with her ass in the air. She was still unconscious as I began to dry fuck her ass. It was so tight I didn’t know what to do. I was mauling her breasts again as I fucked her, full penetration each time, her ass so tight on me I thought my cock would get pinched off. It felt like I was ready to cum from the first thrust. Soon I released her tits in favor of her hips, using them to pull and push her fantastic ass onto my cock.

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   Suddenly, no warning at all, I began to come. I had so little left, it was just an intense orgasm, but it felt awesome. So awesome I made a mistake that I have never made since. I fell asleep…I awoke an hour later, still on top of her. She appeared to be sleeping peacefully. I got up and slowly dressed, picked up my stuff, and began my trek home. To this day I feel very lucky about that first time.
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