Sandy, the Degradation of a Hong Kong Schoolgirl 2


"Hi, Sandy," said my best friend Angie. "I had a barbecue with my folks in Sai Kung yesterday and it was great fun. How was your weekend?"My eyes misted up at the mention of the weekend. "I, I didn't feel very well. . . " I looked around. Clare was staring at me from a corner at the back while David was chatting with some boys just outside the classroom, not caring whether I was back, had reported sick or was still alive. I must have fallen in a trance for Angie had sauntered away and was chatting cheerfully with others. I sleepwalked through the classes but was caught by Ms Li, our Chinese history teacher, for 'daydreaming' who detained me in the classroom for half an hour after school. By the time I left, the place was deserted. Well, almost. "I heard you had a nice weekend, Sandy!" said Ah Keung who blocked my way at the gate. Ah Keung was the leader of a gang of five troublemakers in my class, all repeaters, who called themselves the Five Tigers. What a stupid name for the gang I had thought, but now it brought nothing but fear. I didn't want to have anything to do with him, especially not now.

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   I made my way pass him but he caught me by the elbow. "I want to talk to you, Sandy. ""No, let me go. "I pushed past him but the other four were waiting outside. The street was empty and the five of them boxed me in, leaving only a small gap that I dashed through, seeking refuge up a track leading to a small hill at the back of our school. Immediately, I realised I had made a mistake. As I ran up the track, I found it was completely deserted. Seconds later, the Five Tigers caught up with me. "What do you want?" I tried to hide the growing fear. "Just some fun, Sandy," Ah Keung replied with a grin. "Let me go, or I will shout. ""I wouldn't bother if I were you. No body comes here at this time of the day. But don't worry, we shall give you a good time, shan't we?"And there was laughter all around. "Yeah, I shall give you a big one.

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  " Ah Wai replied while groping around his groins with his right hand. "And I shall fuck your brains out. " Ah Cheong said with a sneer and there were more cheers from the group. "No. Please let me go. " I begged and suddenly began to weep, as I realised their intention. "Be a good girl, let's all go up to the stone bench quietly," Ah Keung ordered. "No, please, oh please. . . " my legs went jelly as I knelt before them, begging them to let me go. There was an exchange of glances and they stepped closer. Someone from my back clamped his hand tightly over my mouth, stifling the cry whilst the rest each grabbed an arm or a leg and carried me up the track. I tried twisting and kicking to break free but it was futile. The hem of my school dress crept over my waist, exposing my knickers and they went wild at the sight.

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   About 200 feet ahead, there was a rest area with a stone bench. The place was a favourite spot for old people practising Tai Chi in the early morning and for us eating rice boxes during lunch hour. Now, it was completely deserted. Very gently, they let me down and formed a small circle around me, watching my next move. "Please let me go. I don't feel well. I. . . ""We shall make you feel better, Sandy," Ah Keung said as a signal. Suddenly Ah Cheong stepped in front of me and groped at my breasts. As I tried to fight him off and dodge the attack, someone lifted the hem of my school dress from behind and spanked painfully on my bottom. I turned around to see who that was and they were all laughing their heads off. "Let's not waste time," Ah Keung ordered. Then Ah Cheong and Ah Wai closed in.

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   I tried hard to fight them off but after much grappling, they each took hold one of my arms and someone else started sliding the zip of my school dress down my back. Ah Keung was standing right in front of me squeezing playfully at my breasts. I was completely defenceless and at their mercy. I felt a sudden coolness on my back, as the school dress fell from my shoulders. Ah Sum, the shortest among the five came to my left and pulled my school dress down, exposing my upper torso that was just covered by an old and worn bra. "No let me go!" My plea had fallen on deaf ears. Someone, who must be Ah Ngau, was fumbling clumsily with the hooks of my bra at my back without success. In the end, he just yanked at it. I heard a snap and my small breasts suddenly shook free right in front of five pairs of bleary eyes. "Oops. . . " someone made a sound and they all laughed. They went crazy at the sight of my naked breasts. Ah Sum and Ah Ngau quickly peeled my school dress away and I found myself standing in just a pair of cotton knickers before the Five Tigers.

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   The grips on my writs were tightened as Ah Sum and Ah Ngau each grabbing one of my ankles so that I couldn't kick about. With a wry grin, Ah Keung stood in front of me. He bent forward and twirled his wet and sticky tongue roughly round my nipples, making them sore and erect. Then he hooked his thumbs under the top elastic band of my knickers began to pull them down. I pressed my knees together trying to keep my knickers in place but felt they suddenly sprang free from my crotch as Ah Keung pulled them to my ankle. I swayed my body violently trying to free myself, but my young naked breasts just bobbed about in front of the five of them. Now I feared for my life of what had yet to come. "What a sight! Sandy, you are so cute. Hey guys come around and take a look at Sandy's heart-shaped pussy. I wonder what it feels like fucking her?"Ah Keung said as he tore his eyes from my pubes and looked up into my eyes, whilst the other four craned their necks to inspect my pubic hair. I blushed scarlet and shook with fears. "Put Sandy on the bench. " Ah Keung gave the order again. Four of them lifted me off the ground and carried me, kicking and twisting, towards the bench, whilst Ah Keung began to unbuckle his belt. A sudden chillness shot through my body as my bareback landed on the stone bench.

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   They slide me on the bench until my bum was close to one end then had me spread-eagle. I looked on apprehensively as Ah Keung approached, his hard meat pole looked bigger and more menacing than David's or Mark's. "You ready?" Ah Keung inquired. "No, Ah Keung. I beg you, please don't do this to me. Please let me go!""All right, what would you say if we let you pick one of us to fuck you while the rest just watch, how about that Sandy?"There was no way out. I thought being raped by one of them would be better than being gang raped by all Five Tigers. Reluctantly, I nodded my head. "Yeah? Which one would you like to fuck then, Sandy?" Ah Keung asked with a sneer. I looked around them. They were all so eager and looked so disgustingly devious to me. I pointed shyly at the smallest of them Ah Sum, hoping that his pole would be proportionately smaller and would cause me less pain. There were loud cheers all around but Ah Sum didn't a move. "Wrong choice, Sandy. " Ah Keung said slyly while shaking his head, "I think, we are going to share you after all!""No! You promised.

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   Don't do this to me, please!""Why not? You are not a virgin any more. So don't pretend, Okay? You know that we are going to gangbang you. But don't worry. You won't die, as you are not the first to be baptised by the cums of Five Tigers. You may even enjoy it, you'll never know. "Suddenly, they were all over me. Ah Cheong and Ah Wai each sucked and bit painfully on a breast whilst Ah Sum and Ah Ngau were feeling up my legs, stripping my shoes and peeling my socks away. Probably out of respect for Ah Keung, none of them touched my private parts. I was held firmly onto the bench and couldn't see very clearly between my legs. But suddenly I felt a hot wet tongue, lapping at my vulva. "Oh, no. Don't. . . " I shuddered at the slimy contact.

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  That was so disgusting. How could anyone do such a thing? I started twisting and kicking again but found it pointless as I only brought more pain to myself. I must have made Ah Keung very angry for he pried open my vulva and spat at me there. He got up and looked menacingly at me. "I guess your little pussy is ready now. " Ah Keung said with a wry grin. I looked wide-eyed, shaking my head and dreaded the inevitable. Ah Keung positioned himself between my legs and began to force his pole inside me. I felt the same frustrations, that I could do nothing to stop him. "Aah. . . sss. . .

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  " I yelled and hissed in pain, as he pressed further into me. Ah Keung stretched my vagina so much, that a familiar pain came back as he scraped deeper and deeper inside me until his big meat pole was shoved to the hilt in me. The pain down below was so overwhelming that I didn't realise Ah Cheong and Ah Wai were each pulling one of my nipples with their teeth, until I suddenly felt a strange tingling pain on my breasts and watched in horror what they were doing to me. God knows what the other two were up to and I craned my neck to find out. Ah Ngau was tickling my right foot while Ah Sum was licking on the sole of my left foot. To them, I became a sex object, their plaything. I had never hated anyone in my life before, but now I hated them all. I wished that they would get run over by a bus and die right before my very own eyes!That thought didn't help and Ah Keung kept pumping vigorously through my vagina. I twisted my head from side to side but couldn't find a way to ease the pain or fear. I sobbed and winced at the scorching pain in my vagina but that only brought loud cheers from the crowd. "Yeah give it to her. See, Sandy's enjoying it. ""Ah Keung, split her tight little cunt with your big cock. ""No, don't loosen her too much yet. .

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  . "Their cheers became indistinguishable amid my growing agony. "Don't worry. Sandy's so fucking tight. " Ah Keung announced to their relief. There was a sudden chillness on my left breast as Ah Wai stopped sucking me there. Then he stood up and did something unthinkable. He turned my face around and thrust his meat pole at me. I closed my mouth in time but he pinched and forced my jaws open. "Open you mouth and don't bite, or you'll fucking regret it!"With that, he squeezed harder on my cheeks, forcing my mouth open. At that precise moment, Ah Cheong chewed on my right nipple. As I opened my mouth and gasped in pain, Ah Wai rammed his thing to the back of my throat. I gagged and retched as I tried to spit Ah Wai out of my mouth. A miracle happened. My vaginal muscles contracted as I coughed.


   I felt a sudden swelling at the tip of Ah Keung's meat pole inside me. "Fuck, Sandy. You cunt. . . Aaaaah. . . " with a loud groan Ah Keung shot a hot spurt very deep inside me. There was a round of applause as Ah Keung shuddered on top of me. "Whose next?" Ah Keung said when he finally caught his breaths. "No, no more please. I am hurt. " I pleaded with them but they didn't care. "I can't wait any longer, I nearly came in her mouth.

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  "Ah Wai switched place with Ah Keung who twisted and held my right arm. Then there was this familiar intrusion as Ah Wai entered me effortlessly. It was slightly less painful this time. I wonder if it was because Ah Wai was smaller or Ah Keung's sperm had provided sufficient lubricant, or worse I was injured so badly that I was going numb down there. True to his words, Ah Wai rammed with all his might and he spurted his hot sperm after just a dozen strokes, to the boos and jeers of his mates. "You are fucking useless, let me show Sandy what a great fuck is all about. " Ah Cheong said. "No, let me go first," Ah Sum interjected. "What, you can't hold it back any longer?""Fuck off! Sandy wanted my cock, don't you remember?" And Ah Sum switched place with Ah Wai and prepared to rape me. I felt the stretch and pain between my legs again as he squeezed inside me and began humping away. I hoped that he would come soon but that was not the case. I lost trek of the time and my limbs went numb after being held down for so long. Gradually, even the inside of my vagina felt nothing. I only knew that Ah Sum was rocking furiously on top of me! When they realised that I had not an ounce of energy left to fight them, they let go of my arms and legs and fondled liberally all over my body. "Oh, fuck.

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   Oh, fuck. . . " There was a loud groan and Ah Sum shuddered on top of me, but I could no longer feel the warm jet that was shot inside me. My back ached terribly and the base of my spine was very sore as it was no doubt grinded raw by their violent rocking against the stone bench. And there were still two more to go. I cried in despair. Ah Cheong was next after he played scissors and stone with Ah Ngau and won. I opened my thighs wide to receive him, as I only wanted them to get it over with. Although my vagina had become somewhat numb, the pawing and squeezing on my breasts and the sucking on my nipples had made them very tender. I wonder if I had bruises on them already. Ah Cheong banged so heavily against my pubes that I the pain soon came back. Was that supposed to be a good sign? Then he was finished quickly. I didn't even noticed that Ah Ngau had entered me, had it not been his lifting and resting of my feet on his shoulders and then started licking between my toes while he thrust in and out of me. I watched in horror at the sight of a pair of feet swinging over Ah Ngau's shoulders.

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   They were my feet and I did feel a thing. I was suddenly seized by apprehension that perhaps I was hurt so bad that I had become paralysed from waist down! I looked on as that pervert nibbled on each of my toes as if he really enjoyed it. I have never seen anyone so disgusting before and I thought I was going to be sick. It came as a blessing when he suddenly quickened his thrusts. His face contorted and he slumped on top of me, shaking and panting heavily. "Fuck you Sandy. . . What a piece of cunt. . . " Ah Ngau groaned. Thank god, it was finally over. I imagined the headline for tomorrow's newspaper "13-Year-Old Schoolgirl Gang-Raped by Classmates". But my prayer was again unanswered.

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  "Herbert! Where are you Herbert?" Ah Keung yelled. I craned my neck and saw a familiar dumpy figure running laboriously towards us. Suddenly, I felt embarrassed all over again and tried to cover my breasts and private parts with my palms. Herbert the nerd! Oh, no. He was a fat slob and the dumbest boy in our class. We all made fun of him at school. "Herbert, Sandy is all yours now. " Ah Keung said as the Five Tigers began to pull their trousers in order. "Oh, Sandy," began the nerd, "I've been dreaming of you ever since I first saw you last year. I can't believe my luck when they say you would give me a discount. ""What are you talking about?""They say you normally charge $500 a poke, but you would do it with me for just $300 today after them. I have already paid Ah Keung. " The nerd looked at the Five Tigers as if for reassurance and began to take off his clothes. "No. Get away from me, you toad!"Herbert looked at Ah Keung for guidance.

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  "It's alright. Sandy was only kidding. She just did all of us. Don't you want her?""Oh, Sandy I am crazy about you!" And he climbed on top of me, weighing his heavy and sweaty body on me. I could hardly breathe under his mighty weight. "Hey, let us give you a hand Herbert. " Ah Sum said and suddenly, my legs were pulled wide open for Herbert's entry. "Please stop. Herbert, I am hurt. I'm hurt real bad. Please don't do this to me!"In my despair, I felt Herbert's thing wedged between my vagina and the Five Tigers released my limbs. Herbert squeezed and put my breasts one after the other into his mouth and sucked my nipples for a very long time as though he was trying to draw milk from me. Pervert! You were all perverts. When Herbert began to wiggle his backside pathetically, I felt his fat belly wobbling over my nakedness. I shut my eyes and whimpered in despair.

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   Then something went terribly wrong!I opened my eyes and saw bright flashes. Ah Cheong was taking pictures of Herbert raping me. I tried to shield my face and my breasts that were exposed but found that I couldn't move my arms that were pinned under Herbert, who was too far gone for caring but quickened his thrusts. After another dozen or so strokes, Herbert let out a shriek as he collapsed on top of me, trembling violently. Had he got a heart attack or something, I wonder? Die, you pig!"Oh, Sandy you are fantastic! The best I have. " Herbert quacked and quickly planted a wet kissed on my mouth when he stole my first kiss. The weight was suddenly lifted off me when I became completely exposed. "Take some close-ups of her cum-soaked pussy. " Ah Keung instructed. There were a few more flashes when Five Tigers spread my legs wide open for a better view of my vagina and then took another close-up with someone's semi-hard rod inside my mouth that made me sick. And then they were gone, knowing I wouldn't dare say a word when they had those photos of me. I had gone past caring and just lay there naked, crying my heart out. I had never felt so cheap and so filthy before. I had been abused and forced to have sex with nearly half the boys in my class. And technically, I had just become a prostitute, hadn't I?I didn't know how long I lay there sobbing.

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   However, as dusk was setting in I felt chillness around me. I sat up and suddenly found that I was blotted inside. No wonder, I was still holding six boys' dirty slime in my vagina. I couldn't care less for modesty and just squatted in front of the stone bench where I pressed on my tummy and saw to my disgust viscous globs dropping out of my labia. There must have been at least a glassful of it. I shuddered, as I thought I felt the last droplet came out of me. When I looked at it, I felt a wave of nausea and I nearly threw up as I got a whiff of that horrible stench that came from my vagina. But as I hardly had anything to eat over the past three days, I only felt the bitter taste of bile burning at the back of my throat. How I wanted to wipe all this away and began again as if none of this had ever happened. I had a sudden urge to pee and I just did. A forceful jet of urine splashed and washed that milky slime away in the mud. I looked down on my breasts and understood why they felt so painful. My nipples were bitten almost raw and they stood spiky. I saw dirty fingerprints all over my petite and normally milky white breasts, but then I realised those were actually bruises. My wrists and ankles were scrapped and the base of my spine was rubbed raw but those were nothing compared with the pain in my vagina, or what they called my "Cunt".

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   I shuddered at the word. I am disgusted at even the look of my own body. Quickly, I put on my clothes but the bra was torn. It draped uselessly over my bruised small breasts inside my school dress. I looked around but couldn't find my knickers. Someone must have taken them. Must be Herbert, that lousy pig, trying to get his $300 worth!I tidied myself as best I could. Leaning against the hillside for support, I staggered weakly down the track. Soreness emanated from the forge of my legs at each step down the hill. Walking bare-bottomed, I became aware of a constant draught going through my gaping vagina as foul smelling slime leaked down the inside of my thighs. (In Part 3 Sandy reports the rapes to school).

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