Shopping Trip


Jenny quickly glanced around the store; satisfied that no one was watching she slipped the white lace underwear off the hanger and into her bag. Then, confident she had not been spotted, she began to pick the items she would pay for. She had never intended to start shop-lifting, but had just drifted into it by accident. Several months ago she had been shopping in this very store when, upset and confused, she had wandered out without paying. She had turned to go back in, but after seeing that no-one had noticed she kept the few tins of food she had walked out with. Her husband walked out last year leaving her with their 7 year old son Toby and a mountain of debts. She had been forced to quit work to look after Toby and, even with her benefits, she was struggling to make ends meet. Desperate to keep things together Jenny had started to visit the store on a regular basis, and each time had found that she had been able to walk out with a few stolen items. Shop-lifting had now become her main way of feeding herself and Toby. She still paid for items each visit, but the expensive items would always go out in her bag. The items she did not want herself would be sold amongst her friends. The panties were for a friend who wanted to surprise her husband on his birthday next week. As she stepped outside the store she breathed her customary sigh of relief and turned towards the bus-stop. It was then that she felt a hand on her shoulder. Her heart stopped as she turned and looked at the security guard who was now holding her arm. “Excuse me Miss, I wondered if you can step back into the store for a moment?” said the security guard.

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   “W…what appears to be the problem?” Jenny asked, trying to mask her surprise. “There’s no problem, but I need to look at your bag”. “Shall we step inside so as not to make a scene?” the guard asked. Jenny nodded and allowed herself to be escorted to the security office. The security office was a small dreary room, big enough for 4 people to work in at most. A grey metal desk sat in the middle of the room, the coffee stains and overfilled ashtray served as mute testimony to the boredom filled hours spent behind it. Opposite the desk was a narrow table stacked with various VCR’s and monitors, each monitor showing a different perspective of the store. The guard beckoned for her to take a seat in front of the desk, he then took her bag and began to carefully remove the contents. Jenny watched with trepidation as the guard removed items from her bag, she knew he would find the pilfered items and then she would have to face going to court. The thought of prison filled Jenny with fear, she would lose everything and Toby would be taken into foster care. Tears stung her eyes, as her imagination showed her terrible visions of prison life. When the guard had finished cataloguing the items he sat down at his desk and turned to face Jenny. He was tall, possibly 6’3”, middle-aged, with a kindly face and receding brown hair. “It seems you have several items that aren’t on the receipt Miss”, he said, “You do know that this store always prosecutes thieves?” Jenny could hold back the tears no longer. “I can’t go to Jail”, she wailed.

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   The guard seemed surprised by this reaction. “There, there, miss, I didn’t mean to upset you. ” He walked around the desk and placed a reassuring arm across her shoulders. “Look my name is George, what’s yours?” he enquired. “Jenny” she blurted out. “Ok Jenny you dry those tears and I will make us a nice cup of tea” While they sat and sipped the tea Jenny poured her heart out. She explained about Matt leaving and her money worries. George listened in silence offering reassuring comments here and there. Finally, when she had finished, George sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Look Jenny, I have kids myself and I know times are hard, but stealing is still a crime” “I know” Said Jenny. “What will happen to me?” George sat in quiet contemplation for a moment, and then with a he let out a sigh of resignation. “Look, I have a child myself Jenny and I wouldn’t like to leave him in foster care, I also know how hard finding money can be”. “The stuff you have taken isn’t worth much so I am prepared to forget all about it if you will do me a little favour”. “What sort of favour?” Jenny enquired dubiously. A sick feeling told her that this favour would involve at best giving George a blow job; even worse she knew that she would do it too.

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  “I have a new guard starting tonight, He’s young and inexperienced, and I am concerned about leaving him to guard the store”. “I want you to stay here until closing time and help me show this new guard the various ways to steal things, then let him role-play interrogating you”. “Okay”, said Jenny with visible relief, “I can do that”. The shop was due to close in an hour so Jenny and George sat and chatted about the trials of raising children while they waited for the new recruit. The new guard was introduced as Chris, a seventeen year-old whom nature had not been kind to. He was tall and skinny, with lank hair and full moon glasses, and his face was suffering from the ravages of acne. He was every inch the stereotypical Nerd. Somehow Jenny could not see anyone being intimidated by him. They spent the next hour in the store, Jenny taking items while George advised Chris of the various things to watch for. Once this was done they went to the office and Chris tried his hardest to interview her. Jenny spent the whole interview trying to stifle a laugh. Once the interview was concluded George advised Jenny that Chris would now pat her down for stolen goods. She did not relish the idea of being touched by Chris but a deal was a deal. “Please stand up and stand facing the far wall Miss” said Chris with a nervous tremble in his voice. Jenny gave him an amused smile but did as requested.

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   Chris stood behind her and began to pat her down, once he was satisfied he asked her to turn around and place her hands on her head. Jenny’s flesh crawled at the touch of this vile looking man, but she turned around anyway. Chris then ran his hands quickly over her legs and stomach, as he reached her breasts though he cupped them and gave them a slight squeeze. Jenny glared at him but chose not to say anything, as she did not want to blow this deal. “Could you remove your trainers and socks and place them on the table. ” Chris instructed. “Why?” asked Jenny. “Chris needs to do a standard search Jenny, therefore he will need to inspect your clothing for hidden pockets”, said George. “It’s all part of our standard procedure, and you did agree to co-operate”. Jenny wanted to object, she did not want to remove any of her clothes, but her protest died when she thought of undergoing the same routine in prison. Once she had removed her trainers and socks she placed them on the table and watched as Chris checked her trainers out. “Now remove your jeans”, instructed Chris. Hands shaking Jenny took off her jeans, grateful that her T-shirt was long enough to cover her to the mid-thigh. Chris examined the jeans and carefully placed them with her trainers. He carefully made a note of the change she had in her pockets.

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  “Now hand me your T-shirt please”. Shocked that she could be expected to strip down to her underwear Jenny glanced towards George, but he merely nodded to confirm that she should do so. Jenny gripped the hem of her t-shirt and lifted it over her head. She was glad that she had worn sensible white underwear today, the cups of her bra were trimmed with lace, but did not reveal anything, and she had on her plain white knickers. Not lingerie by any stretch of the imagination. Jenny felt very self-conscious as she stood in her underwear and her cheeks burned with embarrassment. She knew she was overweight and felt very aware of the way her soft, plump flesh made slight folds around the elastic on her panties and the straps of her bra. “Please turn towards around and place your hands against the wall”, Chris instructed her. “Then place your feet at shoulder width apart”. Once Jenny had done so Chris placed both hands on her left ankle and slowly ran them up to her buttock, he repeated this motion with the right leg. Chris then ran his hands from her shoulders down to her hips. Jenny held her breath as Chris placed the flats of his hands on her ample buttocks and began to massage them through the flimsy material of her panties. Jenny wanted to object and put a stop to this nerd getting his jollies but she had no real alternative and decided to keep silent. “Now turn to face me with your legs still apart, then place your hands on your head”, he ordered with growing confidence. Jenny did not like this new confident tone in his voice and her stomach began to knot with worry.

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   She turned around as instructed and stood, feeling very vulnerable, as Chris looked her slowly up and down. Jenny was forced to stifle a gasp of horror as Chris placed his right hand on her stomach, and with deliberate slowness, slid it down between her legs. This would be over soon she told herself, as Chris began to knead the soft flesh around her pussy. Growing visibly more daring Chris placed his hands on her breasts and began to squeeze them. Jenny glanced to George. Surely he would stop this; but George just made notes on his pad. “Place your hands by your sides please”, he asked. Once she had complied Chris slid the bra straps from off of her shoulders. Then, looking her directly in the eyes, he ran his fingertips slowly down from her throat and over the smooth skin of her chest until his fingertips were pulling on the lace edge of her bra cups. Chris then slid his fingers into the cups and pulled them forward. Unable to stand this anymore Jenny slapped his hands away. “I think we can safely say that I have nothing else on me” she snapped at him. She was embarrassed enough already and there was no way this creep was having a look at her nipples. Jenny folded her arms across her bust in a gesture of defiance. Being felt up had made her skin crawl, but she had accepted it because of the trouble she was in.

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   Jenny’s fears had allowed her to put up with the humiliation of stripping to her undies, but enough was enough. Taken aback by her response Chris turned to George, a questioning look in his eye. “Are you satisfied that she has nothing more hidden on her?” asked George. “Not really, she could still have small valuable items on her” Chris argued. “Very well, continue with your search” agreed George. “I think not” said Jenny with an edge in her voice. “I agreed to let you search me not cop a cheap feel”. George stared at her and with a sigh he put down his pen. “Look Jenny I am trying to help you because I feel sorry for you, but you have to understand that this is standard procedure and you must comply”. “Now shall we call the deal off, or will you allow Chris to continue to search you?” “I didn’t agree to being felt up, and I don’t want to have my bra pulled forward” Jenny protested. “I know I made a mistake but I have to draw a line”. Without saying a word George walked over to the VCR and pressed the play button. Jenny watched in horror as image after image of her stealing flashed on screen. They must have had her on camera every time she had stolen from this store. “I think you will agree that I have enough evidence on tape to see you go to prison for a good few years Jenny”.

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   Unable to speak Jenny just slowly nodded her head. Her phobia of prison was overwhelming her now. For all her bravado Jenny could not stand the thought of incarceration and, worst of all, George obviously knew it. “Now I know you aren’t happy with what’s happening, but either you co-operate or I phone the Police”. Again Jenny found she could only nod “We have very strict search rules here which you agreed to help Chris learn, and I expect you to honour that agreement regardless of what you are asked to do”. “Understand that you are a thief and if you want to stay a free thief then you will obey every order without question, do you understand?” The full realisation of her situation was beginning to dawn on Jenny; aat her own cowardice she could only nod again. “Continue with your search” George ordered Chris. Chris motioned for Jenny to place her hands back at her sides, once this was done he pulled the cups of her bra forward and stared at her dark-pink nipples. “Nice nipples Jenny, unfortunately I cannot see much through this material so we will have to have a much, much closer look. ” With a snap he released her bra cups and took a step back. “Remove your bra” ordered Chris. “You can’t be serious”, Jenny said in an alarmed tone. “You have had your sick fun making me strip down already”. George lowered his clip board and glared at her. “Jenny we are not doing this for cheap thrills and if you question us or refuse to comply once more then you are going to jail”.

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  George nodded to Chris. “Show her where she stands”. Chris smiled and slapped Jenny across the face. “Get your bra off now!”Hands shaking Jenny unhooked the back of her bra and instinctively crossed her arms over her breasts. The straps dangled from her elbows as she summoned the courage to let the bra fall away from her breasts. “I said remove your bra not fucking unhook it!” screamed Chris raising his hand for another slap. Slowly she moved her arms to her sides, allowing the bra fall to the floor. No longer supported, her huge breasts fell forward, nipples stiffening in the cold air. “Hands on your head” barked Chris. Once she had placed her hands on her head Chris cupped her breasts in his hands, and began to squeeze and stroke them. “Great tits Jen” he laughed “great tits”Chris gripped her nipples between thumb and forefingers and pulled them painfully towards him. Jenny could not help but gasp in pain. “Now place your hands behind your back and bend forward from the waist” Clasping her hands behind her back Jenny leaned forward until her beasts were hanging free. “Now I want you to gently rock your shoulders, keeping your hands firmly behind your back”. As Jenny began to rock her shoulders her breasts began to swing from side-to-side.

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   Without warning Chris painfully slapped her right breast causing them to swing faster. Jenny cried out in pain and stood bolt upright. A vivid red handprint began to form on her right breast. “Bend back over!” snapped Chris Once Jenny had bent over Chris began to repeatedly slap her breasts, until the pain made them go numb. Tears began to fall from Jenny’s eyes as she sobbed in pain. “Sorry didn’t mean to hurt you”, said Chris “stand up straight and let me kiss them better”. Before Jenny could object Chris had forced her against the wall and was sucking on her right nipple. Without warning Chris bit down on her nipple; startled by the pain she almost didn’t feel Chris slide his hand into the back of her panties. As he moved his mouth to her other nipple he began to stroke her buttocks. From Chris’s breathing and increasingly passionate groping she knew he was getting aroused. Jenny wanted to make a run for the door and escape but it was if every muscle refused to move. Her fear had paralyzed her and there was nothing she could do. After a few minutes of sucking her nipples Chris slowly stepped back, leaving a trail of drool on her tits.
    “Turn around and take off your panties” Chris sneered. “Please” begged Jenny, “I have co-operated, you don’t have to do this”.


       “Take your panties off NOW!” shouted Chris. Without warning he slapped her across the face. “If I have to do it for you I will make you suffer you thieving whore!”Jenny stood sobbing for several moments; her tears ran down her breasts and formed droplets on her erect nipples. Her body was wracked by sobs as she turned to face the wall, . Knowing that each moment of hesitation could only make things worse she lowered her panties to the floor and stepped out of them. “Place your hands against the wall and spread your legs”. Jenny did as she was ordered. Chris stood behind her and placed a hand on each buttock, he began to stroke and squeeze the soft flesh of her buttocks. “I love to see a woman with a good arse, Jenny and yours is just fantastic, plump with full hips but not a blemish on it”. “I bet you are a fantastic arse-fuck. ” Chris slid his hand between her buttocks and with his middle finger began to trace circles around her anus. “Bet that feels nice doesn’t it Jenny?” Chris slowly eased the tip of his finger into her back passage. “Nice loose arsehole you have Jenny” Suddenly he pulled his finger from her anus and brought the flat of his hand against her right buttock in a vicious slap. Jenny screamed in pain as Chris brought slap after stinging slap down on her exposed buttocks. “Loose enough to hide something in Jenny?” Chris said with a threatening tone in his voice.

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       “Got anything shoved up there?” “No”, whined Jenny “please believe me” Chris continued to rain slaps down on her buttocks. Jenny had never been spanked so painfully. “You will have to be more convincing than that Jenny!” said Chris as he began to slap her harder. “Please believe me!” sobbed Jenny. “Please, I can’t take the pain anymore”. Jenny winced as Chris placed the flats of his hands against her buttocks. She was so sore that just this slight contact brought tears to her eyes. “Very well, turn around, stand with your legs apart, and place your hands on your head” ordered Chris. Glad to have his hands off her sore cheeks, Jenny did so. Chris licked his lips as he looked at her pussy. Jenny had not bothered shaving since Matt left and had allowed her naturally blonde bush to grow unchecked. “Damn that’s the hairiest cunt I have ever seen” he laughed. Chris began to run his fingers through her bush, giving an occasional tug on her pubes. He slowly slid his hand between her legs and slipped his middle finger into her pussy. “Not even moist Jenny?” “I am disappointed” Chris removed his finger and looked her naked body up and down.

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      “I think a proper internal examination is called for Jenny, walk over to the desk please”. Jenny stumbled over to the desk and stood in front of it. “Spread your feet to shoulder width and then bend over the desk. ” Instructed Chris The cold desk made her shiver as she lay across it. Her feet could not quite touch the floor while lying on the desk but she spread her feet apart as ordered. She felt Chris take each ankle and secure them to the legs of the desk with cable-ties. This left her spread wider than was comfortable but she dare not complain. He then brought both of her arms behind her back and cable-tied her wrists together. “There we go Jenny, we don’t want you moving and hurting yourself, do we?”Jenny felt Chris use his fingers to part the lips of her vagina; this was followed by the cold sensation of lubricant being smeared inside her pussy. Jenny felt like being sick when Chris slid his finger into her and began to explore. “My, my, aren’t we a big girl?” “I wonder how much room we have here Jenny?”Chris slid two fingers into her cunt and spread his fingers. Jenny gave an involuntary moan as he stretched her pussy open. “I have always wanted to try this Jenny, brace yourself”“What do you mean” pleaded Jenny. “Please don’t hurt me”Jenny felt her cunt being forced open as something was slid in with deliberate slowness. Oh God, he was going to put his whole hand in.

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      “Please stop” begged Jenny. “I am not big enough to take your hand”. “Don’t worry Jenny”, sneered Chris “you soon will be”. As if to emphasize the point Chris brutally shoved his fingers deeper into her. “AAAAAARGH!” screamed Jenny. The scream only seemed to encourage Chris and he began to force his hand deeper into her. “I am going to tear, please stop!” she wailed. Chris just laughed and pushed harder. The pain suddenly stopped as Chris’s hand slid all the way in and her cunt closed around his wrist. Sweat was forming on Jenny’s brow and she could only breathe in short, ragged breaths. “Now let’s hear you really scream, you fucking whore” spat Chris as he clenched his hand into a fist. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” Jenny screamed. She had not felt such pain since childbirth. “Oh God make it stop, make it stop”Chris held his fist for several moments while Jenny writhed in agony. Once he was satisfied with the pain he had caused her he unclenched his hand.

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      Her cunt made a slow sucking noise as Chris withdrew his hand from her. “See Jenny no tearing at all. ” “Now lets check that arse out Jenny felt cold lubricant being spread on her anus followed by the sensation of Chris slipping a finger into her anal passage. After a few moments he pushed in his middle finger as well. Jenny groaned as her anus was stretched out by both fingers. She braced for Chris to force his hand in when suddenly he removed his fingers. ”Bet you thought I was going to fist your arse didn’t you Jenny?” “Unfortunately it’s too tight for that”. Jenny screamed as something was forced into her back-passage, stretching it to the limit. “My cock on the other hand fits just nicely” he laughed. “Please stop, don’t make me do this” she begged. In response Chris drove his crotch against her forcing his cock deeper into her. Jenny could only scream as Chris began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her tightly stretched arse. “You know Jenny, I love fucking a plump woman up the arse”. “ I love the feel of your fat buttocks rippling as I slam my cock in” As if to illustrate this Chris began to ram into her faster and faster, each thrust sending waves through her plump buttocks and thighs. Her buttocks were still sore from her spanking and the pain was excruciating.

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      Her screams of pain only seemed to fuel Chris’s passion and he began to fuck her arse harder and harder until, with a moan, he withdrew and shot his load over her arse. Jenny lay sobbing on the desk, her anus sore from the pounding. She could feel the semen, warm against her skin, start to run down her cheeks. “When I first saw you I knew you would be a good arse fuck Jenny and I am pleased to say that I was right. ”Chris walked around the desk and pressed his cock in her face. “I am getting hard again jenny, looks like the perfect time for you to clean my cock”. “Open that pretty mouth please”Jenny obediently opened her mouth and accepted Chris’s cock. She tried not to think about what was coating his dick in order to stop herself gagging. Jenny hadn’t the strength to suck him off in the position she was in, so Chris held her by the hair and mouth fucked her. “That feels good Jenny, she how easy it is when you co-operate”. Chris began to speed his thrusts up. “Here it comes Jenny, remember not to waste a drop”As if on cue Chris blew his warm, sticky load into her mouth. Jenny obediently swallowed it down. “Good girl” said Chris giving her a playful slap on her arse. “Well I think we can say that you have nothing on you”.

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       Chris quickly dressed and with a nod to George he left the office, locking the door behind him. George put down his clipboard and walked over to Jenny who was still bound to the desk. He began to affectionately stroke her hair. “Sorry we were so rough but thieves must be punished Jenny, I think you learned an important lesson. ” Jenny could only nod. “Please can I go now”, she croaked“Not just yet Jenny, as I said Chris is new and I just need to check that he did a proper job of it”. As he was speaking George began to remove his clothes. George let out an unpleasant laugh. “I think I will fuck your cunt first, young Chris forgot to give that a proper seeing to”. George moved to behind Jenny and placed his hands on her hips. “The trouble with Chris is he is too quick and far too gentle, I however know how to abuse a thief”. As Chris walked through the now deserted store he heard Jenny’s muffled screams begin. He smiled to himself as he reached the exit. “Looks like Jenny is in for a long night”, he thought as closed the door behind him. The End?.

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