(This is my first story featuring the country which i am from Singapore. It is an Asian country which many different races livng together)

  " Give me another beer" I said to one of my friends but he told me that there were no more beer left. " Fuck, what am I going to do without beer for the night…? " I mumbled to myself, lighting a cigarette. It was already very late in the night and we are sitting on some benches in the park, smoking and drinking beer. They were three of us, all guys, between sixteen to seventeen and we were all wearing pants and loose T-shirts. As it was a weekend tomorrow, none of us were keen on going back for the night. We began to talk about what most guys will talk about, girls and sex. We fantasize about each other stories and I could see that we all have a bulge in our pants. We were all quite tired and horny before deciding to go home to have a good rest.
  We have just make our way out of the park when we saw a taxi stopping a few metres in front of us. The taxi’s door opened and someone got out. The first thing that caught our attention was a pair of smooth legs wearing ankle socks and a pair of sports shoes. Those legs belonged to a girl with silky black hair. She was still in her school uniform, a blue blouse and a grey skirt, an obvious sign that she was from Cedar Girls School. she appeared to be only thirteen yers old, her blouse covering her almost flat breasts. Her grey skirt was not very short but it was still way above the knee,letting us get a view of her flawless thighs.

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   We were all stunned by this sudden appearance of a hot schoolgirl in the middle of the night. She closed the taxi’s door and walked towards us. With the help of the streetlights, we could gradually see her more clearly. She appeared to be in a hurry to get home.
  One of my friends whistled to her but she simply ignored him, acting very arrogantly. We were becoming extremely horny and could not stop ogling at her. We ran in front of her and tried to make friends with her. We told her that it was dangerous to go home alone at night and offered to accompany her but she rudely told us to buzz off. One of my friends got really pissed up and roughly grabs her left arm. She tried to pull out of his grip and she lost her balance, falling onto the pavement. We have never thought about raping her until her short skirt falls back and we caught a glimpse of her purple panties. She quickly pulls down her skirt to cover up her exposure, looking a bit embarrassed. She tried to get up but one of my friends suddenly wrap his left arm over her neck and covered her mouth. She was shocked by this and vigorously tried to break loose, kicking her legs and exposing more of her purple panties to us.
  I reacted by griping her legs together to prevent them from kicking.

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  The other one of my friends saw what we were doing and quickly grabbed her hands to stop her from further resistance. All of us have a common thought in our mind; we were going to rape this underage bitch. We half-dragged half-carried her into the center of the park, groping her body on the way. There was a piece of flat area there, perfect for the rape and nobody will heard her cries at this hour. She seen to know what was going to happened and tried her best to break free but we were too strong for her. She looked at us with fear in her eyes, thinking about what we will do to her. We dumped her onto the grass and pinned her on her back. She curled her body up into a ball to defence herself. We gave her two tight slaps on the face and she was stunned for a moent. We took off our clothes one by one, revealing our erected manhood. My friend raised her hands above her head and pinned them on the ground while The other straighten her slim legs and spread them wide, exposing her panties to our sight.
  We did not cover her mouth and she used the chance to scream for help. Her screams make us even horny, as we knew that no one would hear her cries for help. We have to act fast. I was the first to rape her.

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   I guide my hands under her short skirt and found her panties. In one pull, I ripped her panties off, revealing a young hairless pussy. Her eyes watered and begged me to stop. " Please… I… am… still… a… little… girl "she begged but I called her a small slut and cut her skirt away with a small knife I was carrying. My manhood was already all swelled up, ready to cum anytime. She tried to close her legs but my friends held them tightly apart. She shrieked as my fingers enter her small hole. Her pussy was quite dry but I have a sloution to that. I spatted some saliva onto my fingers lubricated her clit.
  I squeezed her small breasts and slowing inserted my manhood in, leaving her whipping in pain. Inches by inches my manhood went in before it reaches her hymen. I exclaimed to my friends that she was still a virgin and they all laughed.
    She was on the verge of breaking down and begged us not to rape her. Tears were slowly rolling down her cheeks but it only make us more determined to rape her. I rammed through her hymen and she gave a deafening scream.

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       I could feel her virgin blood on my manhood as I rammed her hard anf fast, enjoying the rape to the maximum. Her pussy was becoming wetter and wetter. I moaned in as my hips knocked against her again and again. It was not long before my balls tighten and my cum filled her pussy. She gave a sharp cry as the arm liquid flows into her pussy. I took out my flaccid manhood and saw tears running down her face. She looked so timid and scared, completely different from just now. I move away and took a rest as my other friends continued raping her.
      One of my friends lay on the ground with his dick like a flagpole sticking out of the ground. The other carried the poor girl up from the ground and spread her legs. She tried her best to resist but was rewarded with a slap on her left cheek. I watched as her anus went straight into the dick waiting on the ground. She cried in pain as the manhood went deep into her rectum. She was carried up again and rammed harder this time. She gave a loud scream as her anus expands further.

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       Blood was starting to drip down her anus as her anus ring was badly torn. They continued to anus rode the dick until they were tired. They were all sweating profusely and lay her on the ground. The girl was also exhausted from all the screaming and lay there silently. Her blue blouse soaked in her own sweat and tears. She makes a soft noise as my friend got up and shot his cum onto her cute ass cheeks. She begged us weakly to let her off but we all give laughed. Now there was only one of us who have not raped her.
      He lifted her butt high in the air and forces her onto her fours. He pushed his whole manhood in her sore pussy in one go and vigorously fucked her. I could see that her body was also shaking vigorously back and forth. He grab her black hair from behind and she could only moaned weakly in pain. Suddenly, my friend started shaking and the hot cum was shot into her pussy. She collapsed onto the ground as cum starts to flow out of her pussy and onto her thighs.
      We dressed up quickly and get ready to left.

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       I looked at her sobbing quietly on the ground, with cum flowing out of her pussy and her anus. An hour ago, she was still a small virgin slut in school uniform but now, she is only a victim of a rape, completely nude from the hip down, with cum flowing out of her sore pussy. Her hair was in a mess and she looked like a mad woman. I see her slowly getting up and picking up her tattered skirt, looking for something to cover up her violated pussy. On the way home, we talk about what a nice fuck we had tonight.
    (This is my first story so please send me your comments on this story so that I can improve the next time round)
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