Sweet Revenge


I was deeply in love with a very attractive white South African Jewish woman for about three years. She was gorgeous - petite, great body and although she was more than ten years older than me, she sure didn't look it. She stayed in great shape with yoga, exercise and a vegatarian diet. She grew up in South Africa, daughter to a wealthy bussiness man and they lived in a mansion with a pool and black servants - the whole picture. I met here as she was breaking up with her husband. Their sex life had been dead for years and she wasn't even able to get aroused with him the few times they did try to get it on. When she slept with me she was surprised and amazed at the strength of her response given she thought her drive was dead. After a while she even started having multiple orgasms which she had never had in her life. Looking back now, I see I had only attracted her on the rebound; what I felt was true love was only a transition for her. I was her "transition man" from a bad marriage to something else. I was so deeply in love with her that I didn't realize this until it was far too late and when she finally ended the relationship I was deeply hurt and broken. She had decided she needed to have some time alone, in solitude to "find herself. " On the surface this was reasonable considering she had never lived alone going from her daddy to her husband to me and being in her mid-fifties she probably needed to do that. But she had been a bit cruel in how she broke up with me and her hypocrisy popped up a few months later when she invited me over for dinner and a glass of wine. It was the same old story: she wanted to be friends and hang out a little and she was so sorry she had hurt me and after we had smoked a couple of joints she dragged me into bed and we had great sex just like in the old days. We fell asleep afterward and when we woke up in the morning she could barely remember what had transpired the night before.

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   She had never been a drinker and neither am I and we had never tippled together. Much to my surprise she was so sensitive to the grape it only took a few glasses to obliterate her memory. We had breakfast together and she thanked me for "servicing" her. Do you believe it? She actually used those words. I had never seen her in this light before and finally the last illusion I carried about our mutual affection was shattered. In a flash I realized she was just an upper class bitch who had been slumming it with me and now wanted to use me for her pleasure whenever she wanted. I didn't let on my feelings resulting from this insight but just smiled, hugged her and went on my way. As I left she asked me if I would want to come over again some time and as I said "yes" the seed of my plan for revenge at her using me so sprouted. I brooded over this for a couple of weeks and as I did so my hurt and pain from my insight into who she really was transformed into a cool, calculated state of mind in which I formulated my revenge. It took some time for me to come up with an idea and after a few weeks of contemplating various courses of action she called me again to come over for another Friday night dinner and servicing. Although she didn't come right out and say that she may as well have - it was clear to me what would transpire. And I was right: dinner, another bottle of wine, a few joints, some wild sex and she could barely remember a thing in the morning. She had always had some memory problems and frequently only remembered what she wanted to. As I left her after breakfast I finally stumbled upon the perfect revenge. Although she claimed to be liberal and non-racist and to have only compassion for the plight of blacks in South Africa, she still had her upper class arrogance and that, combined with her bad memory and her penchant for slumming, gelled into the perfect plan.

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   I would give her a slumming experience I would never forget (and she would never remember), nor would anyone else if I could arrange what was coming into form in my vengence addled mind. In my neigbourhood there are a lot of black immigrants. Not the washed out brown of blacks who have been here for generations but the black-as-night, black-as-tar blacks who have just escaped whatever horrors had befallen their homeland. I hung out with a few of them and had gotten to know them and most of them were single guys in their early twenties, torn from their families, wives, girlfriends trying to make a life for themselves in their new country. And most of them were horny as hell. My city is well-educated and has a lot of money and the women here are very picky so even the prospect of a well-hung black guy still wasn't good enough unless he had a lot of money and a fancy car. I saw now how I could take advantage of this pool of lonely black horniness and use it toward my revenge. I also have a few contacts in the local art community from working at the Art College as a model for a few years. I knew some video majors who would jump at the chance to get involved in my plan and at least a couple of them were budding young pornographers. The hardest part of my plan was acquiring the correct drug for the occaision. I didn't have many contacts in that realm but after a few weeks of inquiry I finally found a supply of pharmeceutical Rohypnol. But before I had everything organized I had one more invitation from her. This time I took a larger bottle of wine and a couple of hits of mushrooms. The next morning she did not remember anything of the night before and I was so horny from the prospect of pulling off my plan I fucked her ragged and left without breakfast with a big smile on my face. She always gave me about a week notice when she invited me over for these "servicings" I was going along with so I had plenty of time to notify the three videographers I had recruited and twenty or so black fellows from my neighbourhood.

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   I knew from past experience how long dinner took, and how long it took us to drink a bottle of wine and how long the drug would come on so it was easy to coordinate the arrival of my confederates and signal them when everything was ready. When the night came I gave her some mushrooms but only so she would think it was the mushrooms which obliterated her memory and so not suspect the dose of the rape drug I dumped in her wine when her back was turned. She trusted me totally so it was easy to slip her the dose. When she went to the bathroom I unlocked both doors to her house so my crew could slip in when it was time. When I thought I could see the drug starting to take hold I tested her to see how compliant she would be. I told her tonight I was going to fuck her in the ass and she said "oh, that sounds like fun" and I told her she was going to deep-throat my cock and swallow my cum and she said "I'd like that. " By these replies I knew the drug was starting to work because she had always vehemently refused these suggestions when I made them in the past. Now was the time. The signal for the guys to start to take their places was when the kitchen light went off. I stood up and took her in my arms and started to stroke and caress her and she just melted into me. I told her I was interested in making a porn movie about a mature Jewish woman who was raped by her black servants. "Oh, that's nice," she said. "Who is going to be your star?""You are," I told her. She just smiled. At that I guided her out of the kitchen into the living room turning off the light as we went.

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   We continued to make out removing our clothing and soon I had her on her knees vigorously deep-throating my cock as I sat in one of the luxurious easy chairs in her opulent and large Jewish-princess living room. As she pistoned my cock I could hear the back door creak faintly as it opened and the hushed and muffled movements as some of the guys went to wait downstairs. She was so stoned by then and so into sucking my cock she didn't hear a thing and I had turned up the music so that helped too. I didn't want to come in her mouth just yet so I hauled her up into my lap and plunged my cock into her sopping wet cunt. She groaned with pleasure and started riding me like she never had. The rape drug, wine, pot and mushrooms had completely stripped her of all inhibitions and she was pounding my pud like I had never had it pounded. By now she was so out of her mind and into sex she was not at all aware of the art school film majors creeping into the living room through the front doon and starting to set up their digital cameras. "I want to fuck your ass now," I told her. Without a word she suspended herself at the top of her stroke, reached down, redirected my cock under her back entrance and with barely any hesitation or discomfort easily slid down on my cock until it was entirely buried in her asshole. Then she started her wild ride. It didn't take long to set the cameras up or get the rape table ready - a couple of the blacks took care of that - and I was going to cum. I lifted her off my cock, got her back on my knees and shoved my cock down her throat. Almost immediately I shot a huge load down her throat which she swallowed greedily. "Is that all?" she cried. "I want more," as she crawled back into my lap and put my still erect cock back into her cunt.

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   'Oh, you'll get more, alright,' I thought. By then everything was ready to go - the cameras were on, there were ten naked black guys with huge erections in the room and ten more waiting downstairs. "Oh, there's more all right," I replied and waved a signal. One of my black friends crept over and shoved his well-lubricated huge meat up her loosened asshole, lifted her off me and turned her around to face the rest of the room. At that a second guy rammed his massive boner up her snatch then leaned back on the table we had set up. Finally a third gigantic black rod pushed into her open-mouthed surprise and worked its way down her throat. While they were working her over I retrieved the rest of the guys from the basement. They came upstairs and we went into the living room just in time to see the third guy stiffen as he shot his load down her throat. Then the guy up her ass pulled out, went around front and shot his load in her mouth and all over her face. The guy under her rolled out and he also gave her a big shot in the mouth. The plan was for each guy to make her swallow his jism if he could. In the event he had to come in one of her other holes we had a bukake bowl ready to catch the slime that dribbled out so she could drink it at some point. The cameras were rolling getting great close-ups of all the penetration and cum-shooting action and these horny black guys weren't wasting any time taking their place at any empty hole on this horny, stoned bitch. My plan was working perfectly and it was great that the initial triple penetration worked so well. And I'd asked them all to not masturbate for at least a week before the event so they had the maximum amount of cum for her to drink.


   We even had a spoon so they could scrape the stuff off her face and spoon it into her mouth. She lapped it up like her favorite caviar. Once things got going I just sat in the corner off camera and enjoyed my vengeful humiliation of this bitch. She wasn't going to remember a thing in the morning and never suspect either, because she never remembered after she took wine and mushrooms. But the best part was not raping her and filming it but that the footage from this three camera shoot was going up on the internet within a few days. So I was going to make a bit of money off her too. Fantastic. The upper-class, uptight bitch would be up there for the whole world to see taking black cock like her life depended on it and she would never know. And these black guys were so horny! They were fucking her, mostly in double penetration, as if they hadn't been laid in months (and most of them hadn't). And they were huge. I hadn't bothered to inquire after their size; black cock in her upper-class cunt was the most important thing, but there wasn't one tool among them smaller than 8" long and 2" thick. And the bigger ones had to be 10" or 12" and maybe three inches thickShe was covered with cum. All over her face, in her hair, dripping from her breasts were loads of the gooey white stuff. And several loads had been deposited in her ass and cunt and ran freely out of her stretched holes into the bukake bowl, all carefully recorded close-up in high-resolution digital video. The action paused as she was given the bowl and instructed to drink and without hesitation she slowly swallowed the whole collection dramatically savouring it for the cameras.

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   There had to be at least a cup or more which she drank like it was nectar. Her inhibitions were so removed that she greedily grabbed for more cock when she was done and was energetically pounding back on the cocks in her cunt and ass and letting that action drive the cock in front of her deeper and deeper down her throat. They pounded her mercilessly, one after another, and she was so stoned and compliant she just took it and came and swallowed again and again. It took about two hours for all twenty of them to fuck her and then the first guys were ready to go again. Ah, all that juvenile vigour was going to do her at least twice. Watching her petite, milky white body being mauled by big black hands and her puckered little asshole and tight cunt being horribly stretched by monster black cock was almost more than I could stand, more than I had dreamed possible for my revenge upon her. After 4 or 5 hours they had all done her twice and she was looking pretty exhausted and I was worried the drugs might soon start to wear off. So we stopped and hauled her into an upright position, face, chest, and hair plastered with cum and one of the more articulate black guys interviewed her on camera. He asked her what her name was and if she liked what just happened and if she liked black cock and swallowing all that cum and if she would like to do it again. She was very enthusiastic and with a big smile on her cum-covered face she answered all the questions positively and in a very sexy manner. "Yes, I loved it; yes, I love the taste of cum; yes, I love two or three men in me at the same time; yes, I love being gang-banged; yes, I love huge black cock down my throat; yes, I love the feeling of cum squirting straight into my stomach; oh, yes, I'd love to do that again. " She looked totally straight and lucid as she admitted on camera she just had the greatest sexual experience of her life; that interview was almost as exciting as the whole gang-bang had been. It was going to look great on the net, make her look like a real gang-bang slut especially for anyone who knows her to stumble across. Finally the interview was over and she was getting groggy so we packed up the cameras and after everybody thanked me profusely for the fun, I got into the shower with her and cleaned her up real good and douched the last of the cum out of her cunt and asshole. After I towelled her off she was almost unconscious and I took her to bed.

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  The next morning she didn't remember a thing but she asked me why her throat and asshole felt so funny. I told her she had gotten really wild on the mushrooms last night and asked me to fuck her in the ass and shove it down her throat. That explaination satisfied her and after a great breakfast she thanked me for servicing her (snooty upper-class bitch; little did she know, I thought) and off I went to meet my cameramen and get the footage edited and up on the net. Maybe next time I'll have her do a group of East Indian guys or teenaged boarder boys or get a biker gang to come over. Maybe next time I'll just take her down to the hooker stroll and get a laugh out of that. Maybe next time her son is in town, I'll drug him too and film him fucking his own mother. Seems I'm just getting into this; now my revenge has been satisfied it's going to be fun to just take advantage of her and make some money in the process. Whoever said 'the best revenge is living well' had no clue; I much prefered gang-raping her on film. And it's fun too!.

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