Tara: Part 5


Tara woke up in an interrogation room, she had been wrapped in a blanket and allowed to rest in a cushioned chair. There was a large black cop in the room with her who carefully sat down across the table from her when she came to.
“How ya feelin' ?” he asked, his voice was deep and reassuring. “Our lady cop is off-duty this week I'm afraid but I'm a kind man you don't need to be scared o me. ” Tara nodded to the man, his badge read F. Jones and she wanted to trust him. “My name is Frank, we know from your ID that you are Tara Adams the same girl who was forcibly taken by the basketball team a while back. I'm sorry miss but you'll have to explain what happened to you tonight - those boys didn't come back did they?”
“N-no sir. It it was my step-father Keith he . . . he's always looked at me funny but tonight he had some friends over and . . . ” Tara's voice broke she was so humiliated she could barely breathe, but Frank Jones just sat there patiently waiting for her. “They were drinking and he .

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   . . my mom is out of town . . . he came to my room . . . ” She began to cry. The whole night had been a disaster, save for her lovemaking with Ethan she had felt nothing but embarrassment and pain. She was so scared they wouldn't even believe her - after all, how many girls get raped multiple times? “He dragged me to the living room and they all . . . god, I don't even know, I passed out near the end. ”
“Do you know how many?” Frank asked her calmly.

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“Eight, I - I think it was eight, nine with Keith, my step- my mom's new husband” Frank nodded and asked her if she knew there names. “No, I'm sorry. I didn't recognize them. ”
“That's okay. I'm going to go tell the guys outside what you told me, and we'll have a doctor come in and check you out. Make sure there isn't any serious damage and all that. ” Tara nodded and Frank left. As soon as the door was closed she burst into tears and sobbed violently. She didn't know how long she was in there but the next person to open the door was a thin, distinguished looking man in a doctor's gear.
“Hey there. I'm Dr. Mowers I'm going to be looking you over. If you please, follow me, there is a room at the rear of the station with an examination table. ” Tara got up and followed the handsome man down a few winding hallways and down a flight of stairs. They eventually came to a halt outside a door with Dr.

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   Mower's name on it. He unlocked it and motioned Tara to lie down on the bed which was on the far wall. “I'll step outside for a moment and let you get changed. There are some gowns in the cupboard under the sink.
Tara did not want to remouve her clothes, but she did so anyway, pulling the large medical gown around her. She climbed onto the bed, and waited for Dr. Mowers.
When he came back in, Frank Jones was with him. “I do apologize for not having a woman on staff Miss Adams, but Mr. Jones will be a good substitute for now. He is here for your protection. ” Tara nodded meekly, she began to feel afraid. Frank helped Dr. Mowers lock her ankles into the little foot-holders at the end of the bed, and Frank also held her hands firmly.
“I know this is probly scary Tara, but its just a little exam and we don't want you to panic and hurt yourself.

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  ” Frank told her calmly as Dr. Mowers pulled out a large speculum and a bottle of medical lube.
“Now, this is going to be a bit cold I'm afraid, so don't be startled. ” Mowers told her. Soon Tara could feel something sliding into her pussy. The doctor had used a lot of lube, so it didn't hurt much, but she was still very sore from her torture earlier. “There, that's one. ” Mowers said and he reached for another speculum. This one, he explained to Frank, was for her anus. “Its clear she has been taken anally as well, for her sake I'll check both at once. ” Dr. Mowers slid the anal speculum in and Tara felt him open and lock both tools wide open, exposing her insides. “Oh dear, its seems she has showered. But there is a lot of use here I can see. There will be no specific proof of rape, due to the soap and water, but to be sure this one has had a good hard fucking.

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   Probably, as she says by at least nine grown men. ” Something in Dr. Mower's tone changed when he said 'fucking' and 'no proof' it made Tara's blood run cold.
“What can we do for her then doc?” Frank asked, his grip on Tara tightening as she squirmed in fear.
“Well, I can't say for sure. Put her arms down Frank, she can't go anywhere with her legs strapped in. Come look at the damage. ” Frank released her wrists and walked to the foot of the bed, peering over the gown which was resting on her knees, into Tara's most private places. “Look here for example. ” Tara felt a brush against her clit and it sent a tremor through her body. “See how large and responsive it is? She had certainly had a lot of sex recently. See how she shudders?” Again, Tara felt him brush his fingers over her clit, and her breath became ragged.
“Ain't that something doc. ” Frank said “can I giver a go?”
“Sure!” Mowers replied, and soon Frank was rubbing Tara's clit. He was gentle at first, still playing up their charade, but soon he was pinching and pulling it too.

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   Tara tried to pull her hips away, but her legs where held securely. She began to sweat, she could feel an orgasm building, god he was SO GOOD! But it was all so WRONG he was supposed to be helping her arrest Keith not pleasuring her.
“Ooooooh” she moaned. “Please, don't - ahhhh - don't do this, I need your help please!” Mowers was pulling things out of drawers now, she couldn't see what but she was scared. Frank bent down and licked her clit lightly, causing Tara to buck violently against her bonds. She moaned some more as her sucked her hard, waves of pleasure wracked her abused body, he was so gentle - so GOOD at what he was doing, it was like being back with Ethan the evening before.
Tara's mind was in turmoil, her body was still so sensitive and Frank so gentle that she couldn't help but moan for more, but she knew as well that theye'd never belive her now, what kind of rape victim loves sex, forced above all? She was panting now, still half-assedly begging him to stop.
Mowers was back now, and she felt him doing something with her ass. She felt the speculum get wider and then, slide out slowly. There was something still in her though! She couldn't see any of what was going on but she could certainly feel him gently pushing and pulling some object in and out of her ravaged hole. With all the lube from the speculum, it didn't really hurt but Tara was so scared of what would come next. The pace of Mowers' thrusts became quicker and Tara couldn't help but release a deep groan of pleasure, he too was very gentle both men seemed intent on only pleasuring her and they did so perfectly.

    The two men remouved the speculum from her vagina and Frank, still rubbing and sucking her swollen clit slid a finger in gently. He was a large man and even one finger was a lot, especially after so much abuse. He began frigging her wet cunt diligently, teasing her g-spot like no man had done before.

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       Finally, Tara's begging changed tone.
    “Ooooh, please please let me cum ahhhhhh” she said it so quietly she was unsure of wether or not he heard her, but she was far to embarrassed to repeat herself. Soon though, Frank's motions we steadier and Tara was on her way to full release. Mowers continued fucking her ass with whatever toy he had pulled out, and the two men matched each others pace and kept it steady until Tara's back arched in exctasy and she screamed as she came violently, not just once but at least four time, squirting her juices all over the doctor and cop. “YEESS! OH FUCK! OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH . . . ” Tara was in heaven that moment, she collapsed when at last the orgasms ended, she was panting.
    “Glad to see you are still able to enjoy sexual encounters. ” Dr Mowers said as he popped the anal toy out of her, sending another small orgasm through her tired body. “Its something we like to test for you see, to see how intensive the psychological damage is. Now, we'd like to keep you here for a day or so while you heal, and we investigate the crimes commited against you. Frank here will take you to a cell, and you can make any phone calls you have to there. ”
    Soon, Tara was on the phone with Ethan again, her voice still weak from cumming so hard. “I think they will help me sir, I just have to stay a day or two so I'm safe.

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       I haven't mentioned you yet but if they ask me where I'm going when I'm allowed to leave I'll say your place, because you were so kind last time. ”
    “Okay precious, you do sound better but I wish you hadn't had so much fun with those men. ” Ethan's voice was tired not angry. “We'll have a little chat about that when you're out. ”
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