The Business Trip


Adam had slipped back to his office for a few moments to call his wife and tell her that he had to work late again. The call did not take long since he got the answering machine. He figured she had a family thing to attend to. Patricia never doubted her husband, nor did she have reason to. When he returned to the meeting area, he noticed the lights were dimmed. He stood in the doorway for a moment and quietly sighed. Jill stood in front of the large open windows that overlooked the city. He could see the silhouette of her nude body set off by the full moon's glow and the city lights. He walked to the table and took his seat, facing away from her without as much as a second glance. He immediately picked up one of the files and dove back into the work. Jill was infuriated. She did not say a word to him. In a huff, she stormed out, grabbing her clothes on the way. Adam knew this would affect his promotion and perhaps even his job with Marx, Walbergh and Macgregor, but he could not risk his life with the woman he loved. The next weeks at the office were very tense. Jill glared at him most of the time when she passed.

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   In the presence of others, though she maintained her congenial facade. It was on that Thursday afternoon that she announced that there was need for her and Adam to finalize the deal with Mathers Inc. Adam was shocked that he was being forced into the meeting. The entire time they had worked on the proposal she was slated to go to the meeting alone. He lingered in the room while the others left, to have a moment alone with Jill. "Listen. . . I know that you really do not need me for this meeting. You know the information front and back and you are entirely capable of handling it alone. I. . . " he spoke softly as he tried to get out of attending. "Adam, the home office decided that you were integral to the meeting.

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   Believe me I did not ask them to do this. It has to do with your promotion. If you can close the deal the promotion is yours. So go home and pack. We are to be on the plane tomorrow afternoon," she said coldly as she gathered her things. "We should be back by Sunday afternoon. That shouldn't be a problem for you. "He stood there for a moment completely dumbfounded. He knew that this promotion would mean that they finally had the extra money to start planning for a baby like they had always wanted. It was really a blessing that the promotion come now. He did not want to hurt his chances. All the way home, he dreaded leaving. He knew that Jill was going to try something but he just was not sure what. His mind filled with ideas of the possible scenarios she would try. The next afternoon when he got on the plane, he was rather relieved to see that she seemed to have shifted into professional mode.

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   He was beginning to look forward to pitching their ideas to the board of Mathers Inc. The two had a drink on the flight and discussed strategies that might help their chances. The entire time Jill sat plotting out her plan for the evening. She was as determined as ever to have Adam in her bed. Once they arrived at the hotel, they got the news that the meeting had been postponed until the next morning at request of one of the board members due to a personal emergency. This did not sit well with Adam. He immediately went to call his wife to tell her of the possible delay in his return. Jill followed the bellhop up to her room. Adam had no idea that they had adjoining rooms. He knew that the door lead somewhere but did not figure Jill would plan such a thing. After she heard the door close in his room, she made her call to the front desk and asked to be connected to his room. "Hello""Adam, it's Jill. I know that the dinner meeting is off for tonight but I figured that since we still had the reservation the two of us could go and discuss the rest of the ideas over dinner" she answered, trying to make it sound like an innocent business proposal. "Well I was a bit tired and looked forward to room service and going over the paperwork here, but there are a few things we still need to hammer out. .

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  . " he paused. "I could come there and we could order in and work on the rest of the plans. That way we could get it done faster and I can get a chance to check out the nightlife around here afterwards. Would that be ok with you?" she inquired. He was silent for a few moments. "Adam?""Uh, yeah, that would be fine. How about you come over here around 6:30 and we will order up then,” he answered"Ok Adam. I will come over there at 6:30" a triumphant smile crossed her lips as she hung up the phone. "Don't worry Adam. . . tonight we both will be cumming before it's the night's over. "Adam got a quick shower and slipped into a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He talked on the phone with Patricia for a short time and decided on a quick nap before Jill arrived.

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   He awoke to the sound of someone knocking on his door. He was surprised to find Jill standing there in a pair of tight jeans and a flame red button down silk shirt that was buttoned higher than usual. She looked stunning. Adam let her in and she walked to suite's sitting area and to the mini bar. She took stock of the alcohol that was there and paused for a moment before turning to look back at him. "They never have much of a selection do they" she turned and looked at him. "I say we order a bottle of Courvoisier VSOP along with dinner. I think a little cognac would be a good way to celebrate our hard work"Adam was not much of a drinker but he figured it would help lull him into a restful sleep that night. He agreed and called down with their order. It did not take very long for room service to arrive. Jill signed for the order and gave the man a generous tip. The two ate dinner as they worked. It seemed that everything was going just as she had promised it would. He was feeling secure in the knowledge that she was no longer going to pursue him. After they had finished the last of the plans, Jill poured them both another drink while Adam excused himself for a moment to use the bathroom.

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   While he was out of the room, Jill slipped a tiny vial out of her pocket. She emptied the contents into his glass and swirled it around. She sat his glass back down where he had left it and quickly unlocked the door in his room that lead to hers. She sat down and waited with baited breath. Adam returned from the bathroom a bit relieved at how casual things had been all evening. Without her constant attempts to hit on him, he had felt at ease around her. They talked for a while as they sipped their drinks. Adam quickly began to feel the affects of the drug that had been added. He was becoming dizzy. Jill said she would let herself out since he was not feeling well. She made sure to lock the door behind her, making the illusion complete. After fifteen minutes had passed, Jill cracked the door open into his room. She crept silently toward the bed, finding him unconscious. An evil smile crossed her lips as she realized that her plan had worked. He was completely at her mercy.

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   She slipped back into her room and returned with a large black bag full of surprises. She quickly began to work. It did not take long for her to strip Adam and securely tie him spread-eagle to the bed. Even with the drug in his system making him groggy when he would awaken, she had to take the precautions of restraining him. She pulled from the larger bag a small cosmetic bag and laid the contents carefully on the bedside stand. The two vials of liquid would help her finally get what she desired most. Thanks to her friend Ricardo, she had all she needed to make this night happen. She laid her toys out in easy reach in preparation. She then retrieved the video camera from her room, setting it up by the bed. This would be the one thing that would keep him in line once it was over with. No matter what, she was determined to have him as her lover. She could hear him murmur softly as the effects of the drug began to wear off. She changed out of her clothing and into a sheer black nightie. When she returned from the bathroom, Adam was partially awake. She could tell he was still in a heavy daze.

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  "What. . . what's going on?" he muttered. His words were heavy and hard to get out. He could not think straight. Deep down he knew something was wrong. A couple of drinks should not have done this to him. He tried to move but could not. He still did not realize he was tied to the bed. Suddenly Jill's face swam into his field of vision. It was soft and fuzzy like the beginnings of a dream. He could hear her voice but the words barely registered in his mind. "Ah I see you are awake now my dear. I guess it is time we begin.

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   I do hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Maybe if you do we can remove those pesky little restraints and you can have your way with me as well," she gleefully recited. He watched her face swim back out of focus as he closed his eyes. His head was spinning. He tensed up as he felt the prick of a needle into his flesh in his nether regions. She laid the syringe down and watched the injection work its magic. His limp phallus began to swell. She licked her lips as she watched it grow in size until it looked as if it would burst at an impressive 9 inches. The drug definitely did the trick. She clicked on the camera, making sure to capture what came next. The next thing Adam felt was a warm wetness engulfing his cock. He knew it had to be a dream and lulled himself into a false sense of security with that knowledge. Jill's lips stretched tightly around him as she began to gently suck and nibble along his thick shaft. Her head bobbed slowly at first as she savored the feel of each inch of him moving in and out of her mouth. His soft moans encouraged her to pick up the pace.

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   Her warm, soft tongue teased the head as she slid his cock out of her mouth. She wrapped her long slender fingers around his glistening shaft and quickly began to stroke it. Her tongue danced over the smooth tip of his cock as his moans got a little louder. Convinced it was nothing more than a very erotic dream, he let himself go, enjoying every second of her work. Her pussy was aching for his cock now. She had to have him inside her. She climbed up on the bed and straddled the engorged member. Holding it firmly at the base, she rocked her hips, letting the tip part her slick pink lips. She let out a soft moan as the head then moved up to her clit. She rubbed it hard against him. It was the decisive moment. She lined the bulbous head up again and slowly sank down upon it. A loud moan escaped her as she felt it push all the way inside her. It was even better than she had imagined. The effects of the drug were lessening as time wore on.


   Jill began to ride him slowly. It took all of her willpower not to bounce frantically on his rigid cock.
    She wanted to take her time and enjoy every second of the debauchery. Her muscles flexed around him, holding him tight as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm. Adam was feeling the sensations building himself as he lay there, still under the warm spell of the drug. He opened his eyes once again. This time instead of the indistinct images that he had the first time, he could clearly see what was happening. The grip of the intoxicant still held him enough to slightly quell his reactions. His words came out slurred and garbled. "Fuck. . . what are you doing. . .

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       " He groaned. Jill did not even answer him. She just began to bounce harder but still very slowly, sliding the black nightie off and tossing it aside. He stared at her in utter shock and confusion. He could not even fathom how he had gotten into this situation. The last thing he remembered was lying down after she left. Jill reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the ball gag. She dug her heel painfully into his leg, forcing him to yelp in pain. With his mouth open, she quickly stuffed the gag into his mouth and yanked his head forward to secure it. Adam watched in horror as she continued to ride him painstakingly slow. He never would have done this. He never would have given in to any temptation like this no matter what. Thoughts of his wife filled his head, making him sick to his stomach. He could not betray her like this. Jill did not care about that though.

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       Her only thoughts were of the pleasure she would force him to endure in her attempts to make him hers. Her pussy began to ache with the need that burned within her. She had to cum and she had to do it soon. Her pace quickened. He grumbled loudly around the gag in his mouth but nothing intelligible came out. She reached down between their bodies. Her fingers quickly found her clit as she frantically began to rub it. Her eyes were locked on him. He felt as if her gaze was burning a hole through him. Tears filled his eyes as she continued to urge herself on. "OH GOD ADAM, OH YEAH FUCK ME BABY FUCK ME" she screamed. He wanted to die right there. He felt her muscles grasp him as she slammed herself down on him as hard as she could. Her juices flowed freely over his engorged shaft, dripping down and matting his pubic hair with the wetness. She let out a loud moan as the orgasm tore through her body, leaving her shaking and breathless.

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       Her insatiable lust drove her on though. She lifted herself up just enough to allow him to slip free from her drenched pussy. Her hand held him steady as she pushed the tip of his shaft against her puckered little hole. His eyes widened in terror as she lowered herself once more onto his rigid tool. This time forcing it into her tight ass. She let out a deeply satisfied moan as the muscles stretched to accept him. Her pace was much slower once again and much gentler as she bounced on his unyielding erection. Adam could feel the bile rising in his throat as she continued. He tried to stop himself from gagging. Anal sex had always been one of those taboo things that he never would consider doing. It disgusted him deeply, but his cock could not help but throb even more. The warm hole seemed to suck him in deep every time she forced her hips down to his. Jill continued to mercilessly frig her swollen little clit as she rode him. Her breathing had become shallow and erratic as she picked up her pace. He could tell she was on the verge of cumming again from this vile act.

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       He clenched his eyes shut, trying to will his cock into submission. Try as he might, he could not make himself go flaccid. Despite his obvious hatred for the situation and now her, his body betrayed him. As soon as the orgasm had passed, she once again slid his massive cock back into her pussy. Her lust for him would not let her stop until he had filled her with his cum. Her hips began to roll as she rode him. Instead of the slow, yet hard pace, she had set before. This time she rode him in a frenzied lustful way. She could feel his throbbing becoming more intense each time she brought herself down on him. Her hands moved, running over her naked flesh. Jill began to tug and twist her nipples hard, her breasts bouncing heavily as she rode him. Her moans became more passionate as they filled the room. She could not stop the orgasm from taking over any longer. Suddenly, Jill tossed her head back again as her muscles clamped tightly around him. He could not control himself or his reactions to it.

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       Her muscles spasmed wildly around him as her warm nectar showered his cock. He felt even sicker as his body reacted to the motions. His balls tightened as he began to spray thick loads of cum into her quivering pussy. Jill collapsed against him, panting as the orgasm subsided. She leaned closer, whispering in his ear as he tried to turn away. "Now listen to me Adam and nod if you understand. If you cooperate and do what I tell you, no one will ever see this tape and our little tryst will go on being a secret. If you do not obey me. . . well I will be forced to make sure copies go to your family and friends. Everyone will see the edited version that looks as if you are a willing participant. That is also, what I will tell your beloved wife, Patricia, as well when I hand deliver it. Now will you do what I ask?" she said low enough that the camera's microphone would not pick it up. He nodded defeatedly and she carefully removed the gag from his mouth.

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       He knew this was only going to be the beginning of the worse night of his entire life. .
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