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 l  My name is Abdul. I am married with no kid, Govt. servant, living in Karachi, working as a governmental car driver. Sara the lady of my dreams is my Boss's lovely & loyal wife. She has a daughter. Her husband, my boss, is a very rich man, & a very close man to our ruling Government. Sara is 5’. 5” tall with whitish complexion, long black hairs up to her massive  hips and attractive face. She has very big and well shaped boobs and ass. I always used to stare at her beautiful ass that jiggles by her each step. She caught me red handed many times but didn’t say anything and she always tried to ignore me.  l  Once Sara and her husband (my boss) went to Punjab. I was left at Karachi. One day my boss (Bilal), her husband, rang me from Punjab that he had to go to UAE for some reasons and I had  to pick Sara from airport after three days as she was coming back alone with her daughter and he  has to spent at least 10 days in UAE. It was my luck for a good chance. I agreed and assured him to pick her.

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     l  On the day of her arrival I went to airport. The flight was at 10 PM. She came with her daughter who was sleeping in her arms, I picked her luggage from her hands and she carried her sleeping daughter while we came out. During drive I asked her how was she and how she spent her time. She simply replied,  “every thing is ok” after some time I said “you have used a good perfume, madam” She replied that she hadn’t used any perfume. I said “please pardon madam, but then its your body’s smell, your body smell is very good, madam” She didn’t say anything and turned her face other side. But I noticed a smile on her lips.  l  We reached home and went inside her house with her daughter in my hands. She asked me to lie down her daughter in bedroom. Then I brought her luggage. Then I said ok. She nodded her head in ok and I came back to my home in disappointment. After about ten minutes the electric supply got cut off. I picked up a candle and lit it. Suddenly an idea came in to my mind.

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   I rang madam and asked her about candles. She said that she needed it and requested me to bring few candles for her. I bought few candles from a store in our blocks and went to her home.  l  As I knocked her she immediately opened the door as she was standing near the door. She thanked me and offered me to come in and said that she too much was frightening in the dark. I obliged her offer and went inside. She took me to the lounge where she was having her dinner. l In few minutes I noticed that she was not comfortable. She looked in great trouble as she was moving her hips lift right while sitting and she was not taking her food properly and left after three or four bites.   l  I thought that my presence made her uncomfortable. I inquired her but she said that she was not feeling well. I asked her about her sickness but she didn’t tell anything. I offered her to drive her to doctor but she refused. On my continuous inquiry she told me that she had been suffering with constipation since fourteen days. I asked her why she didn’t take medicine.

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   She told that she has taken every possible medicine but results are negative.  l  I asked with pardon to her to use some external tablet but she told me that she had already tried it. Then she told me that with the use of that external tablet she needed to go to toilet but her passage had become hard and she felt severe pain in doing so. I asked her in smiling way “why didn’t you get help of Bilal?”  l   “What? What did you say?” She understood my remarks and said angrily. I said “I mean that best solution is to apply some oil there and for this you could take help of Bilal” Instead of getting angry on her driver, She replied with shy and low voice “he will die but will never do this” I asked surprisingly “Why?” She said that he didn’t like it. Then I said, “why didn’t you do it yourself?” she said that she had tried but she could not apply oil there properly and felt more pain.  l By all these conversations my madam was getting easy to me slowly & I realized that her shyness was slowly fading & was getting easy to me, due to such straight comments from me. That was a good chance I gathered my courage and said “may I help you madam?”      l  She looked at me in surprise and with widened eyes and said “what? Are you mad? You mean! Don't forget your place!! You bloody driver, MY SERVANT!!!!”     l  I said “I can’t see you in trouble madam, let me apply oil, I’II not do anything else, & besides everything, what do you prefer-my status or getting relief from a 14 days pain?” I further added that “there should be no shame or shyness while curing or treatment” She turned her face and said “no! No! Then with a little lower voice she said You can’t do it, will it not be dirty for you” I said “It will not be dirty for me because I want to bring you out from trouble madam, where is oil?”       l  She covered her face with her hands and said “I can’t do it, I am feeling shy” I said with a heavy voice “I repeat, in treatment there shouldn’t be any shy. Where is oil?” I inquired again. She waited for few moments & then took few deep breaths & said slowly “its in the bedrooms bathroom”  l   I immediately rushed towards bathroom and brought the bottle of oil. She buried her face in her knees. I asked her to sit on carpet on her knees and place her head on sofa with her hips high (like doggie position). Firstly she hesitated then very slowly she did the same? I asked her “How can I apply oil over the jeans? Please slightly lower down your jeans  madam”. She brought her hands under her belly and unbuttoned her jeans and slightly lowered it down.  l  As I saw her sexy naked flabby hips my cock became full erected.

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   I dipped my right hand finger in oil and slowly placed on her hips. Her body was warm and shivering. I touched her anal hole  with my oily finger. Oh! Her hole was very hot & I surprisingly found that it was virgin too.   With my touch at her ass she shivered more and sighed and caught the cushion of sofa with her  hands. I started rubbing her hole with my finger in circles.      l  Firstly she stiffened her body but after few minutes she relaxed. My cock was in full swing and started aching in my trousers. With  my other hand I unzipped my trousers and brought my cock out. By now she was relaxed and was  enjoying. She started moving her hips left right very slowly.  l  I increased pressure with my finger  on her hole gradually. I noticed that she had gripped the cushions more tightly. Slowly the tip  of my finger entered in her ass. She moaned and tightened her body.

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   I pressed my finger more and  succeeded in entering the upper joint of my finger inside her. It was too hot. I kept moving my  finger in circles in her hole. After few minutes she again relaxed her body and started moving  her hips slowly to and fro.  l  Then I asked her “may I apply oil deep inside?” she said in a shy & stiff voice “you promised not to do anything else” I said “I stand on my words I am not doing anything else I just want to apply oil deep inside you” “It will hurt me and I’ll feel pain” she said without facing towards me. I said “I’ll apply maximum oil and will do it very slowly. I’ll stop if you feel pain” with this I stood up and removed my all clothes.  l My prick was full erected.   My cock just 8. 10” long and 5. 2” thick but it is very hard. I poured oil on my cock and made it fully lubricated. She was still in the same position. I  lowered her jeans more so that it fell down on carpet. Now her whole huge hips and thighs were  naked.

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   I positioned behind her and rolled her shirt up. Now her beautiful hairy ass was in front of  me.  l With both of my hands I apart her cotton soft flabby ass cheeks (butts). Her hole was very tiny and pink in  colour. I asked her to apart her ass cheeks with her hands. She brought her hands at her back and  apart her ass cheeks. Now it was a very lovely view. I looked a little down at her vagina. It was  covered with hairs. My cock became more stiff as I love hairy vaginas.  l Then I poured some oil on  her hole and placed my cock on it. With the touch of my cock she shivered and stiffened her body  and said “please do it slowly, don’t hurt me” I started moving my cock in circles on her ass. I  did it for about five minutes meantime my precum mixed with oil and made it more lubricated. Then I felt that she had relaxed. I started pressing my cock slowly in her hole.

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    l She tightened her  body again. I kept pressure of my cock on her hole and moved it up and down slowly. I continued  it for three minutes then she relaxed her body again. This was the chance; I pressed my cock with  thumb and finger.  l  By now her ass had become very lubricated and as her body was relaxed my cock  make a way into her hole and its head buried in her ass. She said “ooeeeeeee” with pain and  removed her hands from her chooters and held cushions to absorb pain. As the head of my cock  entered madam’s tight virgin ass, it felt very hot inside her and the view of my cock 's head buried in her ass was so sexy, I became so horny and excited that I held her ass cheeks and apart them and gave  a strong push to my cock in her ass.  l  She tried to tightened her ass and said “no nnnnn please waaaaittttt”  but she was late. As my cock and her ass were so lubricated, my full cock entered her ass in  one jerk. She gave out a loud scream!! I found her outer rim of her hole is torn & blood oozing out. l  Oh! She was so tight that my cock felt slight pain due to tightness of her ass. She screamed and  cry in a loud voice “ooooeeeeeeeee oooeeeeee oh oh oee hi pleeeeease help, I wiiiill dieeeeeeeeeee. ooeeee my back its torn oo oo hi maa oee ooeeee my back its torn……You punctured my anal  hole, you basted driver!”   l  Her voice was so high that I was afraid her neighbors may not heard. I caught her hair & pushed her  face deep in the cushions & she buried her face deep in cushions and kept crying and saying “you destroyed my rectum, ooeeee ooooooo eeeeeeee my ass is finished, mean driver! You punctured my anal hole!, take it out or I'll die, please, I beg you” I slowly squeezed her huge boobs  with both hands they were very hard and her nipples were erected. Then I bowed down and kissed on  her neck.

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    l My cock was feeling her hard shit inside her ass. She again requested “please take it out or I'll die,please,I begg you” I found tears in her  eyes. Then I pressed her boobs a little hard and while licking on her ears, I  said ” I will not let you die, just enjoy it. ”  l She brought her left hand towards her ass and touched my cock and said “Your cock is very large, it destroyed my hole. ” I squeezed her  boobs more tightly and licked on her ears and said “is it really large?”  She said nothing.   l I said “ok, first tell me what is this called?” she touched my balls and said “you are very shameless, you want me to speak filthy” I said “Yeah! I am  madam, and very soon I will make you a filthy slut, madam”l She turned her face towards me and with her right hand she held my head and brought closer to her  face and kissed on my ears and said” your cock is so much thick & big & with that you have already punctured my virgin ass hole & destroyed your madam’s every ordeal, what more do I have to be shameless, you have already made me shameless! ” l  Her filthy talks made me horny and  I tried to move my cock in her ass. Her ass was so tight that my cock was unable to move.   She shouted with pain and said “nnnn no please don’t move, I am feeling extreme pain, I will really die, I beg please be still for a minute, when my ass will adjust your cock, then move it,pleaseeeee!” I said “ok”  I moved my hand under her belly and placed my palm on her pussy.  l   As she felt my touch on her  pussy she shivered and moaned. She turned her face and kissed and entered her tongue in my mouth. We did a long kiss.   But my cock was aching & I loosed my control.  l I gripped her boobs very tightly and pulled my cock out. As my half  cock became out I pushed it in her with great force. She started crying “ooeee haeee noooooooooo I’ll die,its tooooooo much painnnnnnnnnn, please be still for a moment,pleaseeeeeeeee!” but I didn’t  listen to her and started fucking her ass madly.

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   She collapsed on sofa and started abusing me  “son of a bitch, you got your madam absolutely for free to fuck that you are destroying my ass like this!”  l   I continued fucking without listening her and held her hips with my hands bringing her closer to  me and started more fast. During fucking my cock was touching her hard shit inside her ass which  after some time felt soft and she discharged few gasses from her ass, with smell. By then she had also  controlled her pains and started moving her ass with my motion which showed that she had started  enjoying, With my jerks her shit became more soft and it started oozing out when my cock was  moving out.  l  By then I was about to come I held her boobs again with right hand and placed left hand on her  pussy and said “oh madam I am cuming” She brought her hands towards my back and held my hips and  kissed me and said “hoooo now its pleasures, please cum inside me, pleaseeee & please don’t take your cock out, pleaseeee!” with that I gave few final stokes and exploded in her  ass when my cock was full inside her.  l She also reached her orgasm and my hand became wet with  her pussy juices as madam cummed right on my hand. I laid on her back for few minutes and then I  pulled my cock out. It came out with a “pucch“ sound and her shit also came out. My cock was  fully coated with her shit. She immediately got up and rushed towards bathroom. After few minutes  I followed her and entered the bathroom.  l  By then she was relaxed and made her shit. She saw towards my cock and said “your cock is dirty with my shit” I said “its ok madam, I’ll clean it” by then my cock was  half erect. She stood up and embraced with me and kissed on my lips and said “now let me tell you how much filthy you have made me!!” with that she held my shoulders and asked me to sit on commode.   I obeyed her and sat on commode.  l  She sat on my thighs facing towards me with her legs across me.

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    My cock was touching her pussy. It made my cock again hard. She wrapped her arms across me I also  held her tightly and kissed on her lips she entered her tongue in my mouth and with that she  started pissing on my cock.
    Oh what was that feeling, her warm piss was washing my cock. We kept  in that position till she finished pissing and said “now I have cleaned your cock. Now I am also confirmed that how much dirty slut you have made me. ” l  I again kissed her and said “you are really a dirty bitch, madam”  She replied “you only transformed me like this” I said “now you assume the doggy style & I’ll also clean your ass. ” she said excitedly “yes it will be of great fun” and we both stood up and she immediately  assumed doggy position with her hands on commode and hips up. I apart her hips and positioned my  cock on her hole to piss.  l  As my cock was erected, it took long time to relax and then I pissed on  her ass. I found madam's ass bleeding also. As my warm piss fall on her ass she said excitedly  “oh my fucking driver its feels sooooooooooo  gooooooooood, I never had such pleasure in my life. You are a real man! After that we both took shower together, she soaped me  and I soaped her. After drying our bodies with towel we came in bedroom and on bed started  kissing and embracing.  l  After about ten minutes kissing on her lips, face and boob sucking I  licked her belly and came down and touched her hairy pussy with my tongue.


       She shivered & jerked  as if she got a massive shock. She widened her legs and I started licking more wildly & slowly I  kept pressing my head towards her pussy. l  I cupped her hips and started licking her pussy in a rhythm. Her pussy was very tasty and was  smelling good.  l  After about five minutes I asked her to lie on her back & become comfortable. I  placed a pillow under her hips and put her legs on my shoulder. I widened her legs and bend her  knees to touch her shoulders. Now her sexy hairy pussy protruded out in font of me, totally exposed. OHHHHHH! MADAM’S PUSSY WAS CUTE!!!!!! I  brought my hands down her hips and parted her cheeks to widen her pussy more. I spit on my cock  and rubbed its head with it and then placed it on her pussy.  l As my cock touched her pussy her  body shivered. She was moaning. I laid on her and embraced her with my left hand and cupped her  boob with right hand. My cock was ready to enter her pussy. I asked her to put her tongue in my  mouth.

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       She entered her tongue in my mouth saying “my vagina is very tight & your cock is very big, please insert it as slowly as possible, please!”  l  I held her tightly and while sucking her tongue,  with a powerful jerk I entered my full cock in her pussy. Oh! Her pussy was also very tight. It  bleeded immediately. She screamed and removed her hands from her hips and buried her nails in my  back. The tightness of her pussy reminded me that she was in pain. She bit on my cheeks, necks  and shoulders and shouted “oeeeee haiiiii rascal  you tore my vagina also, you mother fucker, pig, scoundrel driver!” her  pussy was tight like a virgin girl.  l  But just as I started pumping a little she immediately arched her back & got a squirting orgasm. Just then by that madam’s screams converted into loud passionate moans. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I started massaging  her body from her boobs to her chooters with my right hand, in between many times I squeezed her  nipples and licked her face.  l  She kept quite and hugged me tightly, replied to my licking she  moaned in sexy voices “oooeee, ………. . uff what a massive cock you have, its just like any donkey’s cock. ” I replied “your pussy is more tight kike a virgin, you are feeling like this!” with this I started to move my cock but  she immediately buried her nails in my back, tightened the grip of her legs around my waist and  said “oh honey please not now, Its badly paining, let my pussy adjust first & let the pain go then fuck me, I beg you, please!!!!”.  l I stopped my movement and we started kissing and hugging.

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       She said “when you told that you would apply oil in my ass, just by hearing it, I got aroused. I just couldn’t wait any longer & lost control on my body. ” She started moving her hips very slowly and with  her pussy she squeezed my cock and said “I was feeling like I was having my first sex of my life. I was feeling like I was a virgin once again. You fucked me extremely well honey!”  l Now pump my pussy very slowly” with this I started fucking her  slowly and said “you are also vary sexy madam. I always used to dream of fucking you. I used to masturbate in toilets with your thought. Madam, I have really taken extreme pleasures from your ass & pussy. Your pussy & ass is so tight that it feels like you are a 16 years old virgin!”  l  she screamed “I cant control any more, please fuck me hard, hard, please hard, I request you. ” with this she  moved her hips up and down, bit on my tongue and said “Put your saliva in my mouth, its of immense pleasure!” this was too much for my patience, I kissed her and entered my tongue in  her mouth, held her tightly and started fucking her like a mad dog.  l  She in turn wrapped her legs tightly around my waist and started moving her hips up and down with my movement & screamed continuously. She got a massive orgasm. She arched her back & splashed her thick juices out on my  cock. She was moaning and producing sexy voices like ” OOHHHH Yeahhhhhh. Uuuuummmmmm.

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       Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh Noooooooo. Yeahhh Babyyy. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh. Faster Faster. Ohhh No. Ohhhh No… IIII please fuck me hard, please I cant take it, harder please!” within few minutes I was about to cum, I paused fucking and told her that I am about to  cum.  l  She scratched my back with her nails and started pushing me back. She begged please take it out, you don’t have a condom, please don’t do this please please take it out, please please. She tried to push me away, but hearing that I started fucking her again and with in next thirty seconds  I exploded deep inside her pussy. With my discharge she held me tightly and squeezed her pussy to  suck my cock and with a passionate kiss she also reached her another orgasm and my cock felt the  wetness of her cum. I found tears rolled down her eyes.  l But after she settled a bit, she said“, “Nobody fucked me like that ever before. Darling driver, my pussy has fallen in love with your cock” with that she  tightened her pussy and sucked every drop of my cum inside her pussy. She said “Honey, I can get pregnant by this.

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      ” I just replied “I love you madam,” & kissed her passionately for five minutes & she said nothing. After this we  became tired and slept naked in each others arms. We got up at about 4’O clock in the morning  then we fucked for one time more. After that I came back.   l Now six months have passed still we  have sexual relations and whenever we get a chance I fuck her. Now I came to know that she is  pregnant. Pregnant by her own driver.  
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