The Rape and Brutalization of a Young High School Catholic Cheerleader (Part 9)


As Harrison drilled Diana, his blood streaked cock slid in and out of her like a piston and her tight little twat, clutched his shaft like a death grip. In spite of the loss of her virginity, her tight cunt had a long ways to go before it was loosened enough to handle a man’s cock without bleeding or causing her discomfort. By the end of the weekend, he planned to have that problem solved for her.

As the bedsprings creaked under the violent bouncing of the two bodies, Diana emitted deep, guttural groans of pain each time his thrusting cock impacted her cervix. As Harrison rotated his hips on each downward stroke, auguring his cock deeper with each thrust, Diana’s back pressed into the soft mattress, as if he was trying to drive her body all the way through the bed.

As her tight fuck tunnel continued to grasp tightly onto his cock, Diana’s cunt opening made a sucking sound with each upstroke. So tightly was this small framed high school senior’s cunt holding him inside her that her hips literally lifted upward at the top of each stroke and the wind was nearly knocked out of her with each down stroke.

As the violent rape continued, Harrison watched her sweet young tits jiggle and shake in rhythm to the convulsions of her body. Her big brown eyes were open wide, her pupils were fully dilated and they were staring blankly (almost unseeing) at the ceiling. As her legs flailed in the air, her feet kicked wildly, causing her high heels (which now made her look slutty) to click against each other.
Suddenly, nearing orgasm, Harrison groaned and pulled Diana’s hair, lifting her head up off the bed and pulling her face towards him. Smiling into her eyes, he slowed his thrusts and said, “Get ready, you little whore! I’m gonna give you a gift.

Suddenly, Harrison grunted and collapsed onto her with all his weight. As his balls slammed into her mound and his cock head nearly pierced her cervix, Harrison’s cock exploded its contents into the depths of Diana’s cunt. “Do you feel that, Diana? It’s my sperm! And it’s flowing into your womb!”

Harrison (who'd had a vasectomy years ago) couldn’t possibly get her pregnant, but Diana didn’t know that. Therefore, the fear that he could, combined with her guilt over the loss of her virginity and the Catholic Church’s prohibitions against abortion would add to the power and control he was exerting over her.

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As she felt his semen pump inside her, Diana pleaded with him to pull out. As the quantity of semen increased, filling her tunnel, she threw her head back and shrieked a loud, agonizing scream that was even too loud for Vagabond Motel standards. Quickly grabbing her torn panties, he stuffed them into her mouth until she gagged, muffling her shrieks to a level that would call less attention to their room.

As he continued rocking up and down on top of her, his thrusts slowed but his cum continued to flow inside her. The thrill of taking the little tease's virginity, through such brute force, provided him with powerfully increased sexual stimulation and he felt like he was pumping a gallon of cum into her battered young pussy.

With tears, once again, flowing down her cheeks and saliva pouring out of the corners of her mouth (around her spit soaked panties), Diana lay under him gasping hard to catch her breath. The intensity of the rape had been hard on her. Her tight young body, in spite of her athleticism, had never gone through anything like this and she was bathed in sweat. Her face was wet and small streams of perspiration ran down her breasts and collected in her cleavage. As she squirmed beneath him, Harrison could feel her slippery, sweat drenched tits pressing against his chest.

As her crying subsided and her breathing grew quieter and less labored, Harrison could tell she was barely conscious. Then, raising himself up and reached for the camera. He then quickly clicked off several pictures of his cock fully inserted into her tight, battered cunt. Then setting the camera down, he withdrew from her.

As his cock slid out of Diana, her tight slit made a noticeable sucking sound as it released its tight hold on his dick.

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   As he slid completely free of her, a river of semen and blood began to flow out of her. As the red streaked cream gushed out between her thighs, it collected on the mattress with the puddle of blood from when he initially slammed through her hymen.

As his cock continued to drip cum, he placed it above her and allowed the thick globs of cream to fall onto her stomach and dribbled them through her dark muff. Then, as he rubbed the sticky cream through her pubic hair, matting it together like glue, he picked up the camera again and took more pictures for his photo file collection.

Then, climbing off of her, Harrison watched as Diana's body suddenly began to lurch and thrash on the bed, in a series of violent, convulsing spasms. As her back arched, her eyes rolled back into her head and her shapely young legs began to flop as she slipped into a seizure. As Harrison watched, he was unconcerned.

He knew from listening to untold hours of court testimony from medical experts, that it is not unheard of for violent traumatic incidents (particularly in teens and young adults) to overload stress receptors and induce violent seizures. The seizures are usually short in duration and rarely cause any serious harm to the victim.

As Diana's seizure subsided, he smiled as he wondered how much stress she could handle. "She might have several more seizures before the weekend is over", he smirked. As her body stopped convulsing Diana, exhausted and impaired, fell asleep almost immediately. Putting his underwear on Harrison picked up the camera and sat on the bed to upload the newest photos on to his computer. It was 12:30. After finishing with the photo files, he decided that he could also use a short nap.

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