The Woods Become Alive (Part 1)


The next morning, I wake up from the sound of my alarm clock. I look at it sleepily; 7 am. I turn the alarm clock off, and slowly get up from my bed. I grab my hairbrush of my bedside table, and start brushing the knots out of my long, dark brown hair. Once I finish, I apply my eye make-up, and apply black mascara to my long eyelashes, defining my brown, hazel eyes. I then walk to my cupboard, and pull out a small black skirt which hugs my hips and ass, and a white blouse which is a bit tight for me. I put on a pair of natural coloured tights, then slip the black skirt on. I look in my full length mirror and see that my ass looks extremely nice in the skirt. I then put on the blouse, on top of my black 34B bra, and leave a few buttons undone, showing a wonderful cleavage. I wrap the red school tie around my neck, and slip my feet into my heeled school shoes. I head downstairs and into the kitchen, to grab a slice of toast and a glass of fresh orange juice. Once I'm finished, I pack my school shoulder bag and get ready to leave the house. Both of my parents have already left for work, as I leave the house, and walk down the street to where I catch the bus to school. In school, I'm greeted by my friends, and I recieve a loving kiss from my current boyfriend, Brandon. I go to all of my lessons as usual, and at the end of the day, I kiss Brandon good bye and promise I'll call him tonight. I walk out of the gates, and head to the bus stop to get the bus home.

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   As I wait for the bus, a van pulls up in front of me. The window is wound down, and a young looking man leans out of the window. "Excuse me miss, but could you tell me where the Herold Woods are, please?" He smiles as he checks out my long, shapely legs and cleavage. "Sure," I smile. "If you go up this road, and take the second left, then turn the next right, and follow that road. You couldn't miss it. " I blush as I watch the man's eyes check me out. "Thanks. But I was wondering if you could come in the van and show me, because I'm sure I'll forget the directions. " The man asks, his voice pleading me. "Uhm, sure, I guess. I'll get out and walk when you're at the woods, OK?" I step back as the man opens the passenger door and climbs back into the driver's seat. He nods in acceptance, and watches as I step up, my skirt sliding up my thigh a little, revealing a little more. I close the door behind me, and he drives off in the direction I tell him. We speak for a while, and I find out that the man is called Joe.

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   He has short blonde hair, which is spiked up with gel. Bright blue eyes lighten up his face. He wears a tight white shirt, which shows off his muscular build, and shorts show off his tanned legs. 'Mmm' I thought. 'I wouldn't mind fucking this guy!'When we reach the Herold Woods, I open the door and step out. I turn around to find that Joe isn't in his seat, and the door is open. I go to walk away, and feel a hand press against my mouth and a strong arm holding me. I'm pushed up against the van, and a voice rasps into my ear. "I told you, you should have watched your back!" The familiar voice scares me. I try and scream, but the man's hand muffles my cries. The man reaches around, and grabs my arms and pulls them behind me. I feel a rope being tied tightly around my wrists, cutting into my blood circulation. A roll of tape is pulled out behind me, and the man sticks a bit of it around my mouth, so both his hands are free. I let the man drag me into the woods, knowing I can't prevent him from doing anything to me. I watch as he takes me deep into the heart of the woods, where it's isolated.

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   I'm thrown onto the floor onto my front, and then pulled around so I'm on my back. I look up, and notice the man has a ski mask on, and gloves. Tears fall down my cheeks as the man looks at my body with leering eyes. He kneels down, and slowly unbuttons my shirt; he's obviously teasing me. My arms are pulled roughly from the sleeves of my shirt. The man roughly grabs my tits through my bra, pulling them and squeezing them. I wince in pain, but he doesn't stop. I try and wriggle away from his grasps, only to recieve a more painful grasp. "Stop struggling bitch! If you do as I say, I'll make it easier on you. But I'm still going to teach you for being such a fucking whore!" The man slaps my face, a red marking showing instantly. I stop struggling, knowing he's being serious. He continues pulling my tits, but then gets annoyed by the bra. He opens the clasp at the front, and pulls my arms through the straps. He licks his lips as my tits are able to move freely, and bounce on my chest. My nipples immediately harden from the cool breeze, and the man notices.

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   He laughs, and reaches down and licks my left nipple seductively. Then he bites it, making me arch my back in pain, thrusting my tits in his face. He pulls and twists at my nipples, making them even harder. I moan in pain, but a feeling of pleasure mixes in with the pain. I scold myself quietly for being slightly aroused. After a while, the man starts rubbing the inside of my legs, slowly reaching up to my crotch. I squirm and wriggle, but the man simply slaps my inner thighs. "What did I say, bitch! Keep still and make it easier on yourself!" The man slaps by thighs again. He runs his hand along the slapped thighs, feeling the heat he'd produced. The man wanted to have some serious fun, so he slowly lifts up my skirt until it lays around my waist. He rips the tights away from my legs, and throws them nearby. He runs his hands along my bare thighs, and down the length of my long legs. He runs his index finger back up along the inner side of my left leg, and up towards my crotch, stopping just below my thong covered pussy. He slowly pulls down my black lace thong, until they are around my ankles, and rips them off. Then he turns his attention to my now naked pussy.

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   He licks his lip as he notices that my pussy is clean shaven, and my pussy lips are tender and puffy. "Up on your knees bitch!" The man demanded. Without waiting, the man roughly pulled me up, and turned me around so my back was to him. He puts his hands on either thigh, and pulls them apart until my knees are about 2 feet apart. I'm forced to bend over, so my head touches the ground, and thrust my ass out. I do this, and the man puts his hands on each ass cheek, and caresses them lustfully. He then pulls apart my cheeks, and runs a finger down my ass crack, stopping on my asshole. A shiver runs down my spine as he playfully rubs his finger on my asshole, slowly sliding it in. "I'm going to fuck you in your every hole, if you're a virgin or not. If you're a virgin, it'll be even better cos you'll be tight as fuck!" The man laughs, and takes his finger out of my ass. I tremble in fear, as I heard that he would be taking my virginity. He carries on running his finger down my ass crack, and down to my pussy. He quickly pushes two of his fingers into my pussy, as he unzips his jeans and pulls them off. Then he pulls down his boxer shorts to reveal a hard, 8 inch cock. The head of his cock throbs a deep purple as he pulls his fingers out of my pussy and tastes my juices on his fingers.

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  "Mmmm not bad, bitch! Now get what's coming to you. " He grins and holds my hips as he guides his throbbing cock towards the entrance of my virgin pussy. He teases me for a few moments, slowly rubbing his head against the entrance of my pussy, then shock me as he pushes it in, making me scream in pain. The tape around my mouth muffles my screams as he pushes all 8 inches of his cock into my pussy. He thrusts in and out as I try and pull away from his cock. His hands hold my hips firmly, stopping me from moving away. I hear the slap of his balls against my ass each time he pushes his cock into my pussy. His cock fills me up, as his thrusts become harder and faster, his hands starting to move my hips in rythem. I start to moan in pleasure as the pain becomes less, and I start enjoying each thrust. After a few minutes of hard fucking, the man's balls start to expand, and his cock enlarges inside me as he loads his cum deep into my pussy. He continues to fuck me as each load of cum shoots from his cock. When he finishes, he pulls out of my pussy and laps up his juices that splashes onto my inner thighs and in my pussy. "Bitch, that was a great fuck! You're one tight whore. There are some tools I want to get, so don't move anywhere! Stay in that position or die!" The man laughs again, gets dressed and heads down towards the van, where he knew Joe had some tools he could use. All I can do is keep my head against the ground, my ass thrust in the air and my knees 2 feet apart with his juices running down my leg.

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   I can only wait. . . .