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the ball gag that was in my mouth was very uncomfortable and i struggled to try and break free, as i rolled on the ground a foot slammed into my chest, i looked up to see a blonde woman in a latex corset, and long latex boots, she told me that she required a new sex slave for her house of torture, i struggled to try to get to my feet and run away but i only got to my knees, she grabbed a collar and a leash that was hanging on the wall, she strapped the collar on and wrapped the leash around my neck strangling me, she then placed a cloth over my mouth once more and all i remember is seeing carpet. . . . when i awoke the second time i opened my eyes and looked around the room, this time i was in what looked like a dungeon, there were chains on the walls, theree were racks of whips, collars, paddles, and punishment tools on the walls. i was seated in what looked to be an old dentist chair, i had my ankles strapped to the chair, my wrists were also strapped, and a strap around my waist and neck held me to the chair, i had something metal in my mouth i had no idea what it was but my mouth was wide open and my jaw hurt really bad.
    the blonde woman entered the room and told me not to try and struggle this time as i was strapped in and wasnt going anywhere, she told me that she ran a house of torture and desire. i was the sex slave that people would use to fulfill their fantasies of rape i was told, i was told that women and men would come to this room and rape me, use and abuse me for whatever they wished and i couldnt do a thing, i was told that the metal oblect in my mouth kept me from closing my mouth, and prevented me from talking, she told me that with that in place, i couldnt yell for help or tell clients that i was abducted, she told me that i would be there for a long time to come. she left the room and several minutes later two people entered the room, a woman wearing a fishnet teddy knee high boots and a latex hood with eye cut outs, the other was a man wearing lycra shorts and a latex hood, i was wondering what sort of place i was being kept in, the two strangers stripped naked and walked towards me, i tried to scream but the metal bridle in my mouth prevented it, " scream all you like, we payed good money to rape you" the man said, these people thought i was doing this volountarily they didnt know i was abducted and it dawned on me that no one would ever know, they just paid to rape me. the woman grabbed a knife from the rack on the wall and cut my lycra shorts off my body, she knelt down and began to suck my cock, i began to think this wasnt to bad, until the chair was lowerd into a laying position and the man stuck his cock in my mouth, i was unable to move away or close my mouth fully, he thrusted back and forth whilst his woman sucked. a minute later she stopped, she undid my cuffs and i tried to run, i was knocked down by the man, i was dragged to barrell, i was leaned over the barrell and my ankles and wrists were cuffed to bars on the floor, a moment later i felt a huge pain as i was whipped across my back several times, i was told this was punishment for trying to run, and i was told i would be taught a lesson. the woman sat in front of me and pulled my head to her pussy, i couldnt close my mouth but no one could force me to use my tongue, or so i thought. . . . i was told to lick her pussy, i refused, and was whipped again, after 7 whips i licked and did not stop until i was told to.

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      after licking away for several minutes i felt what i never wanted to feel ever, the mans 8" cock entered my exposed arse, i licked away and was being arse raped, this went on until both of them stopped, the man walked in front of me and came on my face. " see yoiu next week" he said. i feared what was coming next week, little did i know i should have been fearing what was coming 10 minutes later. . . . . . but we will explain that next time. . . . . . .

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