I am a 14 year-old girl. I am one of those people who you will call a nerd. I was told ever since I was a kid that if I don’t do well in school, I will be a worthless person when I grow up. Though I never show anyone how I feel, I always thought I am not bad looking at all. Short hair, big brown eyes, baby-face, and my figure were pretty good too. Boys however, never approach me. Maybe because my big round glasses and casual cloths block out all my good features.
        Today I have to tutor a young boy who is in grade 8. It is the first time I tutor anyone so I am a bit nervous. I showed up in front of his house, and rang the bell.
“Who is it?”
“This is Mia Oku; I am the new tutor of Shin Yamato. ”
        The door opened and a young boy standing behind it. It was a kid around the age of 13. Dark hair, small eyes, and he were even shorter than I am.
“Hi, I was expecting you. I am shin.

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   Please teach me. ”
“Nice to meet you. ”
“There is no one here, so make your self at home. I will show you my room. ”
“Thank you. ”
        We entered his room, which was full of robot models and comic. On the wall were some very sexy anime characters. Just looking at them turns my face red. The only thing that lacked in this room was study materials. No wonder he needs a tutor.
“Okay Shin, shall we start already?”
“Wait, before we start, I have to test you, see if you are good enough to teach me. ”
“Test me?”
“Yes, that’s the rule of tutoring. I will ask you 5 Science questions. If you got 4 rights, you are qualified. If you failed, well, you still get to teach me, but before that you will have to do anything I told you to.

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“Yes, that’s also the rule. ”
        I can sense something fishy, but I just can’t grab hold of it. But since it was the usual rule of tutoring, I guess I have to do it. I am pretty confident of my self anyways.
“Okay, I accept. ”
        I could swear I saw a grim smile on Shin’s face, but it fade after a split second so I thought it was my imagination.
“First question…”
-         5 min later-
“Sorry sensei, you only got 2 right. ”
        I can’t believe it. All the questions he asked were super hard, and I usually read ahead too. This failure gave my confidence a critical hit, unrealized at the moment that maybe Shin could have drag these questions out from high level textbooks.
“Well sensei, since you lose, you will have to fulfill you promise then. ”
“Erm…okay then. What is it that you want me to do?”
“It’s rather simple actually. Can you show me your bra please?”
        I couldn’t believe my ears. Why would a young boy like him demand to see my bra? Besides, I have never showed it to anyone, especially boy too.

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“Sensei, you promised. ”
“You promised! It is wrong for a teacher to break a promise. It gave their student a bad example. Besides, I will ask my dad to fire you if you don’t do it. ”
       Everything he said seems to make a bit of sense, and I really don’t want to get fire on my first day of tutoring. So slowly, and unwillingly, I lift up my shirt, and show him my white bra.
        There was nothing special about my bra actually. It’s just a plain bra, but Shin seems extremely interested into them. He stares and stares for quite a while. Then he asked me to turn around and show him the back of the bra. Show I did as he told and turned around, lifting up the back of my shirt with both of my hand. That’s when it happened.
        I heard and clink sound and I sensed that my arms are bounded by some metal object. I was shocked, very shocked. ”
“What are you doing Shin?”
        Without answering he pushed me onto his bed and lifted up my shirt.

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   My bra was completely revealed, my breasts was going up and down due to my heavy breathing.
“Shin! What are you doing? Stop it!”
“Hehe, sensei, you got some good breasts. You shouldn’t hide them with that oversized shirt of yours. ”
        He reached for my bra and started to rub my breasts. I yelled and yelled, hoping he would stop, but it was no use. He continued to rub my breast, and suddenly, he pushed them up, so the bra and my shirt were hanging over my breasts. My nipples became pointy for some reason and stood up like two mountains. He teased my nipples by rolling them in circles, and squeezed it lightly once in a while. For the first time in life, I got this weird, comfortable feeling.
“Ah…ah…no…stop it…I feel weird. ”
“O? So you do have feeling? Let me check down there to see if you are wet. ”
        Shin reached down into my pants, and into my panty.
“Ah! No, stop. Don’t touch there please!”
“Haha! Sensei, why don’t you have any hair down there? Do you shave them you little slut?”
“No, I…”
        It was too embarrassing to tell a stranger such private thing. My mom told me some girls don’t grow hair until they are pretty old, it was normal I don’t have any yet.

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   Apparently Shin finds the fact that I don’t have any pubic hair very exiting. His eyes were gleaming with excitement. He started to suck on my breast and tease it inside his mouth with his tongue. His hands’ motion became faster and faster. The weird feeling I felt grew stronger by the minute. I wished to escape his grasp, but some how I felt good when he rub me at my private parts.
“No…ah…ah…stop please. ”
        I begged for mercy. It was useless. His hand in my panty started to attack my clit. Every time he touches it, an extreme pleasure went from my vagina right into my brain.
“Ah…. ah…ah…”
        I forgot when I stopped to plead and the only voice that came out of me was moaning. Suddenly, he bitted my nipple with his lips lightly, and at the same time his hand squeezed my clit.
        It was painful.

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   The pain and the shame caused me to start crying. But Shin paid no attention to that. He stopped playing with my breasts and forcefully took away my pants and underwear. My private part was then completely exposed in front of Shin. I closed my legs as tight as possible, trying to defend at the very end. My legs were so tight that Shin cannot open them no matter how hard he tried.
        I naively thought as long as I hold my legs together, I can defend myself. Shin, however, have more tricks under his sleeves. He suddenly reached for my pussy and started to touch my clit intensively. All of a sudden I lost all my strength and I let Shin open my legs easily. My pussy was then completely revealed to him. Besides my mom, he was the second person who saw my private parts, and he was a boy, too.
“No, don’t look. Don’t stare at it please. It’s shameful.

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“Why feel shameful? You got a beautiful pussy there. Let me see if it taste good. ”
        He then buried his face into my vagina. His lips kissed my labia, and then he suck on it like he did to my breasts. I tried to close my legs, but it would only buried his face even deeper into me; therefore, I can only let him hold my legs apart and enjoy my pussy. He made such disgusting noises, trying to make me even more shameful, and it worked. I shook my head crazy. I don’t even know if that means no or simply because I feel like struggling.
        His motion started to get fast and intense. He even put his middle finger inside of me. In and out he fingered me hard, his mouth and the same time teased my clit. I could sense the extreme pleasure started to build up toward its maximum point. I could swear my vagina was going to burst.
“No! Stop. I am going to explode! Ah…ah…AHHHHH!”
        My body did explode, but it was the explosion of pleasure.

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   A stream of water shot out of me and right toward the ceiling. The watering did not stop after 7 or 8 second, but the extreme stimulation did not go away after quite a while. It was a sensation that I never had before. It was so intense that my mind grew blurry for a while. The next time I regain conscious, I saw Shin already took out his harden penis and was ready to enter me.
“No! Stop! I am a virgin. ”
“A virgin? You are a born slut! Didn’t you see your love juice? You even wet my ceiling. There is a price to pay for that you know. ”
        How could his words be so filthy? He was even younger than I am. I blame that on the internet. Shin slowly enters my body. 1 cm, 2 cm…bit by bit his penis bury inside of me. Then I felt his penis reached some end inside my vagina. Shin notice he can’t go any further, so he started to withdraw his penis. For a second I thought he would stop, but then suddenly he thrust his penis hard into me.

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   It reached the wall, it broke the wall, and it was completely inside of me now.
        The pain was intense; I felt my vagina being tore apart. Shin started to move inside of me. It felt awful, and it’s frightening to know that something was moving inside of me. I shut my eyes tight, and endure the pain, since that’s the only thing I could do.
        After about 5 min, the pain started to fade and the pleasure feeling started to return. Gradually the stimulation grew, until almost all pain was covered by it. I started to moan KNOCK*
“Hey Shin, I am coming in. ”
        That must be Shin’s dad. I felt both happy and scared at the same time. I was happy because I am going to be saved, but it’s very embarrassing to have another man seeing my naked body. Before I decide which feeling I prefer more, the door was open.
“Wh…what on earth is going on?! Shin! What the fuck do you think your doing?”
“Hey dad, how’s it going?”
        To my surprise, Shin did not show any sign of panic; moreover, he continued to fuck me hard, rubbing my breasts at the same time.
“Dad, this is my new tutor, Mia. ”

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  . ahh…”
“What the fuck are you doing to your tutor? I got you a tutor to help you study! Not for this. ”
“Ah…. . mmmm…. Ah…”
“I am just doing what you always do to the other tutors dad. ”
“But, fuck! Stop it this can’t hold it anymore!”
        I watched Shin’s dad undressed himself in an amazing speed. I almost fainted. His dad is going to join? His cock was enormous, at least three times bigger than Shin’s. Just the thought about such a monster is going to enter me almost put me out of conscious.
“No! Don’t come closer…. ah…”
“Ah get out of the way. ”
        Shin’s dad pushed Shin aside and buried his face in my pussy, started to drink my love juice. His tongue was much rougher than Shin’s, and his short beard sting my clits. I tried to struggle my way out of the intense stimulation, but his grip was hard.


   The harder I struggle, the more his beard would rub against me. And then he started to move up to my face.
“You are pretty; I bet your mouth tasted good. ”
        He thrust his tongue inside my mouth. That was very disgusting. His breath was stinking, and his slimy tongue explored my mouth like an alive worm. My tongue tried to hide from his, but there was no room for escape. Kind of like the situation I am in now. Before I know it, his penis entered me.
        Even with my mouth stuffed, I tried to scream. That man was almost twice of my size, and his cock was as thick as my arm. I have no idea how it could enter me, but it did. Inch by inch my vagina eat his penis as if there is no limit, but there is. Before his cock completely entered me, it hit another wall.
“Ah, shit.

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   She is too small, can’t even put the whole thing in. ”
“Come on dad, now what am I suppose to do. ”
“Take her other virginity for god sake. ”
“Okay then. ”
        Shin’s dad lied on the bed, and since my arms were bounded from behind. I had no choice but to fall on top of him. My nipples were touching his, and once again my mouth was attacked by his. I tried to turn away, but his hands hold my head in place and his tongue entered my mouth again. I could sense Shin playing my anus from behind, but there was absolutely nothing I can do about. Slowly his penis entered me. It was hard, but Shin managed to do it, now all three of my holes were stuffed.
        They moving side of me without any patterns: sometimes deep, sometimes not, sometimes hard, and sometimes fast. I was like a small kitten, completely inside their grasps.
“Ahh…ahhhh…ha…. ha….

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“O ya…ha…ha…that was am almost there…. ha…. ha…”
“Me too son, lets come inside of her together. . . ha…ha…pinch her clit. ”
“No…don’t come inside…please…ha…ha…. no don’t pinch. No!!!”
        They started to move very fast. Shin was constantly hitting my butt and playing with my clit at the same time, while his dad grabbed both of my breasts and squeeze them very hard. Once again the extreme simulation built up to its maximum point, but I could sense that this time, it will be even greater.
“Ha…ha…ha…. there I go…HA!!!!”
“Yes…yes…me too…Arrrr!!!”
“No…no…not inside…no. . no….

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  NO!!!! AH!!!!”
        All three of us came at the same time. Hot liquids shot inside my anus and my vagina. The explosion I felt was super intense. I continued to water for 7 seconds or so even after they finished. The stimulation did not fade just like that. It was the first time in my life I felt such intense pleasure; I think my brain was too young to handle this. Slowly, the stimulation fade, bring my conscious with it.
        I have no idea how long I passed out, but when I woke up. I was still on the bed, which was soaked by our love juice. I was not naked anymore. Even worst, I was in some very sexy customs.
“What is this?!”
“So you woke up,” said Shin, his dad standing behind him.
“You passed out for quite a while. Since we are bored, we decided to take some picture.
        Shin’s dad showed me his computer monitor.

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   There more a lot of pictures of me. Some I was naked, some I was in sexy custom and dirty pose. In some pictures I saw that they raped me again, but I was in a school uniform. They even had a video recorded. In the video I was tied to the ceiling, hanging in the air. They were playing my pussy with some vibrator. I was moaning like a slut, and I came. My love juice shot for a long distance. It even wetted the camera. I couldn’t believe that slut inside the video was me.
        I burst into tear. There was nothing in the world more shameful than this. I cried and cried, until I can finally squeeze some words out of me. ”
“Hu…hu…what do you guys want from me…hu…”
“Hey baby, don’t be sad. There isn’t much we asked of you.

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   I only wish you to continue be my son’s tutor. Just come here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the same hour. We will play some more games. I would even pay you. Don’t dream about telling anyone about our little secret, or I will post your pictures online, along with your address. I know there are a lot of bastard in this world that likes little girl like you. You don’t wish for strange guest do you?”
        Just like that, I became their sex slave. Every week we meet three times, one hour every time. They would play some very dirty games with me. Shin likes to put me into some anime character custom, so he could rape me like his fancy anime characters. Shin’s dad likes to try new ideas. He would fuck me inside the bathtub, inside a closet, on a table, under a table, even outside in their garden.
        My grades continued to go down hill ever since, because usually when I study, I would have a vibrator inside of me that I cannot take out. My parents were so worried that they found me a male tutor. Guess what the tutor did after he heard the little buzz noise from my vibrator?
        This type of life went on for another year, until my parents finally decided that I must study in some foreign country.

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   I was finally able to escape from hell after I went to Canada. It was like a heaven there. I finally got to concentrate on my studying again. Eventually I got top grades in high school, and got into the university with lots of scholarship. I learned how to download porn as well. And then one day, I downloaded a set of pictures and video clip. Inside the clip, I found me, and the darkest age of my life.
        Apparently, my professors download porn as well…
-The End-











































































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