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Topic: Please. Don't. Stop. The school bell echoes through the halls, and class rooms of Jameston High, it was early in the spring, and they were all glad that their first week back to school had ended. They packed their bags, and things, and before long the school was almost empty, even over half the staff had gone home early after a full week back at work. Maya, though, hadn't left the school yet, she was alone, leaning on the opened door to the front entrance, looking out at the light grey clouds, she enjoyed spring, and took a great pleasure in the art of nature. She paused, and poked her head around the corner of the door sidewards, her long ebony hair dangling low, seeing one of her class mates, face down on the stairs. Her glassy blue, grey eyes seemed intrigued, as she looked over the silent boy, his black hair dangling over his face. She put one leg out of the door, her hands still on the corner "Jackson?" he looked up in suprise, seeing her long slender leg stretched out from the door, then moving up to her sweet face "Maya?" his voice was soft, but a little shakey. Maya steps out of the doorway, her legs were bare, and slender, and she wears a short red sports skirt, with a tight white shirt and a red tie. Jackson puts his hands back, on the stairs taking in the view, he'd never seen her in her sports uniform, since the genders were seperated. She walked to him and sat on her knees infront of him with a sweet smile "Why are you out here all alone?". As she leaned, he could just see her large breasts through the loose gap in the top. He looks around, showing his deep emerald eyes, noticing that she was right, there was nobody to be seen or heard, and he was alone, with her. A sly smirt crossed his face, as he tipped his head a little, hiding his eyes again. Noticing the way he was smirking she starts to stand "Jacks-" she stops as he clutches her arms, she jerks for an instance but stops "Are you alright?" he shudders a little, but his mind was made, he tries to pull her down "Stay with me.

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  . . "She jerks and pulls loose "Jackson, I can't I have to g-" she pauses a little as he stands, his eyes still hidden "I have to go. . " he steps forward to grab her "Please, Maya, stay. " she shakes her head a little steping back, her breasts bouncing with the force, and turns to walk away. She hears his steps come closer as she gets close to the gate and turns around, to be face to face with him. Her eyes widen with surprise, her lips almost touching his. He tries to kiss her, holding her arms, but she yanks her head back and tries to step back. She see's his smirk stays steady, and he pulls her to the side, spins her around and pushes her against the fence. She squeeks a little as she feels her large breasts pushed hard against the silver mesh fence. She feels his gentle touch moving up her leg, and she struts and tries to move, but he holds her down with the other hand forcefully "Now now, Maya, steady now"His hand slips under her skirt, and he gently rubs her ass, gentle, and over her white laced panties. She closes her eyes tight with shock "Jackson. . stop, please.

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  " he spanks her hard and she squeeks "I don't like that word, Maya. " her ass is nice, and tender. He lets his hand slide around her waist and in through the front of her panties, "Naughty naughty Maya, why would a virgin be so abre under here" she tries to move, and sway her hips, but it just helps his hands slip deeper into her panties.
He smirks as he slips his fore finger inbetween the top of her folds, and due to her inexperience as a virgin, she moans, she's very sensitive in the are for a teenage virgin and couldn't bare to enjoy the gentle touch. Jackson smirks as she gives him what he wants, he leans to whisper in her ear "You want it don't you Maya?".
She doesn't reply, but turns her face the other way. He slips another finger inbetween her tender folds and parts them, and holds her against the fence with his body as his other hand moves up her shirt, he can feel her fit belly, and gently licks her neck. She looks up, as tears come to her eyes, she could feel his fingers sliding into her folds, no matter how she tried to close her legs, and his gentle hands moving up her belly, feeling their way towards her breasts, and his warm tounge gently on her neck, the feeling was pleasurable, but no girl, forced into such a thing would admit it. His two fingers were suddenly firm, on her warm, tight pussy, and gently began to rub over it, he could feel how wet she was, her juices leaking onto his fingers, and running down her legs. She trembles at the feeling, she grips the fence hard, and his hands slip under her bra to caress her breasts. He bites her neck, not hard, but gently, his canines sharp, yet smooth at the same time over the saliva on her neck. He grips her nipple, and rotates it gently, making them go hard with pleasure. With force, he pushes his two fingers into her pussy, it was hard, she was tight. She lets out a loud moan "No, Jackson, please stop" he holds her nipple tight, producing pain, and forces his fingers far into her pussy, biting down hard on her neck. She squeals "Maya, I don't like that word either, try again.

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  " a tear runs down her face with pain, before his grip on her nipple gentles, and his teeth unlatch from her neck.
He fingers her deeper, her warm juices helping him slide in and out, with his hand clasped over her breast rotating it with force, she bites her lip, but can't hold it in and slowly starts to moan, "Please, please. Jackson. . " he licks along her neck "Good, beg Maya, beg. You want it, tell me. "She shakes her head, unsatisfied with her reply, he grabs her waist, lifts her skirt up and pulls her panties down, revealing her juicy wet, tight pussy. He sits on his knees and holds her legs tight, and gently licks inbetween the folds of her pussy, tasting the warm cum leaking from her pussy.
She moans, she feels his warm tongue, gentle, teasing her, gently licking just inside the folds of her pussy. She can't take it anymore, and moans hard "Harder, please, lick me. " she puts her face against the cold fence, her mind was a mess she didn't know what she was saying anymore. He smirks "I knew you loved it Maya, you're so wet, you're moaning, all you had to do was ask. " he holds her legs tighter, and licks hard, over her clit, before tonguing as deep and hard as he can into her pussy. She moans spreading her legs a bit. "Deeper? Maya.

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  " she sighs with pleasure as he rubs her ass. "Jackson. . " he continues to lick her "Say it, Maya". She looks down at her loose rangled shirt "Deeper, Jackson. " he smirks. He places his lips over her pussy and dips his tongue into her pussy, playing with her. She moans more, obviouse pleasure in the tone, as she pushes her own breasts against the fence. He stands slowly, runs his hands up her legs and taps her ass on both cheeks. She looks back at him "Jackson. . ", he tilts his head "Maya? Aren't you going to run" she pauses "Don't. . stop. Please don't stop.

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  " he smirks large, one of his canine teeth lapsing over his lip in his deviouse grin. "You love it, Maya, tell me". "Jackson, don't tease, I want it, I want it, Don't stop. . . " he grabs her thigh, and pulls it out, and unzips his grey school pants. She hears, and breaths slowly. He slowly dips his hard cock, inside her folds, and gently rubs over her clit, he knows she wants more he can see it. She's scared, and unsure, but it felt so good, how could it be bad. Slowly he slides his large cock into her tight pussy, she groans, it's pain, but it feels good. He pushed slowly, but got faster over time, herjuices were wet and her pussy is warm, he could feel himself coming. She moans, she felt it coming, she breathed heavy, sweating. Jackson stopped, as he came inside her, letting his warm juices flush into her, and in the instance, she came too, their liquids leaking over the ground. She lies on the floor, breathing hard, her left breast revealed, through her loose shirt, and her skirt and panties around her ankles.
Jackson stands over her body, and helps her up, and they find themselves looking into each others eyes contemplating what had happened, and with a blush Jackson looks at the ground "I'm sorry, I don't kno-" he pauses, as she feels her finger pressed against his gentle lips "Jackson, promise to love me, and you don't have to explain.

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  "MEH. LOVE IT. =]