Ty's Noisey Neighbor


The summer I turned 15 is when I blossomed sexually. I began to realize my bisexual feelings for other boys and luckily for me, instead of having to be ashamed and repress them, I was able to get into a relationship, secret relationship that is, with a guy that was a year older than me that I’d known since elementary school named Ty. It was a perfect arrangement, because my parents knew him and liked him, although they didn’t and then and never will know about mine and his "special friendship," and he and I got along great, were both still into girls too, were sexually compatible with me being the submissive "girl," and he being the more dominant one. But what sent it over the top on the perfect scale is that his parents were divorced, his sister was away at college and his mom, who was a nurse practitioner was never, ever at home during the day, most times not until late at night, and that was when she was working, not to mention that she was really never there with the random trips and outings she took with her friends and co-workers. Mine and Ty’s relationship was good also in that he still respected me and my boundaries although I was always willing to try new things. For example, one day he and I were at his house, early in our relationship, just right after we first started actually having sex and he asked me if I would be willing to dress up in something for him, like women’s clothing and panties. I said I thought that would be ok, and asked what he had in mind. He took me to his sisters room, which still had a lot of her clothes left in the drawers and told me to pick out whatever I wanted to wear, and that I could keep them in his room from now on, and then he went back to his room leaving me there to scour around. After pilfering though the drawers, and her closet, I settled on three bikini cut pairs of panties and a blue jean short skirt. I returned to his room wearing the black panties and the skirt and after modeling them a little, I put the other panties in the back of his closet to be donned later. After making a fuss over how much he liked what I picked out, he took them off me and we had sex. He and I were also on the football team at school together and so everyday we’d get up at 8 and he’d come by and pick me up and we’d go to the field house and do our summer weight training and conditioning and then we’d go back to his house and shower, I would always bring a change of clothes too, and then we would have our fun for an hour or so then decide what we were going to do all day, which usually involved either riding 4-wheelers and shooting guns at his uncles farm outside of town, or watching porn and drinking beers, or both, usually both though. And more times than not the "fun session," we had after getting back from working out wasn’t our only encounter for the day. This was our routine that worked out very, very well for us both, as loads of fun, and provided us with more than enough emotional and sexual satisfaction. Now that you know the back story of everything and before I get into the main point of this story let me add in here that Ty was by far my favorite and always has been and maybe even will be, but he wasn’t the first boy I was with. By the time Ty and I started hanging out and doing our thing, I had been with three other boys.

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   The first two I wasn’t involved with in any way like I was with Ty, but I had known both of them for a long time, and had sex with them both. The third was an acquaintance of my older sister, who is four years older than I am and one day he came by looking for her when no one was at home and I asked him to take me to the store and buy me a pack of cigarettes. He said he would but on the condition that I’d do something for him when we got back, not saying at the time what it was. I was 13 and dumb and so I said ok and we went to the store and he got them and when we got home, we went into the living room and I sat down on the couch and asked what I was supposed to do now. "I want you to suck me off," he said, grabbing on his crotch. "Ok, whip it out," I replied, in a very matter of fact tone. He began to unbutton his pants and I scooted up to the edge of the couch cushion and he dropped his shorts to his ankles and put his hard dong in my face and I gobbled it into my mouth and gave him some superior head. The funny part about that is that he claimed after we were done that he was "just kidding at first," but when I said ok he gave in, that he doesn’t say stuff like that especially not to people a lot younger than him usually. Yeah, whatever.
Anyway, back to the story at hand, it was a Friday and we had just left the field house from our workout and went back to Ty’s to shower and change for the day. We got there and as usual, I went to his closet and retrieved the panties I wanted to wear in bed that day, this day in particular they were dark pink. I chose not to do the skirt today and then I made my way to his sisters bathroom and showered and he went to his. After I got clean, I hit myself with a shot of body spray and put on my panties and went into his room, where he was in bed already, waiting on me. I shut the door behind me and locked it and scooted next to him and began to play with his balls, which made him instantly and fully erect, and he began to rub on my ass while we chatted, deciding that it was a beer sipping day. After deciding that I lowered my head to his crotch and took him into my mouth, assuming my usual daily position.

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   What I liked about Ty’s penis is that it isn’t huge by any means, but it isn’t small either, it’s a happy medium, with average length and girth, not too fat, but not too skinny either. Anyway, I started working on it, slowly at first as always, taking it out occasionally to jack it and ask if he liked it a lot, which he always did, and to this day has said I was the best. After doing that a bit I deep throated it as best as I could, whilst tickling his balls, eventually making it disappear down my throat. Then I worked it fast, and by then, he had his right hand down the back on my panties, his middle finger in between my crack, rubbing my tight hole in a circular motion. The cue that he was about to cum that came just before I felt the "jumping," in the shaft was he’d grab my head with his left and squeeze, then seconds later a waterfall of hot cum pulsated onto the back of my throat and down into my belly. He let out a long sigh of "ahhhhhhhhhhhh," and after he was done spurting I rolled over onto my spot in the bed and wiped excess from my mouth. This day was no different than any other in that as soon as I rolled over, he had to jump up and go pee. I was hard as hell as you can imagine and ready for mine but wanted to start getting a beer buzz at the same time, so while he was in the bathroom, I hollered out and said, "hey are you going to fuck me now? Or are we going to wait and drink some?" "I want to do it now," he yelled back. So I went ahead and removed my panties and went into the night stand and got the lube we use and opened the top and squeezed out enough to cover two finger tips and massaged it all over my hole. He returned seconds later, hard again, and got into bed again and got in between my legs and put them on his shoulders and I scooted my ass up towards him and slowly entered me. "Oh yeah, that’s it," I said as the head of his penis entered the crest of my hole and went all inside me. I repositioned my legs from off of his shoulders so that my feet were flat on the bed and closed my eyes and smiled as I tilted my head back and he did me slowly, just the way I like it. He began to work up a good rhythm whereby he would go medium speed, them thrust it in as far as it could go and hold it there, then again, and again and again. "I’m so lucky that you’re with me," he said in a raspy voice, as he kept up that pace. "And why’s that?" I replied, while panting.

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   "Because you are so good at what you do and you suck me so good and your ass is so nice and so tight," Ty replied. I couldn’t help but
smile at the compliment and said, "thanks babe, I’m in love with you and your cock. " This brought a smile out of him and he began to work my tight asshole faster and faster which meant he was getting ready to cum. As he got in the last few strokes inside me, just pulled out and came on my stomach, I looked back toward the window at the back of the room and caught the glimpse of someone looking in the window and then quickly dropping their head below the seal as if they saw me seeing them. I opened my mouth to say something to Ty but before I could he withdrew from inside me and spurted his load all over my flat, young little stomach. I kept staring back at the window, hoping to see what I thought I had seen before but saw nothing so I convinced myself that I was paranoid and seeing things. After cleaning up again, me and Ty got up and got "dressed," which consisted of him in boxers and nothing else, and me in panties and nothing else, that was our "around the house," attire. So we cracked open a few beers and started drinking and hanging out and talking and like maybe 4 beers later, we fucked again, this time with me bent over the counter in the kitchen, which was always fun for me. Around 3:00 that afternoon, we were both buzzed and he was very vocal that he wanted to do it again on the couch but I told him to hold off, that I wanted to go outside and smoke a couple cigarettes and make a couple calls. He said ok, but didn’t join me because for one he didn’t smoke then and also because I was going to be talking on the phone and he respected my privacy. I went to his room and put on shorts and a t-shirt and walked out through the garage into the driveway to smoke and make calls.
No sooner than I had lit the first smoke and taken a drag off of it, I saw the guy who lived across the street, a 36 year old married stay at home dad named Keith, making his way out of his front door and what appeared to be over towards me. Normally I would’ve put out my smoke and tried to play it off but Ty had told me time and time again how cool Keith was and how he was so friendly and he wouldn’t tell on us if he saw me out smoking or us out on the back deck drinking beer. When he walked over ontoTy’s driveway he was smiling and said, "how’s it going man?" I took a drag of my smoke and said, "nothing much Keith, you ok?" as he got to me and we shook hands. He started looking all around and said, "where’s Ty?" and I told him that he was inside doing some stuff online.

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   I took yet another drag and almost choked on the smoke when Keith, in a low tone of voice, said, "you like that fucking you got from Ty earlier?" and before I could even react or even process the shock of his statement, he reached out and pulled up my shirt a little and slightly tugged on the leg of my gym shorts and said, "well you still got them pretty pink panties that were dangling around your ankle earlier. " I stood there in total silence with probably the most scared and solemn look I’ve ever expressed on my face and some how bumbled out the word, "yeah. " Keith then told me that he’d been watching through the window and saw everything and said, "it would be in your best interest at this point to not let him know about this conversation and for you to go back inside that house and tell him you’re coming to help me figure out something on my computer and you’ll be right back, and come to my house immediately, otherwise I’m telling your friends and family. " Without hesitation I stubbed out my smoke and returned inside the house and even though I was terrified at this point, I somehow managed to tell Ty what Keith told me to say, and he was ok with it and said he’d see me when I got done. I grabbed two loose beers from the fridge and cracked them back to back and guzzled them. Before leaving I snagged a loose six pack and cracked open one, toting the others under my arm as I headed toward Keith’s house.
I walked into the already open front door and called out to Keith, who quickly entered the room and instructed me to go upstairs, and walk into the first door I saw and sit down. I descended the staircase and entered the first room and found it to be vacant, except for a bed, and sat down on the edge of the bed. A few minutes later, Keith walked into the room, closing the door behind him and said, "ugggh now the kids are down, I can do this. " He was wearing a bathing suit which he dropped and when he did was fully hard, and had the biggest penis I had seen thus far. Without much hesitation, Keith said, "you’re going to do for me what my wife will not, or I’ll tell. " I lay there motionless and made no protest, as he came up toward the head of the bed and literally rammed his cock into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around it and tried to relax my throat as best I could to let him go down there as he pumped it in and out as he held me on the side of the head. This went on for a few minutes and then he quickly withdrew from my mouth and grabbed the back of my head again, shoving it upwards toward the head of his cock. "AHHHHH, yeahhhh, " he said as he jacked off and spurted his cum all over my forehead and closed eyelids.

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   When I opened my eyes I pushed the dripping cum from my eyelids out of my eyes and onto my cheeks, which is where the rest of his seed was. When I sat up, the cum from my brows and face dripped onto the legs of my shorts and I said, "you happy now?" He deviously smiled and said, "you ain’t done here yet. " I laughed and said, "oh yeah I am," and got up to leave and at that time, Keith grabbed me and threw me back onto the bed and straddled me and got all in my face and said, "NO!!!!! YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE WHAT I GIVE YOU TO TAKE AND THAT’S ALL THERE IS TO IT. " Then he said, " NOT ONLY THAT, BUT YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE IT AND LIKE IT LIKE I SAY!!!!"
My pants were ripped off and the panties I was wearing were ripped away and when I tried 2 push myself up, I was pushed back against the bed. When I felt him put the head of his cock at the entrance of my hole and start to ram it in, I yelled, "STOP!!!! PLEASE!!!, I’ll do whatever you want willingly, just don’t take it. " Keith laughed aloud and said, "ok, then, I’ll hold ya to it," and then simply slipped his way inside of me and started fucking me. He then started to ram me as hard and as deeply as he could. He was on top of me and I said, "go slow, I like it that way if you want it," but he refused and continued to wear me out from the front. Then after a few minutes, Keith stopped and withdrew from inside me and said, "flip over onto your stomach boy," which I did and he re-entered me from behind with his old cock and went to town on my ass, wearing it out. When I tried to get up and get away, I was slapped back down and the fucking continued. He leaned forward and kissed my neck and whispered into my ear that he was about to cum, just seconds before he spurted his nut inside me. When he was done, he instructed me to lay flat on my stomach and not move, that he had a picture to make. When he showed me the pic of our encounter later, it showed a dribble of his cum coming from my ass.
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