Used.. and Used Again...


Used. . and Used Again. . .                      John J. Jones

Really,  I  never had a thought about bondage. Well, a thought, maybe,
but it was never good. I'd seen the stuff on screen and it made me
angry more  than  anything.   The thought I had was more along the line
of what I'd  do  to  the bitch (or bitches) who would try something
like that on me.   I'd  be  seriously  pissed.   They'd never GET me in
the position to allow  myself  to  be  tied  up.   I'd kick their little
asses. Then came Carol.

At  this time, I was a business consultant for a major consulting firm
in New York. Now I practically run the show.

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   My brother works with me
in the   business,   although  we  rarely  go  on  the  same  accounts.
 He occasionally  introduced  me  to an attractive secretary or client
and I did the same. Hey, work's gotta be fun SOMETIMES!

It didn't start out anything like bondage. As a matter of fact, she had
asked  me  about  it and I laughed and said there was no way I would
let myself  be tied down and helpless by anyone. No way. There was no
one in the  world  I  trusted  well  enough to have me tied helpless,
MUCH LESS helpless and naked. She laughed and said she understood.

Carol  was a very attractive redhead that my brother had introduced me
to. She was about 22 years old and LOVED to party. I was 26 at the
time. We  had  been going out on and off for about a year. We were both
seeing other people. I went to her apartment once, and she answered the
door in a super short teddy. Her hair was a little tussled and she was
trying to hide  behind the door. She was obviously a little embarrassed
and giggly and  asked  if I could come by the next night.

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   I agreed, and
just before she  closed  the door, I caught a glimpse of her visitor in
a front room mirror  as she walked from the bathroom to the bedroom. I
didn't see her face,  but  her body and hair looked fantastic! She had
long wavy golden blonde  hair,  that ran about 5 inches or so past her
shoulders, and was wearing  black  panties.   From  what  I  could see
in the short time, it looked  like  she  wasn't  wearing a bra. Either
Carol had more than one guest, or she was bisexual. . . or both!

I  debated  about  whether or not I should mention what I saw the next
night.   By the time I was at her door, I had come to the conclusion
that it was probably none of my business and unless she ever brought it
up, I wouldn't talk about it. We were supposed to be going out that
night, but she  changed  our  plans  and  rented a few movies. We sat
and watched a couple of action flicks and shared some "intimate"
moments at which time we  missed  some  of  the  movies (Gee, too
bad. . . ). At one time we were fooling  around  and  she pushed me off of
the couch and onto the floor. She  pounced  on  me like a playful tiger
and held my arms to the floor, sitting on my stomach and kissed my
face, neck and mouth passionately.

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THAT  turned me on. But it was something I knew I was in control of. I
could  have  pushed  her  off  any  time.   After  licking  my  ears  
and practically  sucking the tongue out of my mouth, she sat up
slightly and asked  if  I  liked it. I smiled so big the corners of my
mouth probably touched my earlobes. I told her it was a real turn-on.

The rest of the evening was great. We fucked, sucked, and generally had
a  sex-fest  until 4am. At that time, of course, we were in her bed.
She said  she  had to be at work at 8:30, and would like to try to get
a few hours sleep.

I  washed up and got dressed. While I was drying off from my shower, I
thought  I  heard her on the phone in her living room. She came from
the kitchen as I was buttoning up my shirt coming from the bedroom. She
gave me  a  deep,  long  kiss  goodby  just  before I went out of the
door. I stepped out into the hallway and noticed that she was looking
past me.

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   I turned,  and  about  6  feet  down  the hall, on the other
side, I saw a fantastic  pair  of  legs,  a  very  short robe and
excellent ass-cheeks tightly  wrapped  in small black lacy panties.
That was ALL I saw at the moment,  because  the  young  lady  was  bent
over away from us, picking something up from the floor.

I  managed  to  turn  away,  because  I  didn't  want  Carol to see me
practically  drool in the hall. Somewhat red, I'm sure, I looked back
at her. She had a smile on her face that was half "uh-huh, caught you!"
and half  "nice,  isn't  it?"  She  winked and said goodby as she
closed the door.

Just about then, the girl on the other side straightened up and turned
around.   She  gave  me  a wide-eyed look of "surprise" for a moment,
not even  attempting  to  cover  herself,  then looked me over and said
"I'm sorry,  excuse me. " With a smile. It was her. It had to be the
same girl I  saw  the  night  before in Carol's apartment. She had the
same golden blonde  hair and was about the same build. She kept her eye
on me as she slowly moved into her apartment and closed the door.

Whoa,  I  thought. . .

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  Â  I suppose I've got to give Carol credit for good
taste,  anyway.   What  a  fox!  She must have been about the same age
as Carol, but she was taller, and had a slightly more rounded ass.

I  was on my way to a client's house later the next day, when my pager
went  off.   I  looked  down, and it was Carols' number. I called and
she sounded like she was in a VERY good mood, like she had been
partying. It was almost time for me to end the day anyway, so I called
the client and asked  if I could come by early the next afternoon. They
agreed, because it was almost time for their office to close up as
well. I headed off to Carol's  apartment. She had asked me to pick up a
bottle of wine or two, or  three.   That  supported my idea that she
already had a head start. I picked up a few bottles of cold Spumante
and headed over.

It was movie time again. She said she enjoyed herself so much last time
that she wanted to do it again. There was something about her this
time. She  was  dressed in a sexy, tight, somewhat short red dress.

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bright flowing  red  hair  practically  looked  like  it  was  on fire
over the shoulders of her dress. It was all a little disheveled,
probably because she  had  already been drinking a little and looked
extremely relaxed. I could see the tops of her nylons, because the
dress was a little crooked on  her  legs.   But  the  thing  that really
got me was her eyes. It was almost  scary. She looked crazed. I felt
like we were already in bed and fucking  our  brains  out  just looking
at her. She stared at me, making sure I didn't take my eyes off of hers
as we walked to the couch and sat down. She kept staring at me, picked
up the remote, pointed it at the TV and started the movie. I don't even
remember what it was.

She slid her right hand up beside my neck and began licking my neck and
ear.   I  had  started  to  open a bottle of wine, and still had it in
my hand. . . I dropped it on my toe.

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   I hollered. She jumped off of the
couch, laughing.   She  ran  around behind the couch and leaned over.
When I sat back  up  she whispered hotly in my ear, "I think its going
to be a good night".   There was very little doubt in my mind. I already
had a hard on so big it hurt.

She disappeared for a while as I opened the bottle and poured the wine.
She  came  back  with a couple of joints. Geez, I hadn't smoked
anything since  I  was  in high school. But I'd smoked before, it
wasn't anything new  to  me. As a matter of fact, it made sex even
better. While she was still behind the couch, she lit them both up and
handed one to me. While I  took a deep hit, she walked around and sat
on my legs, facing me; her legs spread wide apart, knees on the couch.

What  a  picture  I  had.   Her  skirt had hiked back slightly past her
nylons,  I  could see her garter belts and her sheer bright-red

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   They were just sheer enough to see the outline of the lips of
her pussy. Just  about  six  inches  past my nose were her tits, trying
to bust out over  the  top of the low-cut dress. I let go of the first
hit while she took  one  from  hers.   She  held it in, making her chest
stick out even closer  to  my face. She put the joint down in the
ashtray on the coffee table  and  with those sex-crazed eyes staring at
me, unhooked something on  the  front of her dress. She pulled the
front down slowly, revealing her  tits  to  me,  her  nipples  were  
sticking  out  like  arrows from excitement.   She  was  indeed  
extremely  horny and her anticipation was obvious.

My  cock was straining against my pants so hard that I was wishing the
zipper  would bust. The way she had sat on my legs, her knees had
pulled the material tightly down to the couch and my cock was throbbing
against it.   I  was  really getting into this. I took another long deep
hit. She leaned  over  to  the  end  table  next  to  the  couch  and
grabbed the wineglasses,  her  tits  swaying by my face as she reached
for them. She handed  me mine. I took a few swallows as I held the hit.
She drank some as  she  stared into my eyes.

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   She put the glass down on
the coffee table where she'd put her joint and picked that up. While
she was bent back, I let  out  the  hit  and  enjoyed  the  view of her
pussy through her red panties,  more  visible  now  by  the  light  of
the end table. She took another  long  hit,  put it down and picked up
her glass again. That was when it began.

This  was  great,  I was loving it. I was so turned on I thought I was
going  to explode. I was drowning in it. I laid my head against the
back of  the couch, staring at her body through half-closed eyes. She
smiled, and  started  touching her tits, running her hands over them.
She licked her  fingers, saliva streaming from her tongue as she placed
them on her nipples, playing with them, making them bigger, harder, and

She  pulled  up  her  skirt,  past her panties. She licked her fingers
again,  wetting  them, then reached into her panties and started
playing with  her  pussy.   I  could  see everything in the soft light
of the end table  lamp.   I  started  to  reach for her, and she pushed
my hand away gently,  and  whispered  "No,  not yet. .


  . . ". I failed to
notice just how easy  it  had been for her to stop me. Passion was at
the boiling point, and  I  thought  that  was all it was. I was
enjoying watching her touch herself.   I  didn't  even  want  to exert
myself just then. Probably the reefer  and  wine. I was in heaven. She
picked up my joint and hers. She held  mine up to my mouth as she took
another hit on hers. As I inhaled, I  could smell her pussy-juice on
her fingers. It was insane. I breathed her  scent  in  deep with the
hit. She took the joints away and put them down.


  Â  She  put my glass to
my lips. I took a few swallows. She took the glass away, picked up the
remote and turned off the VCR and TV.

It  was  quiet. She began fondling herself again, licking her fingers,
playing with her pussy. Now I could hear the moistness of her pussy
lips as  three  of  her  fingers  pushed  deep  into  her  pussy. My
cock was straining  harder.   I  felt  like I would cum just like I was,
her on my legs,  cock  in my pants. She pulled her fingers from her wet
pussy, her panties  were instantly wet against her pussy lips when her
fingers came out.   Her  eyes  closed  halfway, she tilted her head back
slightly. Her tongue came out and she licked her three fingers slowly,
as if they were a  cock that she getting lost in. I heard myself sigh.
It was so intense and I was so weak with passion. . .

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   or so I thought.
She slowly unbuttoned my  shirt.   She  pressed her tits and stiff
nipples against my chest and whispered  in my ear. . . "Do you like it?
Are you enjoying it?". With all the strength it seemed I could summon,
I mumbled "I love it".

Now she was ready to give me the test. My head back against the couch,
she  leaned  up  and  brought her tits right up to my face, a few
inches from my mouth. She took me by the hair with both hands and
gently pulled my  face  toward them. "Suck them", she ordered. That's
the first time I knew  something  was  seriously  wrong.   It  wasn't  
just  passion I was drowning  in.   No  matter  how  hard  I  tried,  I
couldn't pull my head forward, nor get my tongue out far enough to lick

Somewhat  confused and very weak, I said, "I can't".

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   She gently put my
head  back on the couch. She smiled, and the sex-starved eyes I had
been staring  into  now  also  held a look of evil anticipation. She
was REAL excited.   She  got  up  from  my  lap  and straightened her
dress. I sat stretched  out  on  the couch, confused, but still turned
on. I tried to sit  up  and  couldn't  get  the  strength. I was
helpless, and a little scared.   She  walked  around behind the couch. I
watched her as far as I could,  but  couldn't turn my head. She turned
the stereo on to a smooth quiet  station. I heard her pick up the phone
and struggled to hear what she  was  saying over the music. I only
heard short phrases, like "going to be fun. . . .

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  ", "ready now. . . ", "be
sure to bring. . . . ".

I was getting more scared, trying to bring some clarity to my thoughts,
but  it  was practically impossible. It was almost just as impossible
to move  anything. When I made an effort to move, my fingers and hands
were about  the  only  things that even moved slightly. The music was
echoing through  my  head.   With  nothing to concentrate on, it was
hard to stay conscious.

Carol  hung  up  the phone and came back around. She straddled my legs
again  and  started  talking  softly,  just  enough to be heard over
the music.

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  Â  It  sounded  like she was talking in a tunnel, her words
echoing with  the  music.   She  started  taking  my  shirt off. . . . "Did
you like watching me play with myself? Did you like seeing my pussy?
Did you like seeing  me  lick  my  pussy  juice off of my fingers?" She
had lifted me enough  to take my shirt off, and started undoing my
belt. . . "I know you did.   Were  you wondering what my pussy tasted
like? Don't worry, you're going  to  find  out.   You're  going to find
out so much about my pussy, you're going to be tired of it!", her voice
was still sultry and sexy as a  smile  crossed  her lips. She was
unzipping my pants and pulling them open. She leaned forward and licked
around the tip of my nose. I smelled wine,  reefer  and  pussy  deep in
my brain as she pulled slowly away. .

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  . Just  those  couple of seconds
caused a ripple of sexuality that made my cock  push  my  underwear out
of my pants. "You're going to get up-close and  personal  with  my  
pussy. You'll suck my pussy until I cum on your face.   You'll  suck my
pussy juice until you think you can't swallow any more. "

It  was  strange.   I  was helpless, but it was turning me on. I didn't
think this was possible. Her cool hand went slowly into my underwear
and wrapped  itself  around  my cock. As weak as I was, I felt a slight
jump inside as her fingers grabbed it slowly but firmly. She stroked my
super hard  cock a couple of times when I heard something. She pulled
her face away  from  mine,  let go of my cock and stood up. She looked
down at me and  straightened  her  dress  once  more.   "Don't  go  
away," she said, smiling. Like I really had a choice.

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Every time she moved away, I started getting lost in the music and the
sounds.   The  sounds.   I was hearing someone else, another female
voice. Footsteps. . . Then. . . more. . . there were more than two. Oh
Geez. .

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  . . I was lying there with my pants wide open. I was so
embarrassed and nervous, I felt  my  cock  going limp. I tried to move
my arms and couldn't get the strength.   The  music  was  distracting.
Carol came around, then someone else.   I  turned my eyes slightly to
see. It was the other woman, across the  hall.   Then  I saw someone
else. I moved my eyes the other way. No, not one, two more, on the
other side of Carol.

I  couldn't  see much of the other two. They were slim, like Carol and
her  friend,  but  they  were  further  away from the light. .

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  . too
hazy, shadowed.   Carol  smiled  at her friend. Their voices sounded
soft, like angels  in  a dream with the music in the background. "Beth,
what do you think?".   I could see Beth. She was wearing a long trench
coat, past her knees  at  least.   I  couldn't move my head to see down
any further. Her blonde hair flowed over the shoulders of the coat. She
stepped up closer to  me  and  into  the light. I still couldn't even
open my eyes all the way.   She smiled and stooped over. I felt her hand
pull my underwear off of  my  cock.   With  her other hand, she lightly
dragged her fingernails over  the  underside  of  my now half-limp
cock. "I think we're going to fuck  and suck this poor boy dry.

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  " she
said, and licked her upper lip. I saw  the same sex-crazed look in her
eyes as I saw in Carols. Beth stood up  again and removed her coat. She
was dressed to kill under that coat. She  had  tiny  white silk panties
that just covered her pussy lips. She had to be shaved, because I saw
no hair around the small triangle of the panties.   She  was  wearing a
silver-white corset, and white nylons. Her hair  was  now lying on her
tits. She was a stone-cold knockout. I heard one  of the other women
say "And he's going to return the favor!". Carol snickered. . .

Carol  and  Beth  reached  down and each one took one of my arms. Beth
laughed  a  little as they lifted me from the couch.


   She whispered in
my ear,  "Don't worry baby, we'll take care of you. I'm a nurse. That's
why you're in the condition you're in. " Although their words were still
like echoes  in a dream, they rung over and over in my head. Now I knew
why I felt  the  way I did, and I was helpless to stop what was
happening now. The reefer had to be laced. We had both drank from the
same wine bottle. Carol and Beth had draped my arms around their necks
and had stood me up in  front  of  the couch. I felt someone's hands
pull down my pants from behind.   They pulled off my shoes, socks and
pants. I was standing there in my underwear. I heard the other two
women behind me, talking. One had a very young sounding voice.

Carols  and  Beth's  hands  were  on my arms, and while we stood for a
moment,  I felt a hand on my side, and another feeling my ass through
my underwear.   The  hand on my ass moved quickly between my legs and
gently squeezed my balls.


   "We're going to have fun with this one,
Sandy. You'll learn a lot tonight before we're through with him".

Carol and Beth started walking me to the bedroom. I took a deep breath
to  try  to  get  some  consciousness  back. I managed to lift my head
a little.   "Oh, oh, oh!" Beth said. . . "It seems our boy is trying to
shake it off!" They brought me the rest of the way into the bedroom.
Carol had dimmed  the  lights,  as she had done when we were together
before. They laid me facedown on the bed. My face was turned to the
side. I still had no  control  over  my arms and legs. I heard the soft
music turned up as Beth  sat  down  on  the  bed  beside me. She was
holding a syringe! She tapped  it  with  her  finger  and smiled down
at me.

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   "Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit. " She got up from the bed.
Her hair brushed against the back  of  my  thigh.   I  felt her move the
edge of my underwear and then something  wet  and cold. I felt a pinch.
I heard Beth say "See? I never felt  a  thing!".   Then  Carol said,
"over we go!". I felt hands roll me over onto my back.

A  slight  dizziness  crept  over me, as their talking seemed to get a
little  more  distant  again. Now I could understand them only when
they were  close. They seemed to know, because they would get close
when they were  talking  to  me.   I  felt  hands center me on the bed,
then I felt something  on  my  chest. I saw another one of the women up
close as she propped  my  head  up  so I could see what was going on in
the room. "We want  our lover-boy to see what he's getting into, don't
we?". The woman was probably in her early, possibly mid-thirties.

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was attractive and obviously  very  aggressive.   She  was  still  fully
 clothed, wearing a stretch  top  and  vest.   She  had her dark brown
(almost black) hair in shoulder-length  Dutch-boy style. Her gorgeous
eyes looked very anxious. As  she got back up from the bed, I could see
she was in a business-type of outfit, a long pin-stripe skirt.

She walked back toward the head of the bed. Carol had moved to the head
at  the other side. They reached down to my chest. What I had felt on
my chest  were  ropes!  Carol  and  the other woman (I learned her name
was Deborah) brought my hands up to the bedposts and tied them securely
with the  ropes.   I couldn't even put up a struggle. Beth was doing
something over  by  the dresser. Carol and Deborah moved to the bottom
of the bed, and  I felt them tying my feet to the posts there. I was
straddle-legged and helpless across the bed in only my underwear. I was
scared, excited, confused and embarrassed. I could still only see Beth,
Deborah and Carol in the room.

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Deborah started to get undressed. I could hear them talking, but still
couldn't  quite  understand  them  from  where they were. Carol was
also taking  off  her  short dress. She kicked the dress off and stood
in her red  sheer  panties,  garter  and  nylons,  looking  at me,
talking, and smiling.   Deborah  had  taken off her vest and top and was
unhooking her bra.   Beth  came over and sat next to me on the bed. She
smiled and bent down  by  my  ear.   She flicked her tongue in my ear
lightly and put her hand  on  my  cock over my underwear. "You're going
to love this. . . " she pulled  away  slightly  and  looked  into  my
eyes. . . "most of the time, anyway.

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  . . "  She  winked  and got back up.
She stood and rubbed her hands over  her  ass  cheeks biting her lower
lip, throwing her hair back over her shoulders.

She looked toward the top of the bed. "Well, Sandy? What do you think?"
I  heard  the  younger  voice, the one I obviously hadn't seen yet.
"Oh, wow. . . "  Deborah, who was now down to silk panties moved toward
the head of  the  bed. "Sandy, this is partly for YOUR benefit. You
have to learn how  to make love to a man. " I saw her reach her hand up
toward the head of  the bed. She came walking back holding a young
girl's hand. Her hair was  very  long  and  wavy,  almost  down to her

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   Dark brown, like Deborah's.   She  was  beautiful.   Deborah said,
"I'm your mother. You're eighteen now,  almost out of school, and I
want you to learn the right way. "  Sandy  had  on  a  black  silk
blouse tucked into a black leather mini-skirt  and  what  had  to be
black pantyhose. She was just about as tall as her mom, pretty and had
the same gorgeous eyes.

Beth  walked  over  toward  Sandy,  and  Deborah came over to the bed.
Deborah  put  her  hand  on my underwear, rubbing my cock. "Do you
think he's  ready?"  she  asked. Carol said there was one way to find
out. She went  to the dresser and picked up a pair of scissors. She
came back and snipped  off  my  underwear and threw it across the room.
"Yes!" I heard Deborah say, as she started licking my cock. I looked
down at the end of the  bed  and saw Beth helping Sandy out of her
clothes. After unzipping the back of her miniskirt, she stopped to
caress Sandy's ass.

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I felt my cock hardening as Deborah's tongue was licking it all over. I
looked  at  her  as she sucked the head of it into her mouth. She
placed her  teeth  under  the  head  and  started  licking  ferociously
 at it, occasionally  stabbing  her  tongue  into  the  hole.   I  was
in heaven. Suddenly  my  view  was  blocked. Carol had straddled me and
was sitting lightly  on  my  stomach.   She  leaned  forward,  her  tits
 lying on my shoulders  and  whispered  in my ear. She reminded me
about how I'd said this  would  never  happen to me. Then she said
"Remember how I said you were  going  to  get  personal with my pussy?
Well you're going to get a sample now!"

She  sat  back  again, put her hand in her panties and started playing
with  her  pussy. With her other hand, she was touching her breasts.
She stared  down at me, through her long thick red hair as if to make
sure I was  watching,  her eyes now flaming with the passion I had been
seeing. My cock was rock hard now, as I suddenly felt another tongue
licking the base  of  my  cock  and  balls.   Beth came to the head of
the bed. Since Deborah  still  had  the  head  of  my cock trapped by
her teeth and was licking  it  crazily, it had to be Sandy that had
just started. I closed my eyes as my brain screamed with the sensation.

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"No,  no  no!"  I heard Beth's voice say as she stuck her tongue in my
ear.   I  opened  my  eyes. "Watch!" she said. Carol smiled and
continued playing  with  herself  as  her eyes closed halfway in her
passion. Beth started  to nibble on my earlobe. "Say my name. " she
commanded. I was so wrapped  up in the feelings that I didn't think
about what she said. She grabbed my earlobe with her teeth and started
biting down. "Say it!" she ordered  again. This time she had my
attention. I tried to say her name, but  all  that  came out was
"Be. . . " I couldn't get my teeth together to say  the  rest,  the drug
still had me too weak to talk.

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   She loosened up slightly  and told me to
say it again a couple more times, with the same results. "He's not
ready yet here. " she said.

Carol  smiled and moved up, her knees under my outstretched arms. Beth
turned and started kissing Carol. Their tongues entwined as their
mouths closed  hungrily  on  each  others.   Beth's hand reached out and
started playing  with  Carol's  closest  nipple. Carol put one arm
behind Beth's head  and  was  still  playing  with her own pussy with
the other. I was hearing  her  hand now going in and out of her pussy
again. She was wet, her juices lubricating her fingers as they went in
and out. She took her hand  out  of her sheer panties and started
rubbing her panties into her pussy.   She  pulled  away  from  Beth's  
mouth  and looked down at me, I suppose to make sure I was watching.
She was gritting her teeth, panting and  started  to  smile as she saw
I was still looking. She put her hand back  inside  her  panties  and
started fucking herself again. Beth bent down  and  cupped  one  of
Carol's tits in her hand as she took a nipple into  her  mouth, licking

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   Carol moaned lightly as she threw her head back again.

My  mind  was  going crazy as Deborah was still licking the head of my
cock, and Sandy was everywhere else in my crotch. I found myself
wishing desperately  that Deborah would stop, as the head of my cock
was getting hypersensitive.   I  couldn't  even  twitch yet to try to
get away. Carol took  her  hands  out of her panties and started
rubbing herself through her panties again. The sheer material became so
wet that it was clinging to  her  pussy,  even  slipping  between the
lips. I could see her pussy almost  clearly  though the wet material.
"Wait, wait!" I heard her tell Beth.   Beth  pulled away. Carol smiled
down at me through clenched teeth and said, "Here's what it will smell
like!" She moved her knees above my shoulders; her hot nylon-covered
legs touched both sides of my head. All I  could  see  was her panties,
pussy and her ass cheeks as she put them down onto my face. Her panties
were saturated with her juices. She moved her  hips, so they went over
my face from my nose to my chin. She pushed down  against  my  mouth  
and  nose, and I smelled her fluids. While her pussy  was  against  my
mouth and nose, she moved side to side, grinding her wet panties and
pussy against my face.



My head was exploding with the total sensations when I felt Deborah let
the  head of my cock out of her mouth. Then I felt her and Sandy
licking my  crotch and balls, then up the sides of my cock, stopping on
the head for  a  moment,  then  going  back  down.   I knew I wasn't
going to last through  this  very  long.   As  if she knew what I was
thinking, I heard Beth's  voice.   She  was  close, but all I saw was
Carols wet panty-clad crotch  frantically  rubbing  my face. She was
getting wetter. "Have you ever  cum  twice  without stopping?" I heard
Beth say. "We do it all the time!  And  you're  going  to  do  it!  If
you haven't, you're in for an experience!"  Carols  panties were so wet
now that I could feel my mouth and  nose  getting  very  wet.   She was
breathing heavily now. "Smell my pussy!  You  love it, don't you! Smell
it!" she panted. I could tell she was  climaxing.   I  felt  a tongue
lick my naval, move down a few inches then  back. Since Deborah and
Sandy's tongues were still at work, it had to be Beth. That was all my
body could stand.

I  wished  I  could  tense or thrash or something, but still being too
weak,  all  I could do was just lay there and wait for it to happen.


The blood  rushed  to my head, I could hardly feel Carol on my face any
more as  I started to cum. The whole middle of my body felt like it was
going to  blow  right out of my cock. I laid there, my body like a limp
rag as my  cock  started pumping. As it started swelling and throbbing,
someone put  their  mouth  on  my cock and started sucking wildly.
Since I could feel  Beth's  tongue  on my navel and Sandy's hair on my
legs licking my balls,  I  knew  it was Deborah. It didn't really
matter. I exploded. It was  a  climax I had never experienced before.
Unable to move to express my  emotion and hot passion, my body
completely relaxed, just climaxing, hard  and  fast  like  an oil well
pump. Deborah was sucking in my whole cock,  gobbling  up  my  cum. It
was like she was on a "feeding frenzy". "He's  coming!"  I  heard  Beth
 quip.   I kept coming so long that I was thought  I'd shot everything
possible out of my cock. Carol moaned and I felt  her  weight  go  down
on my face. I felt drips of her fluid caught between  her  nylons and
my face.

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   "You loved that didn't you?" she said, panting. "Well, I hope
so, you're very far from through!"

Carol got up and Beth moved up to look at me. Carol was still a little
off  balance  from  climaxing.   Beth  smiled  as she moved toward me
and kissed  my  mouth. She slipped her tongue between my half open
lips. She pulled  away,  "Mmmmm",  she  said,  "Delicious,  isn't  it?"
She licked Carol's  juice  that  was dripping down the side of my face.
I saw Sandy and  Deborah continuing to gently lick my cock and balls. I
also noticed I was beginning to get sensitive.

Beth  stood  up.   Carol moved to her and kissed her full on the mouth.
Carol  pulled  Beth's  small silk panties off and held them in her
hand. Beth  now straddled my head with her legs. I was right earlier.
Beth was shaved.   All  the  way.

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  Â  Her pussy lips were bare and smooth.
She looked down  at  me and smiled. "Now," she said, "I'm next!" Carol
straddled my head  by  the brass headboard facing Beth. "Give me your
pussy", I heard her  hiss.   Carol  was  still  obviously  VERY hot.
Beth bent backwards, putting  her hands on the bed down by my waist.
Carol licked her fingers and  rubbed  Beth's pussy gently, moving her
fingers around her clit. My cock  was more sensitive to Sandy's and
Deborah's licking. The sensation shot up into my stomach, but I still
couldn't react. Beth threw back her head  as  Carol  probed  deeper  
into  her  pussy.   Her hair was lightly dragging against my stomach.

Carol  looked  down at me. "Do you like this? How's your cock? Are you
feeling  it yet? Watch THIS!" She picked up Beth's silk panties that
she had laid on the bed beside me and pushed most of them into Beth's
pussy. Only  the  string  that had went up the crack of her ass was
hanging out between  her  pussy  lips.   Beth  sighed  loudly and
snapped upward, she grabbed  Carol's  hair  with  both  of her hands
and pulled her mouth to Carols.

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   As I looked up now, I saw Carol's still
panty-clad pussy and ass cheeks  as well as Beth's shaven pussy. I
could see Beth's beautiful ass as  well. I could see their tits
touching each other and could sometimes see  them  kissing.   Carol  
reached down and started playing with Beth's pussy  again,  rotating
around her clit. Occasionally, Beth's legs would quiver.

My  attention  went  back  to my cock as I noticed it was getting hard
again.   I  could just barely see between Beth's legs, but still
couldn't move  my  head.   I heard Deborah's voice say "Now, like I
showed you. " I managed  to  see  Sandy's  face as she moved between my
legs and over my cock.   Her  face disappeared and I felt her take it in
her mouth. I felt her teeth close lightly under the head, and she
started licking the head gently. I knew what she was doing, and in my
mind, begged God not to let it  happen.   I  was still too sensitive,
and my whole crotch and stomach reacted  to the pain, but I still
couldn't move. I moaned uncontrollably as I took my eyes off of them
and looked back up at Beth and Carol. They all  heard me.

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   Sandy stopped
long enough to giggle with her tongue still against  the  head  of  my
cock. I heard her mother, "Good, you have his attention!"  Beth  and  
Carol separated and looked down and smiled. "You like  it boy? And do
you like watching us? Good, because we've only just started!"

They  both  smiled,  looked  up  at  each other and Carol went back to
playing  with  Beth's pussy, fervently now. Beth started bucking
against her  fingers,  probing  in and out against the panties now. I
heard Beth breathing heavily. My cock and balls were on fire now, as
Deborah licked them.   Sandy was still licking the head, probing the
hole, just like her mother  had. I was screaming inside, and was
starting to breathe heavily myself,  deeply,  wincing  against the
pain. But my cock was well on the way  to  getting  harder  again.   I  
was confused and dazed. Beth moaned loudly  and pushed Carol away
slightly, whom I noticed had moved down to suck  on  her  tits  again  
and  was still playing with her pussy. Carol stopped and hissed once
more, "Give it to me!"

Beth  was  shaking  now, as she leaned back all the way, her hair flat
against my stomach. Carol moved her ass back against the top rail of
the headboard.   She was barely able to reach Beth's pussy, as she
spread her pussy  lips  and  flicked  her  tongue out against her clit.
Beth moaned again  and  shook.

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  Â  Carol continued to tease her clit with
an occasional flick  of  her tongue as she very slowly pulled Beth's
silk panties from her pussy. Beth shook constantly until her panties
were all the way out. I  was  surprised  that she could support
herself. When the panties came out,  I  could  see they were saturated
with Beth's juices. Carol leaned down  toward  me. "Open up!" she
demanded, staring into my eyes. Since I was  so  distracted  again,
Carol put one hand on my forehead and pushed downward,  drawing  my  
head back and causing my mouth to drop open. She stuffed  the  drenched
silk panties into my mouth. "Now, suck on them!" she ordered.

I was still lost in all of the feelings I was going through. "Close his
mouth. "  I  heard  her  say  to Beth, who was now sitting upright
again, trying  to  catch her breath. "Close your mouth, boy!" Beth
hissed at me between  breaths.   She put her fingers under my chin and
forced my mouth closed.   She  held it there, and Carol pinched my nose

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   "Now suck on  them!"  she  said, "suck all the pussy juice out
of Beth's panties". The  sudden lack of oxygen helped snap my attention
to what was going on with Carol and Beth. I started sucking on Beth's
panties desperately, as I tried to get air between my teeth.

Everything was becoming a light blur now. My eyes were watering as the
pain in my cock began mixing with a bizarre feeling of pleasure and
pain combined.   My  cock  was  rock hard again. I heard Deborah tell
Sandy to start  licking  the  head  of my cock faster and harder. With
everything going  on,  I  felt like I was going insane. "Good boy. . . "
Carol hissed, "suck  on  those panties. . . " I continued, hoping they
would let my mouth open  and take them out soon so I could breathe

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   They continued to  hold my nose and chin up, and I tasted the
juices from Beth's pussy. They  were  both staring down through their
long hair now, saying what a "good  lover-boy"  I was. They were
smiling, giggling. After what seemed like  an  eternity,  they  let  go
and Carol pulled the panties from my mouth. My mouth was dry.

I drew in air as the panties came out. My cock was throbbing again, and
the  only  sensitivity  was in the head of my cock as Sandy still had
it between  her  teeth.   I  found  my  stomach  witching in response
now. I couldn't  move  anything  else, but was surprised to see I was
getting a physical response of any kind at all.

"Again!"  Carol  snapped.   Beth  Bent  backwards  again as if in total
obedience.   I watched as Carol folded the silk panties smaller and
began pushing  them  into Beth's pussy again, this time slowly. She
licked the fingers  of  her  other  hand,  and started massaging Beth's
clit as she pushed  the panties in. Beth instantly started moaning. I
heard her say, "Please,  get  them  in,  please.

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  . . " but Carol smiled
and took her time, playing  with  her,  teasing  her until the panties
were all the way in. When they were in, and Carol stopped, Beth started
to sit up. "Not yet!" she  said with a note of sadism in her voice.
"Watch me, boy!" she said, glaring at me. "Pretty soon you'll be doing
this to us, and you'd better do it right!"

She  pulled  the  strings  of  Beth's panties away from the top of her
pussy.   She  parted Beth's pussy lips and started to lick her clit.
Beth started  moaning and begging, saying she couldn't hold herself up.
Carol ignored  her,  licking all around her clit, pulling it between
her lips, sucking  on  it. Beth was shaking hard now. It was obviously
due to both the  passion  and the effort she was expending trying to
keep herself in the  leaned-back position. She was losing some control
as I felt more of her hair lying on my stomach.

"Now  the  other  way. .

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  . " I heard Deborah say. I noticed my heart slow
down  as Sandy's mouth let go of the head of my cock. Her and her
mother started licking my balls and up the sides of my cock, just like
they did before.    I  finally  had  my  breath  back.   Beth  was  
shaking  almost uncontrollably now, as Carol started to pull the
panties from her shaved pussy,  still attacking her clit with her
tongue. "PLEASE!" I heard Beth scream.   She  was  moving  her  head  
every  direction now, like she was possessed,  I  could  feel  her  
hair  thrashing against my body. As the panties slipped from her pussy,
I felt wet drops against my chest. Carol stopped  when  the  panties  
were  out.   Beth's shoulders shook with her weight.   She  obviously  
could not raise herself forward yet. She moaned quietly as she shook.
Carol took the drenched panties, placed them on my chest,  circled  my  
nipples with them and demanded me to open up again. She  quickly  
stuffed the panties into my mouth and lifted my chin.


   Beth had  now
managed to bring herself forward. She lifted her legs from over my  
shoulders  and  moved  down,  sliding her hot dripping pussy down my
chest and stomach. Carol sat up and watched.

"Take a deep breath, lover-boy!" Beth snapped, still panting. I drew in
a deep breath. She pinched my nose closed with one hand and held my
chin up  with the other, then she started kissing my mouth. I panicked.
While she was kissing me, I couldn't breathe. Her lips were fully over
mine. I was losing it again. My cock was swelling. It was as though the
fear and lack of control were turning me on. I closed my eyes as my
brain started giving in to all of the sensations once more.

I could feel my cock pumping again. Beth's mouth was still on mine.


cum  from her panties was dripping into my throat, and now my throat
was open, waiting, begging for a small gasp of air. I heard Deborah say
"Ok, just  like  I  told  you,  and you won't have a problem. " I felt
Sandy's mouth  cover  my  cock. She couldn't go all the way down like
her mother had, but she knew what to do, and I felt myself coming none
the less, as she  bobbed  up  and  down  on  my cock, her tongue
running up and down, firmly and quickly. My heart pounded and my brain
swirled as Beth let up for a moment. I frantically gasped for air as
she said "Come on, suck my panties  dry,  lover boy!" I got a few
breaths in before she locked onto my  mouth again. My stomach tensed as
I felt my whole system starting to erupt once more. My eyes rolled back
as I felt myself coming. Any second I'd be exploding into Sandy's'
mouth. I saw Carol stand up over my head. She  unhooked  her  garter  
belt  and  slipped  her panties off over her nylons,  then  she  
started  hooking  the  garters back to her nylons. I couldn't  keep  my
 eyes  open  any more. I started to cum hard. I heard Sandy  start  to  
gag.   It  felt as though she was trying to stop, but I heard  her
mother tell her, "do like I said, swallow every time you come up!"  
Beth  let go of my nose slightly, and I groaned loudly through the
small  amount  of air I could exhale.

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   I felt her lips smile against
mine as  Sandy  kept  sucking  my cock. As I came, I lost it.
Everything went blank.

I  was  awakened  by the feeling of something ice-cold on my crotch. I
hollered  and  tried  to  sit  up. Well, my strength was back, but I
was still tied securely to the bed. I opened my eyes wide and looked
down at my  crotch. Someone put an ice pack down there. "What the . . . "
I started to  shout.   The  women  were  all the foot of the bed at
Carol's vanity. Carol  turned  around.   "Well, well, lover boy is
awake! That bag was on you  cock  for  almost 3 minutes before you woke
up!" she said.

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   "Get the damn thing off me!" I shouted. "For shame!" I
heard Beth say. "There's a young  girl here, you should really watch
your mouth! I guess we have to calm  you  down  again. " She picked up a
syringe off of the dresser, and flicked  it with her finger. It was
filled and ready. I lowered my voice and begged her not to inject me
again. She tilted the needle in her hand and  smiled.   "Well, we would
DEFINITELY have more fun without it. . . can you  keep  your  voice  down
and be a little more polite?" I was scared. Genuinely  scared.   I  
agreed. Whatever she wanted, just if she wouldn't stick me with that
needle again.

She put the needle down and walked over by me.

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   "Good," she said, "then
we're  about  ready  to  get started. You really are a woos, you know.
I NEVER  thought you'd faint. " I explained that it was all too intense
and that  my system just couldn't handle everything at once. I looked
around and  saw Sandy and her mother were smoking a joint. Carol came
over with one  and  put  it  to  my  lips. My eyes must have been
opened as big as saucers  again.   Beth  leaned  over  and told me not
to worry. If they'd wanted  to  drug  me again, they'd use the needle.
Carol took a long hit off  of  it,  smiled  and  put it back to my
lips. I took a hit, held it briefly,  and  exhaled.   Beth brought over
a glass of wine. My mouth had been parched since I was out, so I was
very grateful for the wine.

Carol smiled and took another long hit. "Rest and relaxation is over.

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she said. "Now that you're awake and tied up, the REAL fun begins!"
Beth came  around  to the other side of the bed. "You thought the LAST
little session was intense, you haven't seen the half of it!" Beth
reached down and  took  the ice pack off of my cock. She leaned over
and put just the tip  of  her tongue at the base of my cock and licked
slowly upward. The feeling  of  even  just the tip of her warm, wet
tongue instantly got my senses  going. "See why the ice bag?" she said.
"You're ready to go! And trust me, we'll have you going all night!".

Even though she said it, I didn't believe it was possible. The last I'd
heard,  a  mans  cock  could  only take so much for so long and needed
a rest. Something told me I would be going at it for a while, though.

"Come on, Sandy, you and me, this time. " Beth said. Sandy stood up, and
I  could  see  what  she  was  wearing  now.   She was wearing
crotchless pantyhose,  and  no  panties.   The  two of them sat on
either side of my waist  and  bent  over  and  started  to lick my cock
and balls.

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   My cock started  getting hard almost instantly. Carol and
Deborah came up by the head of the bed. Carol got her face right up
into mine. "Remember what I said?" she hissed. "You're going to get up
close with my pussy? Well, up to  now,  you've  been  up  close with my
panties. It's time to get real personal.   Let  me explain what's going
to happen now. " Again, her voice was  almost evil and at the same time
excruciatingly sexy. She straddled my stomach again.

"You're  going  to suck every one of our pussies. One at a time. We're
going  to  fuck  your  face  and tongue until we cum. twice. " She
leaned forward  and  licked  the  end  of my nose. "Twice.

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   We want to
cum twice before  we  change  places!  And  you  know  what? Someone's
going to be watching  you,  to make sure you suck everything down. And
you know why? Because while you're busy with your tongue, someone will
be sucking your cock  or  fucking  you until YOU cum! And we're going
to drain your cock dry,  all  the  way  to your adams apple!" She
licked the end of my nose again.   Then  she  kissed me on the mouth,
practically sucking my tongue out.

With  her  tongue  still  deep  in my mouth, she drew her legs up. She
pulled away and straddled my head once more, nylons against my ears.
She sat  back  a  bit. "Open your mouth. " she demanded. I opened it.
She put three  of  her  fingers  in my mouth against my tongue. "Lick
them, make them  wet. " she commanded. I did what she asked. When she
was satisfied, she  put  her  fingers  in  her pussy and started
playing with her clit. "Watch me, lover-boy", she said.

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Deborah  came up to the head of the bed and sat on the top bar, facing
Carol.   She  had  something  in her hand. She pulled off her panties
and dropped them on the pillow next to my head. What she had in her
hand was a  vibrator.   She  switched  it  on  and slowly started
playing with her pussy.   I  got  a  much  closer look at Deborah now.
Outside of a slight paunch,  It  was hard to tell she had given birth
to a child at all. She was  quite  attractive  and somewhat slim. She
held her pussy lips apart with one hand and started rubbing the
vibrator against her clit with the other.    I   noticed   Carol   was  
now  watching  her,  while  she  was finger-fucking  herself.   She
licked her lips as she stared at Deborah's pussy.

My  cock had risen fully to the occasion now, and I was enjoying every
minute of it, almost oblivious to the fact that I was tied up. Sandy
and Beth  were  licking  and  sucking  my  cock like a pair of wild
animals, taking  turns.   Since  I  could  lift  my  head now, I could
see between Carol's  legs. Then Carol caught me.

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   "Does it feel good?"
she asked. "Do you  like  what  they're doing?" I looked back up at
her. She smiled and looked  back  at Deborah, who was obviously getting
off on the vibrator. "Wait!"  Carol  told  her  and  Deborah  stopped,  
the  pleasure showing obviously in her eyes. Carol took the vibrator
and started working it in Deborah's  pussy,  twisting  it as she pushed
it in and out, deeper each time.   Deborah grabbed her own tits and
started playing with them. Still finger  fucking  herself,  Carol  
leaned forward and started licking and sucking  Deborah's  clit  as  
she  fucked her with the vibrator. Deborah moaned  and slammed her back
against the wall. She was breathing heavily in no time at all.

I  noticed  that  the  sucking  had stopped on my cock and looked down
between  Carol's  legs.   I saw Sandy holding my cock upright, then I
saw (and  felt!) Beth set her pussy down on my cock. She was facing the
head of  the bed. Her pussy was hot and wet as she started riding up
and down my cock. Sandy moved around where she could see. She sat next
to my side and  leaned  over,  putting  her  other  hand on the bed
over my stomach facing  Beth.

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  Â  Her long dark hair was lying on my chest
and stomach. Her other  hand reached down, her nails lightly scraping
the base of my cock as Beth rode slowly up and down.

"Enough  of the scenery, lover-boy!" snapped Carol, when she caught me
looking  again.   "Time  to  go to work!" She moved forward and stuck
her pussy in my face. "Suck it, lover-boy!" she commanded. I started
licking her  clit  and up and down her pussy lips. I felt Deborah move
down from the head of the bed. In a moment, I saw her face just above
the pillows. She  looked  up  at  Carol.   I couldn't see Carols face
now, just pussy, navel  and  tits.   "He's  not  really putting his
heart into it, is he?" Deborah asked. "No, he's not trying hard enough
at all. . . " Carol said.


   I felt  Deborah's hand go under the pillow as
she pushed my mouth and nose into  Carols pussy. "Suck it harder!"
Deborah said. "Her pussy is wet, I want  to  HEAR you suck her pussy!"
There wasn't much choice, as just to breathe,  I  was  sucking  Carols  
juices  into my mouth. Deborah pushed harder.   Now  I  could hardly
breathe at all. "Suck it!" I heard Deborah say  again. "  I grunted for
air and pulled against the ropes. I realized there  was  nothing  else
I could do but try. . . or suffocate. I stuck my tongue  as deep into
Carols pussy as I could, I sucked so hard I thought I'd draw her
insides out.

"Yes!"  Carol  screamed as Deborah let me back a little. I was getting
air,  but my face was still buried in her pussy, sucking and licking
her clit,  then  sucking  her pussy. I felt Beth lean back, bending my


   She  was  humping faster now. I still felt Sandy's fingers moving
around the  base  of  my  cock,  caressing my balls. Carol started to
squirm. I could  feel  her  thighs  tightening against my head, as she
pushed down harder  on  my  mouth.   "Yes, Yes! Suck me!" she screamed
as she started moving  her  pussy  all  around  my mouth, nose and
chin. "That's a good boy. . . "  I  heard  Deborah  say.   Suddenly, Carol
started climaxing. Her juices  started  pouring  into my mouth and on
my face. Instinctively, I pulled back, but Deborah quickly pushed my
face back into Carol's pussy. "No,  lover-boy, don't stop now! Now it's
time to suck HARDER!" I sucked on  carols wet pussy, as her juices went
right into my mouth and down my throat.   She  jerked and pressed even
harder onto my mouth. Nothing else could escape.

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   I was swallowing every

Carol bucked, I sucked. . . for at least a few more minutes, and then she
slowed down and heaved a heavy sigh. She lifted off of my face. "Did
you like  that?  Did  it taste good? I hope so. . . " She looked at
Deborah and winked.   Deborah,  who  still  had her hand under the
pillows, jerked my face up into Carol's pussy again. "Round two" they
both chirped at once. I  tried  to  say,  "I  can't", but my mouth was
so tight against Carols pussy  that it was muffled. Carol started
rocking back and forth against my  mouth  and  nose;  she would twitch
as her clit passed over my nose. Deborah  held  my face tight against
Carol's pussy.

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   "Suck it, lover-boy! You're not done 'till she comes

I started sucking her hole again; my face was so close that my nose was
constantly  rubbing  her  still  wet  clit.   I  felt  her  jerk. She
was obviously  still  sensitive, but she wanted more, and I obviously
had to give  it  or "drown" in it. I mustered up everything I could and
started licking  her  hole  and  leaned  my  head back to lick and suck
her clit again.   She  was wilder now, constantly moving her pussy on my
mouth and face.   She  was  going  to make me work for it this time.
When her pussy slid  off  of my face while she was bucking, Deborah
quickly put my face back.   In  one  way,  it  seemed  like forever,
yet, in another, it felt fantastic. . .   but  soon, I felt her starting
to tighten up again, as she drove  her  pussy  down  onto  my  mouth.  
"Suck  me, lover-boy, suck me harder!" she screamed as she started to
cum. This time Deborah knew that she was climaxing and held my head up
firmly. Carol came again. Again, I had  no choice but to suck down
every bit of her cum.

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   Deborah didn't let my head go, as Carol screamed
"Yes, Yes! Suck me!" Finally, Carol lifted off  of  my  face  and  fell
 on the bed next to me. She was panting and biting her lower lip. The
air was cool against my face, since it was wet with Carols cum.

Just then, I felt Beth slip off of my cock. I looked down as Beth held
my  cock.   Sandy  leaned over right away and started sucking it,
licking the head. Beth moved to the head of the bed. "Yes!" Carol said
and moved down.   She  touched  Sandy's back and Sandy sat up. Carol
jumped over my cock  and  put  it  in her wet hot pussy. She started
riding up and down slowly. I looked up just in time to see Deborah
assume the position over my  face.   "Don't get comfortable YET,
lover-boy!" she said. "Close your mouth!"  She  snapped.   I  obeyed  as
she leaned over my face.

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   "Leave it closed!"  she  ordered.   I  could
see she was still wet, either from the handling  Carol  gave  her, or
she was taking care of herself as she was handling  my  head.   She held
her pussy lips apart and brought her pussy down on my nose.

She  started  moving  her  hips in a circle as her clit slid around my
nose.   She  did  this for a few seconds, then suddenly lowered her
pussy down  onto my nose and let go of her pussy lips. My nose was now
trapped in  her  hot  pussy.   I started to open my mouth and felt
someone's hand holding  it  closed. Deborah's ass and thighs covered my
mouth. She slid slowly  back  and forth, her pussy lips sliding up and
down with my nose inside.   I  started pulling on the rope.