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There was a point in my life when I was so addicted to sex that I couldn't got a night without it (this was in my younger years, when I hadn't learnt about true love). So I would always go to bars and pay hookers to lap dance and flash me, before I unexpectedly jumped on them. Don't get me wrong, I am a very nice person, and I never meant to rape anybody, but I couldn't contain myself- I needed sex like I needed food and energy. It was unstoppable. I had planned on going to my usual bar, paying a new hooker (or, if I was lucky enough, find a slutty girl who would sleep with me for the sex as I would her), same old stuff. Then, something changed. It was 9:45 at night, and I was making my way through NYC. I was walking down a cold allay, when I saw a girl, running and crying, with only a blanket draped around her. Her brown hair was blowing in every which way, and her feet were black with dirt. Even in all of her dirtiness and sadness, I could tell she was beautiful. But I didn't want to pay her to have sex with me or anything of the such. What I felt to her was new, and very different than what I've ever felt before. I felt passion, but at the same time love, but at the same time pitty, and at the same time wonder. I had to help her. So as she came running up to me, I put my hand firmly on her shoulder. "Ma'am, can I offer you my coat?" I asked.


   All she was able to say in turn was, "They'll be here soon, I have to go!""Who? Who will be here?""They. . . they tried to take advantage of me. . . I have to go, there are so many of them!" she stuttered. Then she ran off. I took one look in the direction she had come from, and then I ran with her. She took all of the side allays, evidently not noticing I was following her. Then she ran into a dead end. Looking frantically around, she noticed my shadow. She tensed up immediately. "It's okay, it's okay," I said. "I'm here to help you.

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  "She whipped her head around, and stared into my eyes. When she noticed they were full of pitty and passion, she fell to her knees and began to sob. I took my jacket off and put it around her shoulders, sheilding her from the cold december air. "Now, I want you to tell me everything that happened," I said. Between sobs, she said, "I'm Melody. I go to Colombia University. I was on my way back from College to my apartment, when. . . when. . . " she had a raging fit of sobs, before she continued, "when they found me. The gagged me, and they tied my hands behind my back. Then they pulled me into an allay before they shoved me through the back door of an unoccupied restaurant.

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   There they sat me in a chair, tied my hands and my feet to the chair, and cut all my cloths to shreds. Then, they all gathered around me and began to suck on my. . . my. . . my breasts. Luckily, none of them were able to put their. . . thing. . . in my love tunnel because I broke the ropes that were tying my hands together.

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   They were to occupied with fondling and licking my breasts that I was able to slide my hands down to the ropes keeping my feet attached. Then I just ran. They were to stunned to do anything until I reached the fire escape. Then the boss, who had recovered quickest, shouted, 'WELL GO GET HER!' So the five men are now chasing me. We must have lost them though. "I took a moment to overcome the horror I had at hearing this story. Then I said, "We should probably get you back to your apartment now, behind locked doors. It would also be good if you kept a knife or some sort of sharp thing next to your bed in case they find out where you live and attack you. Just to be on the safe side," I added. She nodded, and so I turned to walk back down the allay. When I noticed she wasn't moving, I picked her up and carried her in my arms. We walked 28 blocks like that, my hands under her knees, her head resting against my shoulder with my hand for extra support. When we finally reached her apartment, I noticed she was sleeping. So I put her in the bed, tucked the covers in around her, got out a sticky pad and wrote my name and number on it, with a small note: "If you need anything else, you can call me at this number. " Then I left.

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  When I got back home, I was to overcome by love and passion to actually realize I hadn't had sex that day. I undressed and went to bed, not even needing the toys that were in my closet. I was awoken by a phone call. NOT THE CLIENTS! I thought. However, I made myself pick up the phone. "Hi, um, this is Melody, from last night. . . " said the speaker on the other line. At first I couldn't remember, but then all the events of the night before came to me. "How are you feeling today?" I asked with care and concern. "A little better. I don't know what I would have done without you," she said. "i couldn't have done otherwise than help," I replied. "Listen, I was wondering if maybe.

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  . . you'd want to get some coffee sometime so I could get to know my rescuer better," she said. The word RESCUER was the only thing that was on my mind when I answered, "I'm free all day. " As soon as I said it, I remembered I had work left to do. "My college classes start around 11:35, so maybe we could meet up around 9:00ish?" she asked. "Sure," I answered, saying to myself, 'YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, JOHNNY!' "Where do you want to meet?" "How about Starbucks on 23rd street?" she asked. "Sounds great. See you there," I said. "See you there. And once again, thanks for saving me," she said. Then we hung up. I stole a glance at the clock. It was 8:12. I had exactly 48 minutes to prepare myself and get to the place with flowers.

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   I scowled before rushing to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shave. Then I threw on beige pants and a blue button-down shirt. I combed my hair, before rushing to the deli across the street to see if they carried roses. Lucky for me, they did. So I bought 4 dozen roses (which is not cheap in NYC, and I hoped that she would realize and like that factor) and caught a cab. I arrived on time. She was waiting for me, and I immediately appologized for not getting here before her. "Relax," she said, with a grin. "You're on time. " I smiled and handed her the roses. We sat down at a table, and talked all the day-- and I mean that literally. The waiter started looking at us impatiently around 1:00, and we just thought he was rude. We didn't notice the time. When she finally noticed the time, she exclamed, "Damnit! I missed ALL of my classes!" It was 7:00 and the waiter, by now, was looking at us with a look of disgust. We got up, leaving a 50 dollar tip, and walked out of the restaurant.

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   I didn't even ask her if she wanted me to walk her home. There was no doubt in my mind. So we walked, and talked some more. Over the course of the day she had told me everything- how she wanted three children, that she was a virgin, about her mother's death, about her father's strictness but loving nature, about the pangs of being an only child, about everything. I, in turn, had told her how I had been so addicted to sex that I went to clubs every night and payed hookers, how hard it was being 23 in New York City and trying to find a job at a law office that was OTHER than a summer associate, how both my parents had died of smoking, how I hated smoking, and everything else about me. We warmed up to each other, and when we had reached her door, she asked me if I wanted to come upstairs and we'd order chinese food. I agreed, and so up the stairs we went. She lived in a small, one bedroom, one kitchen, one bathroom apartment. It was decorated stylishly and comfortably, though. The rooms were posh, and the colors beautiful and vibrant. "Wow," I said, "I wish I lived in a place like this!" "Thank you," she said with a sweet smile on her face. She picked up the phone and began to dial the chinese food number. She ordered for us. I don't even remember what she ordered. I was to busy looking at her back: the way her head tilted to the side, the way one knee was bent and the toes were pointed, etc.


   She finished her phone call and turned around. She waited for me to begin the talking, but instead all I said was, "I think we've talked about literally everything possible for today. " "You're right," she said. "So what should we do?" We both thought for a minute, before I said, "Well, I could fix us some martinis. " She contradicted the idea, and said, "What about we play strip poker?" I wanted to scream, "YES! YES!!!!" but instead I contained myself and said, "Are you sure?" As if she were answering me, she took a deck of cards and began to shuffle and deal.
    Then we played. I lost the first round, and I took off my shirt. Then she lost to me the second and thir round, causing her to remove her bra and skirt. I lost the fourth round, and took off my pants. There I was, sitting in my underwear next to the most naturally beautiful girl I have ever seen. I couldn't look at her, because I knew I would have an erection and cum all over her apartment if I did. It was evidentally to much for her, because instead of dealing the cards, she threw them up in the air, grabbed my hand, and threw it against her breast. I took it off for long enough to ask her, "Are you sure you want to do this?" to which she replied, "You are the most helpful, kind, unselfish person I know. If there's anybody I want to have my virginity, it's you. " So, instead of feeling her breast through the lacey material, I took the bra off and began to fondle her breasts.

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       She loved it, and I played with them for five minutes before she took my hands off of her chest and relieved me of my underwear. Then she began to suck my penis. She was not near as skilled as the hookers I usually payed, but the way she stumbled and tried her hardest to please me made that blowjob (and the whole body of the sex) the best I had ever had and will ever have. Then I began to carress her nipples again, before I sucked them. Eventually, I nibbled on her nipples, but because she was a virgin I wanted the pleasure to be in large quantities. I also wanted to dive straight for her pussy, but I knew I had to wait. Finally she said to me, her voice full of erotic lust and ecstasy, "I'm through with being a virgin! End it, Johnny, end it!" So I positioned my penis at the opening to her love tunnel, and began to slide it into her wet pussy. She was very tight, and I didn't want to pass through her just yet, so I just moved my penis around in the small area that was there. She urged me to end her virginity, though, so I did. As soon as my penis went up her vagina, she sighed. Then, slowly, I began to pull it out again. I pushed it back in, this time gliding easily through her vagina, and then pulled it back out. I developed a rythmic beat for a few minutes, before I went faster and faster which caused her first orgasm. I licked all the cum that was dripping out of her, before I pushed my penis in again. We stayed like this for an hour.


       I began to fondle her breasts again. Eventually, we stopped and took a shower- together. In the shower all we did was let our hands slide over every curve of eachother while my penis was in her love tunnel. We kissed passionately. When we got out of the shower, we dried eachother off and didn't bother with cloths. I slept at her house that night. She got pregnant from that night. I was so full of love and she was so full of love that we hadn't even bothered with condoms. She felt that she was to young, being 21, but I wanted to keep the baby. It represented my first night of true love. She didn't agree, and got an abortion. I was angry at her, and she was disapointed in my for expecting her to keep the baby. We got over it, but things were never the same. Eventuallly, we drifted away from each other. But I will never forget that passionate night when we made love.


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