"Hi, Samantha Dawson, I'm here to speak with the owner. . " she said quite regally. I flashed her a wanton smile, my eyes quite obviously traveling over her body, undressing her. It was on purpose, I love to make girls squirm. "This is him doll, how can I help you?"She seemed to blush slightly, "Oh, then I spoke to you earlier. I'm here about the job. . " Samantha said. My heart sank. Ah, now I knew who she was. We had spoken that morning about the job opening. I had been hesitant to even have her come. I knew during the summer, teens swarmed around various places to make a bit of summer cash. But I didn't want some clumsy teen for the summer. I needed permanent help.

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  "Ah yea. . nice to be able to put a face to the voice. " I replied, "Well, have a seat I suppose. How old are you again?""Seventeen sir. " she said, setting her purse on the counter and taking a seat. Normally I wouldn't allow kids her age to sit at the bar, but since she wouldn't be drinking I didn't say anything. However, her age did stun me. I would have thought her to be twenty at least. "Sir?" I laughed slightly. I wasn't that old, twenty-eight actually, "Call me Greg. Okay then, ever have any experience as a waitress?""No, I'm sorry. But I'm a quick learner. " she replied, tucking a strand of her gorgeous hair behind her ear. "Mhm, I bet you are.

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  . and you're happy with the salary I put in the job description?" I asked. Samantha nodded. After a couple more minutes of questioning, I decided to give her the job. Though I knew that my cock had made most of the decision, I didn't regret it. I'd be having fun with this one. She started two days later, coming in around five in the morning. She wore a black skirt, high heels, and the restaurant's white uniform blouse. Samantha looked stunning. I was already there, wiping the water from the glasses that the dishwasher had left over. "Hey Sam, you're right on time. Come over here and I'll show you were to put your stuff. " I said, coming around the bar and pushing open a door that read 'Staff Only'. I was just smoothing the sticker onto the cubbyhole that would hold my new waitress' things when she entered behind me. "There.

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   Here you are. Now, when you come in put your stiff away and grab the apron that'll hold your order book, pen, straws and what not. " I said, turning around to hand her the apron. I realized that now we were rather close, for after I had put in the cubbyholes the room had become narrow. I looked down to find the top buttons of her blouse open, giving me a clear view of her cleavage. I stared lustfully and could hear Samantha breathing shallowly. "Right then, excuse me. " I said, a strong hand on her waist and pushing her aside to I could get through. The morning continued like this, with several encounters that made her blush furiously. Samantha had worked hard that day, earning a good portion of tips. The other waitress' were thankful to have a good newcomer. But as the days went on, Samantha's skirts became shorter and shorter. I could clearly see her lacy braws underneath of her blouse. I got the feeling she was teasing me, more or less to counter my degrading stares and subtle touches. There was also a lot of flirting on both parts, which was more than amusing to me.

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  Her work however, grew messier and messier. And despite the boner I got thinking about her, I couldn't let her continue on like this. So one evening I asked her to stay after everyone left. I needed to talk to her. Samantha slipped into my office, taking a seat across from me. "You wanted to talk?" she asked. I nodded, "Yea. . Sam, you gotta get on task. Your coworkers have been complaining Sam. " I said, walking around the desk and leaning against it. My form towered over hers as she lowered her head. "I'm sorry Greg. . please don't fire me.

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  " she whispered. "Why shouldn't I? I have to say, you've been quite a distraction to me as well. " I replied. "I-I'll do anything!" she cried. "Anything. . ?" I asked in disbelief. "Yes, anything. "I went over to my office door and locked it, my hands already loosening my belt. "Wha. . what are you doing?" she asked, a bit frightened. I snickered, pulling down my pants. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of her chair, roughly forcing her to kneel. After slipping off my boxers I took her place in the chair.

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   "Suck my cock Samantha. ""What? I-no!" she said, attempting to stand. I pushed her back onto her knees. "Now!" I yelled. "But I've never-I can't!" she whimpered. Thwack! I had slapped her across the face, and enjoyed the red that began to rise to her cheek. "Bitch, you don't expect me to believe that you've never sucked a guy off. " I said, though I believed her. Not that it made me stop, it only made my desire for her stronger. Tears rolled down her cheeks as I pressed the head of my growing cock against her perfect lips. Slowly her lips parted, letting the purple, swollen head of my cock gain entrance. I held the her at the nape of her neck, pressing her forward to take more of my now 8 inch meat. It's girth completely filled her mouth, and the head of my dick pressed against her throat. I ordered her to take a deep breath, and then pushed on. I moaned as her tight throat squeezed my cock, causing waves of pleasure.

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   On and on I pushed until all of my dick was buried in her mouth and throat. The feeling was most spectacular as I began to slowly fuck her mouth. The fact that I was taking her orally without her consent made it all the more pleasuring. I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth, demanding she squeeze my balls. Samantha followed orders nicely, her dainty hands messaging the heavy sacks. Her suction increased when I ordered her to. I glanced down at her tear stained face and beautiful lips wrapped around my cock. It drove me over the edge, and I grunted out my orgasm. Without warning thick streams of hot cum hit the back of her throat. I pulled my cock from her mouth and continued to pump it as more streams of gooey semen spurted onto her face and hair. Samantha looked surprised as I loosened my grip on her, and even more as thick ropes of cum hit her in the face. I sat there regaining my breath, my spent cock shrinking back. I laughed at her expression and cum covered face. "Now Sam. Go wash your pretty little face, I think your mascara is running.

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   Oh, and lock up tonight will ya? I'll see you tomorrow. " I said, pulling up my boxers and pants. I locked the filing cabinet and walked from the room, leaving Samantha alone in a heap. Part 2 soon to come depending on comments. .
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