When I was raped


Topic: When I was rapedEvery weekend my friends and I go out to party, especially on Fridays. We love to get drunk and have fun. We live in a small Southern town so I guess there's not much else to do, but I love to have fun and will admit that I like to fool around, but I had never done the big one. I guess you could call me somewhat “popular” at school, I don’t do anything special, I run track, but I don’t play volleyball or cheer. The boys just flock to me and I enjoy the attention, there is drama with other girls, but since I haven’t ever really done anything I have my own little “clique” of girls who I can trust and who I am almost always with. I'm 17, with dirty blonde hair, green eyes, about 5'5, with 34DD boobs, slender, and with a tan. I like to run to keep my body toned and slender and I have a natural tan from the southern heat and the sun. I enjoy dressing to "impress" and to show the great body that I've worked so hard for. This Friday, my friends and I, or basically the entire high school headed out to a party deep out in the country. I can't remember where it was but it was very far and by a lake. It was hot and humid just like any other night. I wore a denim mini skirt which was probably about 7-8 inches above my knee, a white blouse which I unbuttoned at the top and an old pair of flip flops to top it off. Yes it was a very revealing outfit, but as I stated earlier I enjoyed showing off my hard work, plus the heat is a killer. So anyways when we got there everybody was having a good time and the party turned out to be pretty big. Well, everyone else wanted to go spend the night at the lake because there’s a fairly large cabin by it that is owned by my friend Mary’s rich grandfather. I couldn’t though because I had work the next day and I knew that I’d never make it back in time.

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   Fortunately, there were these two guys that kept hitting on me at the party and saying stupid things like calling me “pretty” and “beautiful” and a “Southern Belle”. It was flattering but I knew that these guys were drunk. Their intentions were obvious but I just smiled and giggled and played along. I knew the game. Of course, this helped because when presented with the fact that I needed a ride they were more than willing to give me a ride back into town and said it would be free. “No strings attached” one of the guys said. This was good because it seemed they were the only people who were NOT going to stay at the lake. I’ll admit that I was a bit hesitant and all but I needed to get home that night. They seemed like nice guys, albeit drunk, but I trusted them… BIG mistake. So we walked to his car, an old beat up wagon type of thing that was parked under a tree. Much to my dismay the guys kept hitting on me. They told me that they were from out of town and that they went to college in a nearby city and had come because of the promise of free beer and “entertainment”. I smirked at this but just laughed along with the two drunken guys. The driver’s name was Carl. He was a chunky, dark, short haired shorter fellow, maybe about 5’8, who I had learned love to joke around and cuss and drink.

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   I could have sworn he was drinking and driving. The other guy was a short skinny homely looking guy with longer hair and pale skin named Rob… I think, I can’t remember for sure. Apparently they were roommates as well back at their college and were in between jobs and were in a band, although they hardly knew anything about music. Of course, they kept hitting on me and their intentions were obvious; but neither were anywhere near attractive and I wasn’t about to give it up… Plus, neither of them looked harmless and so I assumed they were trustworthy, but then I couldn’t tell as I was a bit drunk myself. During the trip back, the guys kept telling me to “flash” them or give them “blow jobs” to pay them back for the trip. I just giggled and smiled at them as I worked my game. The trip could not have lasted longer as it was dark and my head was killing me. I tried to fall asleep but I worried they wouldn’t know the way back and Carl kept edging me to take some sips of his drink, because “I’d like it”, which I did. All of a sudden he pulled the car to a closed down restaurant, I can’t remember the name… It was about 2 am, so I’m guessing that it was closed for the night anyways. It was on a part of a town that I had never seen before, I wasn’t even sure where we were, but then again, it was so dark that I could have been mistaken. “Get on your knees and suck my cock bitch” shouted Carl. “hmmphh…” I retorted with a smirk, I thought he was just kidding. Carl had an angry look on his eyes, one that I hadn’t seen from the joking, jolly guy from the party. “No blow job, no ride…” he said with a devilish smile on his face as he looked at me and checked out my body, “God those lips look sweet… If you don’t at least show me those kittens give me some head. ”I giggled and tried to give him a sincere smile, but I could tell that he was serious.

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   My head was beginning to hurt and feel dizzy at the same time from all the drinks from the party and the car ride, it was a nauseating feeling. “Go on sweetie” I heard a voice from the backseat, “we’ll take good care of you…” It was Rob, I turned and saw a smile on his face as he stared at me and licked his lips. “Well…,” I stared out the window, there was no one outside and pretty much the only light I could see was the flicker of a light on a lamp post about two blocks away, it was eerie, “…FINE. If you will get keep driving and get me home. . ”“Oh, I promise babe, I do, just don’t use your teeth. ” Carl said grinning. He pulled his seat back so I could get under the wheel, and since I was so petite, I could. I tried my best not to let Rob get a glimpse of my ass as I climbed over my seat to the driver’s side because my skirt was so low but he did, and he firmly gave me a spank. Carl unzipped his pants to reveal a small fat cock which was hidden within a very large layer of pubic hair, it must have been only about four inches but it was disgusting as well with all the dark pubic hair. I kneeled over and smiled, a somewhat scared smile, but I tried to get on Carl’s good side. He grabbed my head and nudged me forward. I began to suck his cock. It was disgusting with all the pubic hair and it smelled like he hadn’t showered in weeks. He told me to deep throat, which I did, but apparently it wasn’t good enough as he grabbed my head and shoved me in even more.

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   I almost choked as he pulled my head up…“Wonderful, now continue” he chimed. So I continued to give him a blow job in front of a closed down diner. I looked up and saw that he was having the time of his life… tears began to roll down my eyes in fear and humiliation, I felt that this was just the beginning. About ten minutes later, he cummed in my mouth and his hot cum rolled down my lips as he told me to lick it off. “You’ve got to try this,” laughed Carl to his friend, “this bitch is so hot and she gives such good head, I just want to cum all over her pretty little face, all into her pretty green eyes and make her lick it all off. ”After I had licked all the cum up, I tried to get up, but I couldn’t, Carl held me down and urged his friend to come over. I tried to push him off and said no, and even though he wasn’t a particularly big guy, he could still overpower me as he kept me down and locked the doors. I had to give his friend head as well, I think he particularly enjoyed it being as he probably never had any before. He had a much larger dick than Carl and lasted maybe twice as long as Carl before he abruptly pulled out and cummed all over my face and blouse. He told me to slurp it all up which I did, and as I got up he knocked me down on my back onto the seat. He looked down at me menacingly and reached to tear off my blouse. “NO! Not here!” said Carl. As horrible as it was to give two freaks a couple of blow jobs in front of a diner, I was glad that it was over even if I would have nasty cum stains on my white blouse. “So you guys are gonna take me home now right” I brushed aside my hair and asked Carl. “yes…”We drove off and into the night as the two friends slapped hands.

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   Carl joked around and said that he hadn’t seen my boobs yet. And as we turned a corner I was hit on the head and knocked out. I awoke in an empty room , I couldn’t see anything or say anything. And I could tell that there was a gag in my mouth. My hands felt tied up by some strong cloth that I could probably cut off if I had something sharp…“Why didn’t you let me fuck her” I heard a nasally voice complain, “I’m down to fuck a slut when she’s asleep…”“Well you felt her up real nice,” said a huskier voice. “Yeah, that’s true… haha,” I heard the other voice again, “that bitch is REAL nice”. My blindfold was pulled off and I saw that I was in what appeared to be in an empty basement, save for a table, maybe a desk, in the near corner, and I was sprawled to the floor and my right ankle was chained to a wall nearby. My clothes were still on but I could barely move and I could not make any noise. “We’re gonna fuck you slut” said Carl, “and you’re not going to enjoy it. ”The two friends lunged at and grabbed me, knocking me on my back. The skinnier one ripped my blouse off to expose my 34DD tits and bit into them. I shrieked with pain, but it was muffled by the gag in my mouth. “Scream all you want bitch we waited for you to wake up to enjoy this”He bit into and tore at my left breast causing bite marks and began to suck on them as I lay helplessly on my back, while his friend pulled out his dick and shoved it in my face and my hair. “No one can hear you baby,” Carl said, “you can scream and shout all you want but we’re going to rape you over and over and over again. ”He ripped off my gag and I screamed, which was met by a slap.

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   I screamed again, another slap. I realized that I had better obey if I wanted to keep my face from getting beat up. He squatted over me menacingly and shoved his cock into my mouth and I began to give him a blow job, hoping that this would end. All the while, his friend sucked and bit into my breasts. It hurt and my boobs felt bruised and were red. The next thing, Carl picked me up on all fours as I continued to give him head. Rob came from behind and felt up my perfect young tan ass underneath my small denim skirt. He smelled and licked it and then tore it off as well. He spanked my ass and I would have screamed if I had not had a cock in my mouth and he started to give me anal. I screamed as his cock was large, maybe ten inches and it hurt. I accidently bit Carl’s cock and he slapped me as I fell face first on the floor while his friend continued to pound me from behind. Carl picked me up and stared at me and shoved my face into his pubic hair and made me continue to give him head. They slapped hands and laughed as I gave head and was pounded in the ass at the same time. When Carl was done, he cummed in my face and into my eyes and on the floor and made me lick it all off, when this happened Rob started to thrust faster and faster. He squeezed my lower back and grabbed my ass, leaving marks as he pumped harder and harder.

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   I started to scream. “No one will hear you sweetie” laughed Rob as I screamed. By this time, after I had licked off all the cum, Rob pulled out, turned me around, and cummed all over my face and into my hair and made me lick it all up. As soon as I had finished, Carl jumped on top of me and I was on my back again. He smiled down at me as he went to work on my breasts, feeling them, and licking them and biting them. I lay helpless, it hurt, but with my energy sapped and the fact that there were two of them, I could barely move and just tried to hide the pain. A tear ran down my cheek. He began to titty fuck me as he pushed his cock in and out between my breasts, shoving them up and down and squeezing them. By this time, my DD breasts were red and bleeding a bit at the nipple. He cummed onto my breasts and made me lick off all the cum, thankfully it didn’t take much energy from me as I could just lift them and lick off all the sticky cum. They stared down at my clit, “Man that looks tight”, said Rob, “I bet she’s a virgin…”“Hmph… yea right,” answered Carl, “a fine piece of meat like her in a little hick town like that, there’s no way she’s a virgin. ”“I don’t know. ”Rob got on top of me, his sweat dripping onto me and his disgusting hair on my face as I turned away from him, “So… what is it?” “What’s what?”He slapped me… HARD. “Don’t play idiot with me you stupid cunt! You know what!”He leaned in and licked my face. I started to cry a little.

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   He saw this and saw the scared look on my face. “Yes!!! This bitch is a virgin, she’s gonna be so tight!” yelled Rob, “I want her”“No, I want her. ” Argued Carl. The two of them argued over who would take my virginity from me as I cried, knowing that I couldn’t do anything about it. The next thing I knew, Rob was on top of me as he lifted me up from my legs and shoved his huge ten inch cock into my pussy. It hurt and I screamed and shrieked. “FFUUUCCCKKKK!!!” I screamed as he began to enter my virgin pussy and blood started gushing out. I tried to push him off, but I couldn’t as Carl came and held me down on my back, smiling still. He began to squeeze my boobs even more which led me to scream louder and louder. Rob continued to thrust in and out into my vagina as he tore it and stretched it out, he laughed while doing this. It hurt as each time his cock would enter me it would go deeper and deeper…. Eventually the pain went away and I began to cry some more. They slapped hands while this happened and Carl and Rob picked me up and threw me onto the table on my back. The pain of being flown onto this hurt and I was surprised that the chain on my ankle would be long enough to pull me there. Rob continued his assault on my pussy while Carl began to caress and once again suck on my big breasts.

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   He continued to pound me harder and harder moving forward and back with each thrust. I tried to push him off but he just slapped me and squeezed my boobs even harder, causing me to scream in pain. While doing this, Rob finally pulled out and walked over to me, pulled my lips open and stuffed his cock into my mouth and cummed, holding my head to make sure that I would swallow it all. I almost gagged but found it easier to just suck it all in. “Good girl. ”Next was Carl’s turn as he began on my pussy, the bleeding had stopped by now but I could barely feel it as his friend had been much larger than him. He held me down by my boobs as he squeezed them and pushed me down with them. It didn’t matter by then, I was too tired to fight back. He continued to fuck me like this for awhile, constantly sucking and squeezing my boobs. He continued to thrust me back and forth, pushing my body up and down the desk, all the while his friend laughed. My whole body by now ached in pain and I couldn’t feel anything. I was covered in hot sweat, cum, and spit… The next thing I knew I blacked out. .