A bad boy


Topic: A bad boy “Guilty!” Yelled the judge! I fell back into my chair, as I heard him sentence me to 9 months. I looked back at my parents to see them merely shaking their head in disappointment. It has never been the same since they found out I was gay. They walked in on me and my bf making out, since then everything has changed.
I burst into tears, a dozen questions run through my head, what will happen to me, what will they do, who will I share a room with, what will I eat. I was so confused. The judge then ordered me to be taken away to a holding room. As I was being escorted out, my parents just turned their heads. I was still crying, they walked out and left me in a room with nothing but a chair. I was left to just think about what just happened, after 20 minutes or so, of a fear induced day dream, there was a knock at the door, both my parents walked in.
My mother couldn’t carry on the charade any longer, she started to cry, she said she didn’t care about my sexuality, and that she’d learn to accept it. I collapsed with fear. I awoke to my mum pleading with me to wake up; I quickly hugged her, to have a sense of love before having to come to terms with the reality that was now my shit life. Just as I let go, the guard said it was time for them to leave, as I need my rest for a big trip tomorrow.
“I love you, and we’ll visit you whenever we can. ” said my mother.

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   “Plenty of cock for you there faggot. ” Said my father, and then walked out. Before I knew it I was on the bus on my way to my new home. I tried not to look at the other kids, as they all looked rough and ready to pounce. I kept to myself, staring out the barred windows trying not to think about my current predicament. I thought about my boyfriend, and what I’d do without him, I started to sob, I digressed in the hope to stop crying, so others couldn’t see.
Suddenly, the bus came to a halt, we were there. I looked out the window and there it was Juvenile hall. We were all lined up, and taken inside. The guards ordered us all to strip, then we were searched and forced to shower. I hurried in so I could secure a spot in the corner, the water was freezing cold. I tried not to, but couldn’t resist looking at the others. They were all ripped with bulging muscles. I tried not to get erect, my dick started to twitch, so I left as soon as I could. I grabbed a towel, if you could even call it that.

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   It was old and rough; it was like drying yourself with sandpaper. I wrapped it around my waist and awaited further instruction.
A guard approached me, he was huge, he grabbed me, I tried to push him away but he was too strong. He ripped off my towel, he smirked, he started to grope me up and down, then he started rubbing my ass, he licked his lips and smacked my ass. He let me go and handed me some clothes and said “Your room is C18, see you soon. ” I put the clothes on in a hurry, and rushed off to my room. After about 5 minutes or so of frantic searching, I found it. It was a small room, barely big enough for one person, let alone two. The door slammed shut behind me.
I sat down on the bed, and tried to relax. I contemplated everything that had happened, and started to think about how many days I had to go in here. Then just as fast as the door closed, it opened; there stood a rough, skinny looking kid. He looked about the same age as me, 14. He looked at me and smiled. He calmly walked in and closed the door behind him.

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   He pushed me down on the bed. I quickly got back up but he punched me in the jaw and I went straight back down. He rolled me over and unzipped his pants, as they dropped I realized what he was doing. He pulled down my pants; I struggled only to have him elbow me in the spine. He grabbed my arms and pinned them behind me with one of his hands. He was so strong; there was nothing I could do.
He started to rub my ass, I secretly loved it. He jumped on me and started caressing my body, sliding up and down. He guided his penis in to me, his head rested on my hole. With great force, he thrust it inside me, I screamed, but he held my head into the mattress, so no one could hear. He suddenly stopped, he sat me up and jammed his penis into my mouth. I struggled to breathe but it didn’t bother him, he fucked my mouth like a toy, I loved it. I started to lick his head with my tongue, up and down his shaft. I deep throated him for a few minutes while fondling his balls with my hand. He looked down and noticed I was hard as a rock.

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   He said “Ha! You’re loving this aren’t you faggot, don’t worry, there will be plenty more of this to come, my friends will love you. ” I smiled back at him, only to receive a slap across the face.  He rolled me back over and fucked my ass like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes, he started to moan, so I clenched my ass and he came inside of me, there must have been at least 6 shots, it was pouring out of me. He just said, “Good night. ” And got on the top bunk and went to bed.
I lay there, wondering what just happened, feeling somewhat fulfilled. After an hour or so, the door opened, it was the guard that first groped me, he had a weird grin on his face….

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