A Get Together


A First Time with a Friend
My friend Kevin and I have been friends since kindergarten, and since we are both now 16, that is a pretty long relationship for our young lives. Recently though, I have been interested in making us more than just friends. From freshman year until now, my friend Nick and I have been mutually pleasuring each other, giving each other head and other things. I really enjoyed having cock in my mouth and the taste of cum, even though, romantically, I loved women.
My great quest to advance with Kevin began this past Memorial Day weekend in Maine. As usual, I was having trouble falling asleep. Before nodding off, my friend Nick had fondled  me and placed his hard cock on the rim of my ass. Once everyone else was  asleep, I snuck my hand down the sheets and reached down his pants to feel his cock. The feeling of a new cock in my hand gave me a sense of excitement.
3 months after that incident,  Kevin and I were having a sleep over after a night of partying. Sitting in my basement watching a movie, I saw him reach his hands down his pants. In a drunken stupor, I said “Hey Kevin, why don’t you let him out”. Knowing what I meant, he dropped trough and out came his five inch hard cock. Instantly, I was erect. All I wanted was to suck it and fuck it with my mouth.
He turned to me and said “I showed you mine, now show me yours.

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  ” I happily obliged and took off my pants. Out came my erect 7 incher. I could tell he was kind of turned on. I said to him “I’m going to let you in on a little secret. But first, you must do something that will assure me that you will not let the secret out. Come here. ” He moved his naked, slender body towards me. “You must put your mouth on my cock so that if you ever decide to tell the secret, I can simply say that you also did it. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”
He shook his head. With a sense of nervousness, he placed his mouth around my cock. He released and I said to him “okay, here is the secret. For the past two years, Nick and I have secretly been pleasuring each other during our sleepovers, and I have become bored with just one partner. I want to spice things up. Now sit down and the initiation will begin.
He sat down on the couch and I knelt between his legs, his cock staring me down.

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   I teased the tip of his cock with my tongue, just to get him riled up a bit. I then slid my entire mouth over his cock and I heard him groan. I came up and asked him “did you like that?”. He replied with a fuck yes. I bobbed my head up and down on his thin shaft until I felt that he needed to learn some things.
I stood up and looked him in the eye. “Your turn. ” I said to him. He got on his knees and prepared to take his first cock. Slowly he put his mouth on my shaft. I groaned and he started to speed up. He was good for a beginner. He used his left hand to juggle my balls and he even tried to take my entire cock, but gagged before he made it all the way down. I stopped him. I told him to move so I could lay down and for him to lay down atop me, but in the opposite direction.

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   We 69’d for what seemed like ages. His cock was stuffed down my throat and he was really going to work on my dick, quickly picking up the technique.
I felt my cock bulge and his did the same. We were both about to cum. At last, I released a huge load into his mouth and he did the same to me. I savored his juices. We sat up and I looked him in the eye. Our lips met and we began to make out passionately, swapping cum back and forth. I grabbed his cock and stuck it near my ass as we fell asleep spooning, with him nearly fucking my ass.
What started as a crazy night became an even crazier day. I awoke with a slight hangover. Kevins limp cock still grazing my ass. I turned and gave him a kiss as I went upstairs for breakfast.
Later that day, Nick came over with my friend Mike. Mike was a big kid, tall with nice hard pecs.

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   I have wondered what he would be like to fuck, but never felt the need to go after him. We went into the basement and put on our favorite show until we decided that we needed to go into the hot tub that I have in my backyard.

    Knowing that 3 quarters of the people in the hot tub were cool being naked together, I said “Let’s skinny dip”. Nick and Kevin happily obliged, but Mike was a bit apprehensive. He went along with it but still he was nervous. I reached my hands out on both sides, subtly rubbing Nick and Kevin’s dicks. After about an hour of hidden dick touching we decided to make our way back into my basement. Mike’s curfew was a little bit earlier than the rest of the guys so he said that he had to go.
    Once he had gone, I told Nick that I had initiated Kevin. We all immeadiately  stripped and we decided that I was going to be giving the blowjobs. After a few minutes, once things had really started heating up, we heard foot steps on the stairs. Mikey turned to the corner to see the sexual spectacle appearing before him. He was at a loss. I turned to him and said “Mike, hey. ” He said “Yes, my parents said that I didn’t have to come home for a little while, so I came back down.

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    I said to him “Since you are here, join the club. ” He took off his pants to display a huge cock, about 10 inches in length. He stood in front of me and I took his cock into my mouth while jerking off Nick and Kevin. After about 5 minutes of rotation, Mike turned to me and said “Turn around” I saw him spit on his hand and rub his dick. He was going to put his dick in my ass. As he penetrated me, I continued to suck Nick, while Kevin seemed to have disappeared.
    As Mike was pumping away, Nick was almost finished. Just before he blew his load all over my face, Kevin pulled him away.  He lay him down on the couch across the room and put his cock up his ass. Here we all were, ass fucking each other like there was no tomorrow. Nick and Kevin both were ready to pop before Mikey. Mikey pulled out and put his dick in my mouth while Nick and Kevin approached me, cocks in each others hands.
    I took them in my hands and began rubbing them off. They both blew their load onto my chests. The cum dripped down onto my stomach.

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       They knelt down and began to lick it off, occasionally crossing tongues but clearly enjoying it. Mikey popped in my mouth, leaving a huge batch of hot steaming cum in the back of my throat. Mike dropped to his knees and all three of them began to suck my dick.
    Not telling when I was going to cum, I let them pass my cock around until I finally blew my load into Nicks open mouth. Mike and Nick passed it back and for th between their mouths.
    As the night ended, I fell asleep with a cock in my ass, one in my hand and one in my mouth, but I was completely pleased. I achieved my quest , and more!

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