A Hot Little Boy Part 2


Okay how did I become gay?   Well in part 2 it was well evident that I was and am Gay.
Like I said before I am 5’6” with blonde hair from the kiss of the sun and wavy curls with two blue eyes to set them off.   I was muscular but thin.   Not flabby at all, in fact I was sort of a hard body.    My best friend Sam and I had been lovers since the summer and now the fall came and my fame spread like wildfire across the high school.
At one point my mother found out.   She called me to her room late one night, crying she looked in my eyes and bawled out, “Are the rumors true?  Are you having sex with other boys and old men?  Are you really gay or just curious?”
Wearing my favorite purple silk short pants and nothing more, I crawled up on the bed.   I could smell the alcohol on her breath as I replied, “Mom I just like guys.   Maybe I should have been a girl?”
She snapped back, “How do you know that?  You haven’t ever sucked a tit or fucked a pussy.   How do you know you are gay?”
I looked at her and said, “I just know mom. ”
She was crying and drunk as she slumped back on the bed in her favorite old tank top.   It was white cotton and had several holes that her boobs would protrude from in odd places, not the nipples but the beefy white skin and her 40D were big.   Her panties were missing and I saw her clit as she spread her legs apart and said, “Now buddy you should at least fuck one of these before you deny liking them. ”
I was peering at her semi hairless pussy and she slid it out and propped her legs apart wider.   I was drawn to it, as it was the first real one I ever saw.   So I asked her, “What does it feel like mom?”
She pulled my hand to her snatch and said, “Touch me and see what you think.

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  ”  I slowly let my fingers caress it and as I did she pulled up her top and then tossed it off exposing her soft big breast and nipples to me.   I was entranced by her body as she drew my face to right breast and then added, “Try sucking this. ”
My mouth made a fast start and I treated her erect nipple like a tiny dick, and as I did she cooed loudly from it.   Then as my fingers lid in and out of her creamy wet hole, I got hard and I admit I was ready to try fucking her.   I popped my tiny dick in her as it went in quickly she smiled and said, “Fuck it good baby boy. ”  I started to ride her as she whispered in my ear, “Now tell me you don’t like the feel of your cock in a soft warm pussy. ”
I admitted to her, “I do like this feeling mommy.   I really do like it,” I sighed as I pumped her harder.   Then just as my little cock swelled and spurted out its cream, I pulled off her and dove between her legs.   I did not want to taste her pussy as much as I wanted to eat my own cum, but after mixing the two both had a great taste.   After I devoured us both I said, “I really like the way a pussy feels and taste, and I loved sucking your tits that I truly do.   It’s just that it feels great having a cock in your mouth and ass, now doesn’t mom?”
She pulled me to her and kissed the cum from my lips as she said, “Well I guess it does.   I admit I loved the way you sucked my nipples, I am sure the boys go wild for that mouth.   I just think you would be better with a woman, even me if you want more. ”
I slid in beside her and we kissed like lovers a few times, and the booze and her lonely horny mood caused this to happen and I knew it.

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    I wasn’t sure she would remember it until the next morning when I was awoken by her mouth on my cock.   I looked down saw her and as she smiled, I said, “Mommy that feels wonderful. ”
After that we occasionally made out, when she was lonely and or when I wanted to act like I needed to make a choice.   She also started to be more opened minded about things, and it was the result of my sister and her doing it with a couple of my sister’s young hot boyfriends.   She let me do as I pleased after that, but only if I told her who I was with, which was usually Sam my best friend and real love.
Sam and I were in English class playing around under the desk in back of the class.   He would fondle my cock and I would do the same for him.  Miss Alice was our teacher and a whacko first class, so we thought.   She had heard the stories and one day as she caught us, she asked me to stay after class.   When the final bell sounded and everyone else had left the room she led me to the closet in back and asked me to follow her inside.   She shut the door and whispered, “Would you like to make an A+ for the entire year Buddy?”
“Sure I need to bring my grade up, I think I am making an F now,” I replied.
“Great come over to my house Saturday evening for a special tutoring class.   Be there at six and don’t be late,” she said as she petted my hair.
I looked up into her green eyes, she was mid thirties and slender, not more than 105 pounds and nearly 5’8”.   She had auburn hair that she wore in a bun tight and two thin lips that made her seem ugly, when in fact she wasn’t.

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     That’s when I asked, “What do you want with me?”
She took her index finger and slid it along my chest as she replied, “It’s not me, but it’s also my husbands fifty-eighth birthday, and I have a special gift for him in mind.   I think you would suck him nicely and maybe even let him fuck that sweet ass of yours, now what do you say?”
So I went with her after calling my mom and telling her what was up.   She was happy for me and told me not to be too late getting home.   Miss Alice introduced me to her husband and his big fat nine inch whopper.   He was easily ready for me to suck him and while I did she stripped naked and let him play with her while I did all the work.   You know she was skinny but she had a nice pair of nipples.  
When I finished blowing his cock, she took me to town on her.   He rolled me on her and sunk my cock in her pussy then as she bucked me, he rammed his in me and fucked me too.   It was something I want to try again sometime, as the feelings were so intense and strong all I could do was cum.
The night ended after that; with me promising not tell them how they had sex with me.   I just made sure my grades were A+’s after that all the time.
Sam and I were regularly fucking all over my place now.   Mom would even watch us do it sometimes.   She also had us to perform for the camera and or friends.   It was turn on with him screwing my ass while strangers or relatives watched and drooled.

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Then came the day I went to school and got raped by the football coach.   It was sixth period and the last week of school, three days left so I cut study hall for a chance to be with Sam in the club house at the stadium.   The football team had already been dismissed until next fall so the place was abandoned, so I thought.
Coach caught Sam trying to sneak in and when he did he admonished him and sent him to the office.   While he was checking around the entrance to the dressing area, he noticed something, me.   I was walking towards the lower set of doors that were supposed to be unguarded; Sam had been forgetful and tried for the front.   I was creeping through the lower door when I caught sight of him standing there hands on hips.   The 45 year old 6’3” 275 pound frame that was chiseled like steel with a beer gut, ha, had a tan but only on its brawny arms.   His balding brown hair and horn rimmed glasses did little for his charms, and his unshaven scrawny beard which seemed to be his normal during the school week well it made him crude looking.   I would say he was least attractive to me before he took me than anyone else including the janitor.
“Come here boy,” he yelled at me as I walked three steps in then tried a reverse run out the door.
I stopped walked slowly and sheepishly towards him and said, “I got lost on my way to the gym again.   I do this sometimes mix them up, I’m no athlete coach, I’m not really at all. ”
“Bullshit Buddy, you are a damn good athlete I hear,” he said snarling at me, and then added, “You can blow anyone away from what I hear.   What’s your specialty, the 100 yard blast or the hand job race?”
I looked down and knew I had been caught and was probably in trouble so I said, “Okay I will go to the office coach.

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I turned and had taken two steps when his big hands snatched my shoulders from behind.   I was yanked upwards and backwards and all at the same time and then as I landed on his chest, one hand covered my mouth, while the other uncovered my ass.   My denim shorts fell to the floor and since I had no underwear my bare ass was exposed along with my genitals.   His coarse hand grated over my soft ass and then found my balls a toy.   I couldn’t refuse or accept as his other paw clamped my mouth shut.   Then I was hauled into the back storage room and flung into the double sink face first.   My short cock pinged into the metal basin and was then smashed flat by his hefty body.   As his seven inch fat cock filed into my asshole, his hands tore my shirt in half used it to blindfold and gag me with.   Then he man handled my young body with his mass and ground and pumped my ass like a piston engine.   The entire time he was taunting me with, “You fucking little fairy, I will teach you what you need.   This is what you want isn’t it, to have your butt fucked now.   You will get a lesson in bending over from me today.   You may get so hot for this cock in you now that you beg and plead to join the team as our fuck toy.   Who knows maybe I will let the other boys take turned in here with you or maybe I will just fuck you over so good you strip off and come here daily. ”
He was using his weight to pound my ass so hard that the force was squeezing my cock and balls with each thrust, it was the first time I felt tortured and horny and I loved the way he fucked me.

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    By the time he got to swelling inside me I already began to whine and cry, in lust of it.   When his cum filled my ass with its heat, I melted.   He spun me around removed my gag and sank his mouth to mine as his hand jerked on my cock until I spurted my cream on it.   Then he fed it to me as he coated his cock with it and yanked me to suck his dick.   My lips slid over the wet moist head of his cock with ease and each suck delivered a salty tangy surprise of my own and his as well.   I sucked him hard and then I sucked him off.  
“Now queer, are you ready to beg to be on my team?” he snapped out loudly.
“Yes,” was all I could muster up at that point as my heart raced and my thoughts were of more.   Even with my blindfold in tack, I could see his image in my mind.   I wanted him again right there and he knew it, so he moved me back around.
As my hands were fastened to the water spout of the sink by the pieces of my shirt he had gagged me with, he calmly said, “Now I will make sure you want more.   I’ll be back after dinner for you.   You just wait right here like this and don’t run away. ”
He left after that for several hours, when he returned it was the best sex ever.   The place had grown silent no sounds anywhere, except the air cutting on and off and blowing its cold breeze over my naked body.

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    The icy chill of it and the sink could do little to calm my burning lusty heart and when I heard his footsteps I was delighted.  
In a flash I felt his rough hands on my soft ass and then his hard cock inserted inside me like a finger in a pussy.   It slid in hard fast and went right to work.   His thrust were harsh and forceful and I loved it when did it.   He spoke only once during our second session, saying, “Buddy you can be my personal dick sucking butt fucking assistant.   You can go to every game and practice as long as you remember this is where you are to be waiting for me each time. ”
When he came in me, I was released naked to wonder home around and find some old gym clothes to cover myself with.   I walked home in a daze as happy as I ever knew.   My mom knew right away I found something and someone new and quizzed me, but I refused to say until she straddled my cock and rode me like a little pony.  
She was a bit uneasy with me and a married man, but she accepted it, and even asked if she could watch us.   I guess that’s next on my to do list, have him fuck me while my mom watches, maybe his wife would like to as well, who knows.   Maybe we will find out.
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