Best Friends with Benifits pt. 1


My best friend Darren and I were inseparable.   We did everything together and were seldom seen apart.   Every other weekend we would go to his river house with some beer and just to fish, drink and just enjoy the outdoors.  
I’m Dylan and I’m 18 years old.   5’10 blonde hair blue eyes about 185 pounds with an 8 inch fat cock. Darren is about 5’8 with brown hair and green eyes and weighs about 140 pounds with a 6 inch skinny hairless cock.
We got to the river house and we set up everything and started drinking beer. After shot gunning a few beers we decide to go swimming.   As usual we race down to the water and jump in.
We started wrestling in the water and I got behind him to dunk him and I went to pick him up and I accidentally grabbed his dick. I knew it was hard, but I figured it was from the warm water.   We got out and decided to go take showers.   I called the first one and finished up quickly. When I stepped out of the shower Darren told me not to turn it off and walked into the bathroom completely naked with a raging boner. I told him he had one and he said he knew and checked me out up and down and went into the shower.
I went to the porch and started drinking again and thinking about what was going on.

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    He got out and started drinking too.   Soon we were both ready for bed.   One bed ended up getting mice in it so we had to sleep in the same bed. We started undressing, and both got into our boxers.   We lay down and started watching TV and soon I was snoring.  
I awoke to a feeling in my crotch. I lied still and slowly looked down and Darren was between my legs licking my dick.   He looked up and saw I was awake and said, “Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. ”  He kept going and I didn’t object.   It was the best blowjob I ever had.   After 5 minutes of bobbing up and down on my dick I exploded into his mouth and filled it up with at least 10 shots of cum.  
He just laid there and I attacked his dick.   I sucked the whole thing into my mouth in one try and let him fuck my face. After only a minute or two, he pushed my head down and I squeezed his balls and he unloaded 5 shots of cum into my mouth.   I swallowed cum for the first time.

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    It tasted different, but I liked it.  
He slowly got onto his hands and knees and I knew what he wanted.   I grabbed the Vaseline off of the shelf and lubed up my big dick and his tight asshole. I could barely fit 2 fingers into his ass.   Finally I pushed the head in and saw how hard this would be.   He started whimpering, so I pushed him all the way down and slowly started working the rest of my cock up my best friend’s virgin ass.   He cried out, I shoved the rest of it in and started rocking his world.   I leaned down and kissed his neck and pumped his tight ass.   After 20 minutes of tearing up Darren’s asshole I came all deep in his ass.   He rolled over and we lay together as he fell asleep.
He woke me up in the morning with a big kiss on the lips and we made out for a little while until he stopped me and said, “I loved that, we need to do this more often. ” The rest of the weekend we fucked, teased and humped anywhere and every where in the camp house and even on the river dock, the back of the truck, a chair and the shower.   We still fuck every week, and he can’t get enough of my big fat cock.

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