Brothers little secret


Brothers. .
Our Parents left  about 8 o'clock this morning, and We are going to be home by ourselves for 3 days, while they are away at a business confrence. We have been left before but. . Nothing ever happened quite like this. . .
 My brother gets up about 10, and is wondering around the house, i suppose he went and fixed himself a breakfast/lunch. He bursts through my door and says  BRO lets go swimming,  So I get up and try to find my trunks, they were no where around, so I just decide to go without them. When I get to the pool, he had decided to go trunkless as well. . .
 We are swimming and jumping around. . .

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  . and just playing with the water basketball hoops. .
By the way. . My brother is 16 about 5' 11" with about a 8" cock that I saw once by mistake, and I am 17 about 6' 1" and my cock is 9".
I am playing golley, so I catch the ball ,and he comes to tackle me. . right as he jumps up i move and his face lands right on my semi-hard cock. and he moves quickly and has this semi-puzzled face on him. . I am like are you alright. . he says yes. .

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   and i move over there to check on him. . . . hand his hard cock brushes my leg. . and I asked bro (laughing) is everything okay. . . he says yes and just keeps playing. .
When he finally get out of the pools he says I am going to get a shower I said " Okay" and I got out too. . . .

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   I head up stairs to my room, and when I pass the shower I hear him moaning over the water running. . and Somehow I knew that when he was hard in the pool he liked what was going on, and both of us have had girl friends and are straight as far as we know. . . so I walk in the bathroom and he doesnt notice me through the shower curtain, so I lay the towel i had around me on  the counter and hop in the shower with him. . . he is like what the heck are you doing. . i said. . . helping you!!
 I bend down and take his fully erect cock in my mouth and start going up and down on him like I am a pro. .

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  . he moans in pleasure  " oh bro, yes. . . oh yes. . . . . " " have you done this before" I said know I just saw movies. . He says I am about to cum. . . and I kept bobbling up and down on his cock.

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   and i feel it start to swell in my mouth. . . . he moans a load pleasure cry and then fills my mouth with his warm salty juices. . I taste it and swirl it aroung a little bit. . . and swallow it. . . .
So i slammed him against the shower wall, and kiss him passionately, he lets out a moan, and then he gets on his knees, and starting bobbling on my cock, he says Dang bro, I didn't know you were this big,and I just moan in ecstacy. .

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  .   he told me he had always wanted to fuck his girl friend in the ass, and I said wanna see how it feels, " sure" he said, so I grab some shower gel and bend him over and start massaging the gel on his ass hole. he continues to moan louder and louder. . . after I have him all lubed up, I take the tip of my ROCK HARD cock and  aim at his asshole, it slides in with ease, and he cries in moans of pleasure and pain. . . .
after a while i work his ass and he is loving it, i keep going about another 15 minutes, and I tell him, i am about to cum were do you want it, he said in my ass. . . . I kept pumping his tight hole till i cum. .

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   and we are both screaming as i fill my little bros hole full of my hot juices. . .
 We get out of the shower and run the the bed room, he said you want a turn. . . . . .
 To be continued. . . . . .

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 This is my first storie so please email your constructive criticizm and comments to hotti469@ymail. com I am really looking forward to the emails. . and anyone with any interest please email as well. Thanks hotti469
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