College friends Pt 1


Bradand I came from a very small town. He seemed to do well enough with girls buthe never went much farther than fingering them in the back of his car or makingout. His relationships seemed to end before any serious sexual issues came up. I was a bit pickier when it came to girls and because the lineup of young womenin our town was slim already I didn’t see much action in high school. Butduring those years I was happy to just come home and jerk off to internet porn. Now as we were in college, pleasuring myself was beginning to bore me. It wasthe same old thing over and over and I began doing it just so I wouldn’t get anerection at an inopportune time.
Back in our high school days Bradand I had spoken openly about masturbation and girls and everything adolescentmales feel is taboo to talk about with anyone but your best friend. Now that wewere sharing a small apartment we had become closer than we had ever been. Wespoke about everything and I learned that Brad too, was having trouble findinga girl in this new town. I could tell he was fed up because of how often he neededto pleasure himself. He had an erection all the time anyway and I could always hearhim jerking off in the shower. He took two showers a day and almost didn’t eventry to hide it. The living room is directly adjacent to the bathroom. So when Iwould be watching TV I would hear the shower start up. He would always turn onthe fan to try and hide it but it didn’t do any good.

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   A few moments later aslow smacking sound that quickened into a clapping rhythm. It would stop for asecond and I would hear him moan slightly as he ejaculated. He would walk outwith just a towel tied tightly around his waist and shuffle by me into hisroom. It was easy to see his semi-hard cock silhouetted slightly through thethin fiber of the towel. When we first moved in together I would joke with himto "cover up" a little more and impure thoughts would have never evenentered my mind. But as girls seemed to be growing more and more unattainablefor the both of us I stopped caring that he walked by nearly naked with aslight chubby, I even enjoyed it a little. I could tell I was beginning tobecome attracted to him and it didn’t feel as wrong as I thought it might. As Irealized my attraction memories of gym class came back to me. Back in school Iwas amazed at how large and perfect his member was. I never thought I wasattracted to him or any man in the least but I guess those memories stuck withme a little better than I realized. Brads body was very well maintained fromyears of basketball and weight training. He had a dark blonde hair and a mediumtan; his muscular upper body complemented his package very well. From what Icould tell he was about 5 inches long when he was semi-flaccid and quite a bitthicker than me. I usually showered right after him and got hard knowing thathe had just had an orgasm right where I was standing. I guess he cleaned upafter himself because there was never any sign of semen on the shower walls.

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   Ilet one go each day in the shower also. I didn’t mean to be but I was justabout as noisy as he was. I think we heard each other jerking off and justnever talked about it.
As the first term of college wounddown we were both stressed out about finals. Because we were in similar classeswe both finished out finals on Thursday evening and were done for the term. Brad finished about an hour before me and headed back to the dorm. After Ihanded in my test I made my way back to the apartment. As I walked in I heardthe shower start up but I noticed the bathroom door wasn’t completely closed. Brad had hung his shirt on the top edge of the door which prevented it fromlocking completely. I was particularly content that I was done with finals andI hadn’t jerked off in days, due to the stress and lack of sleep, so I had beena bit "excited" all day anyway. I shut the front door quietly, setdown my bag, and walked over to the bathroom. Tugging the handle slightly thedoor creaked open just a bit. I could see Brad had turned the lock handle butthe door was open just enough so that the bolt didn’t catch, he must not havenoticed. Peaking through the crack I saw him step into the shower completelynaked. His back was to me but as he stepped in I caught a glimpse of his cock headas it swayed from side to side.

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   I had no idea that Brad was so tight and hadsuch an even tan over his entire body. His body shivered slightly from the coldwater. Seeing the water cascade over his body made my near erection muchharder. He turned to slide the shower door shut and I was given a full view ofhis manhood. What a sight. His cock was already becoming erect. The shaftitself was about 7inches long and looked beautiful. Perfectly pink, just theright thickness, hardly any hair around the base or on his groin at all. I wasn’tsure how far I was going to take this. I knew he was going to startmasturbating but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to see it yet. The door to theshower was closed but it took quite a while to fog up so I still had awonderful view of brads entire body. He took a bar of soap in his hand andlathered up his cock which was now standing very stiff. The bulge in my pantswas getting bigger. I began rubbing myself through my jeans. He moved his soapyhand up and down his shaft.


   He paid some attention to his balls, cupping themwith his left hand as his right was stroking his joint. He began to moveslightly faster and I heard that familiar smacking sound begin. His ballsclapped against his legs as he pounded away on his shaft. I was ready to creammy pants right there. I wanted to jerk off so badly but I knew he was going toblow his load soon and I didn’t want to get caught spying on him with my cockout. I watched him eagerly as he began to moan very loudly. He probably thoughtI was still at school because he was being much louder than usual. He slowed a bit;I thought he was going to cum. I was so excited by now I was rubbing my dick asquickly as I could. I almost didn’t care if he heard me sighing as I touched myself.
(Ourdoorbell rang). He stopped stroking and looked up. He thought he was alone andknew he had to answer. "Just a minute" he yelled.
He hopped out of the shower dickstill completely erect.

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   Pulled on some athletic shorts and reached for thedoor. I was still caught up in the moment. I almost fell trying to run awayfrom the door. I slipped into my room as the bathroom door swung open. Hewalked over and opened the door; I could hear him talking to a delivery man. Ipeeked out and chuckled to myself as Brad was talking to him with his headcraned around the door, so as to not show off his enormous boner. "Thanksa lot" he said as he closed the door.
He walked into my room and began totoss the package onto my desk when he noticed me. "Oh, hey man, didn’tknow you were home. . . this is that book you ordered I think".
"Thanks"I said. I glanced down at his shorts still standing in a perfect tent. He wasstill almost completely hard, his penis still throbbing from his interruptedj/o session.

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   I looked away and pretended not to notice. "Oh shit, yeah,sorry I forgot about that" he said, glancing down at his crotch.
"It’salright, I understand". He tried to walk out but I stopped him. I didn’tknow what to say since I didn’t really realize what I was doing at the time. "Sit down for a second".
"Dude, I’m kind of embarrassed can’tthis wait?" he replied
"Please,just one second. Alright I don’t really know how to put this but I know we areboth frustrated sexually. "
"Yea, so?" he said, tryingto cover up his penis slightly.
"Well,I just thought we might be able to help each other out a bit with that” I said,looking down at the floor.
“Howdo you mean? He asked, sounding very suspicious.
“Wellyou know it might be nice to be able to blow of some of that tension with oneanother, since we are both having a little trouble with the women here” Istammered.
“Youmean me and you, do like…sex stuff?” he asked
“Yeah,no relationship, no feelings, just helping each other feel good once in awhile, how does that sound?” I asked.
Helooked at the floor for a moment and then looked at me.
“I amtired of jerking off alone”, he said.

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“Yeah,me too, it’s not a gay thing at all and no one would know about it”, I said.
“Ofcourse not, what’s the harm if it’s just us blowing off some steam”, he added.
“So…areyou into it? It kind of looks like you are ready right now”, I laughed as Ilooked at his still stiff cock.
“Wehave been good friends a while. We have to both agree that it’s just us helpingeach other out and nothing more”, he said, looking me straight in the eye.
“Totally”I said quickly.
“Ok,if this is going to be a regular thing we have to make some rules, right?” heasked.
“Yeah,we can just wing this first time though, to see what we like. ”
“Alright,how do we start”, he said.
“Youare ready so why don’t you come here and I will start with you”. I said.
As hewalked over to my bed I could see his dick bounce slightly inside his pants. Hewas rock hard with anticipation. I was equally aroused, I was almost shaking I wasso excited. Technically I was still a virgin and now I had a fuck buddy that Iwas about to break in.

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Hestood in front of me with his hard pole poking through the soft basketballshorts he had on. I could have extended my tongue and touched it through thefiber it was so close. I looked him up and down once more. Perfect tan body, noshirt, no boxers, still wet to the touch from the shower. His shorts barelyhung over his thighs. I reached out and began to pull them down. “No going backnow”, I thought.
Mylip trembled with eagerness. I pulled them down slowly exposing every inch ofhis dreamy dick. I pulled until just the head was left covered and then Iyanked them off completely. They slid all the way down his legs. His cock wasconsiderably larger than mine. I was jealous. It had perfect proportions allaround. I looked it over; I had never been so horny.

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   I reached out rubbed myhand on the small mound above his rod. He shuddered slightly and closed hiseyes. Gripping the base I aimed it into the air and moved closer so I couldbegin my work. I pushed his penis up so it was flush with his rock hard abs andput all of my attention on his balls. I cupped them with my free hand andraised them so I could lick underneath. He was clean from the shower but hestill had a distinct taste. I licked from the skin behind his sack all the wayto the base of his cock. Taking one ball at a time into my mouth I sucked themand worked them with my tongue while they were in my mouth. After a few minutesof play I decided to switch over to his cock. I took my hand from the base andbegan making long strokes along the length of his shaft. His cock head drippedpre-cum. I gathered as much as I could and applied it to his cock to make mystrokes a bit smoother. He was breathing very heavily now. I pushed him downonto the bed and began jerking him as fast as I could. I stopped completelywhen he started to moan loudly.

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   I leaned over and licked the head of his dick. A long string of pre-cum followed my tongue as I pulled back slightly. It was alittle salty but I didn’t mind the taste at all. I moved down again and thistime I took it all in. I closed my lips tight around the head and moved mymouth down until his prick hit the back of my throat. I held it there for awhile, rubbing his abs and working over his balls with my hands. I backed offand went back down. Licking the shaft up and down on both sides, he was inheaven. I could tell. His eyes were closed and he was gripping the sheets ashard as he could.
“I want this to go on but I’m going to cumman, I can’t help it”, he forced out in between gasps.
I forgot that he had been jerkingoff before so he hadn’t needed much stimulation to get off.
Itook the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked off the pre-cum that hadgathered at the tip. I took my hand off of his balls and moved to the shaft. Iworked the tip of his cock in my mouth with my tongue as I pushed longdeliberate strokes along the body of his dick.


   He reached over and put hishands on the back of my head. I knew he was going to cum soon and I was excitedto see what it would be like to take a load in my mouth.
I jerked his cock harder and harder,my tongue flicked over the sensitive tip of his penis. I felt his balls shrivelslightly and he pushed hard on the back of my head almost choking me on hiscock. He drove it into my mouth, I almost gagged but I held on. His membertwitched as the first spray of warm fluid entered my mouth. I swallowed itimmediately and pulled my head back so that I could breathe again. My hand felthis prick twitch again and a jet of cum went a few inches into the air andlanded on my hand. I moved down as quickly as I could so as to not missanymore. Before I could even close my lips around his penis another jet hit mytongue and lips. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever had. The warm cumall over my hand, the semen being dumped into my mouth, and the realizationthat I had pleased him so well, all made me very happy.
I held the next 3 squirts in mymouth before I swallowed them. I couldn’t hold anymore as my mouth was almostcompletely full of his fluid, It was amazing how much he came. I savored andtook down 2 more solid streams before I felt his balls fall back into place andhis muscles relax.

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   I took my mouth off his dick. It was still very hard but shrinkingslowly. Semen was slowly oozing out of the tip and down the underside of hiscock onto his balls. I worked my tongue over his scrotum and cleaned the cumoff, then moved up his cock and gave it one last suck to try and get the lastof the jizz out of his pipes. I looked up at him. He was still closing his eyesand laying there motionless. My mouth was sticky from his load. I almost feltfull he gave me so much. What an experience. He finally raised his head andlooked at me.
“Wow, Iwant to do this every night”, he said. “I almost passed out”
Eventhough I had just sucked him off and swallowed his cum it felt kind of weirdtalking to him. His prick was still in my hand but we were talking just like wedo when we are watching TV or walking to class. It felt a little odd to say theleast. I don’t know how I expected to feel.

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   But he didn’t seem to care at all. So I just pushed any odd feelings I had aside. I took my hand off of his prickand it fell to the side hitting his thigh. I looked down and saw that thesheets were covered with cum and spit. I swallowed so much but I didn’t realizeso much still missed my mouth. He reached down and gave his cock a stroke ortwo just on the tip and then pressed his thumb and index finger against thebase and moved it all the way up his cock. Squeezing the last drops of semenout, they pooled at the top. I opened my mouth and he press his half hard dickdown so it was resting on my outstretch tongue. I closed my lips and suckedonce to get the last bit then moved back. His cock popped out and fell downonto the sheets.
Bradlooked at me and smiled. “Itsyour turn now”
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