first time


i walked into a gay club and took a seat at the bar. i had never been in a gay club before and had never been with a man. i have been curious for a while and i have i vibrator i use when i jack off.
i spot and younger man about the age of 25 in a chair by himself. he looks great realy muscley and pretty tan with dark brown hair. grabbed my beer and walked over to him and took a seat. we started chatting about how i had never done this before but i have wanted to for some time. as the night moved on and i had gotten mch drunker i decided this was the night. i asked him if he wanted to come home with me. he said he had to talk to his 3 buddies but he would. i was very turned on and drunkenly said bring them too. i told him i want to be treated like the little slut bitch that i am. so i left with the 4 men we walked down the street to an adult sex shop and i picked out the kinkiest little schoolgirl outfit and a large dildo and we headed to my place.
i walked into my bathroom and put the school girl outfit on. i had the stalkings and heels and tight button up shirt with a tie and a black lace thong. i put it all on and grabbed the fuzy hand cuffs out of my drwaer and walked back into the living room to find th men already naked playing with eachother.

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   i coughed and gave the handcuffs to them to cuff me and make me their bitch. they all had nice large penis' the biggest was about 9 and very thick. they cuffed me and forced me to my knees and one guy shoved his hard rod in my mouth and started fucking my throat. i wasnt that good at it but i started to catch on. moving my tongue around his long hard shaft while he held the back of my head. not long after fucking my mouth i felt him tense up he shot his load down my throat. i gagged some but i swallowed every drop and asked for more. the next man was about 6 or 7 inches but he was real thick and he started banging my throat harder than the first guy. another man started to rub my ass under my skirt and i spread my legs to help him out. i flet the cock in my throat start to tense up and another load shot down my thorat. i loved the tase of another man cum in my mouth.
one of the men stodd me up and puled down my thong and grabbed my large dildo and started to work it into my ass while i took another cock in my mouth. this one was the 9 inch one and i started gagging right away but keeped going as he slammed his cock down my throat. the dildo was finally all the way in my ass and i started swaying back in forth like i was being fucked. another man grabbed my cock and started jacking me off.

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   it didnt take long for me to cum and right after i did i felt another load going down my throat. the big cocked man picked me up and pulled the dildo out my throbbing asshole and put his huge dick in its place he didnt waste andy time pumping my ass. it hurt at first but then it started to feel good then amazing the fourth man shoved his cock in my mouth and the men were getting in a rythym of fucking my ass and mouth. they both started pumping harder and harder and i felt cum being pumped down my throat and ass at the same time. . . . . . .
to be continued. . . please comment this is my first time. .

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