Fraternity initiation


Ever since Levi was a kid, he had always dreamed of joining a fraternity. There was something about the strong bond between all the guys really turned him on. He knew that this week would be his initiation but they refused to tell him what night. coming home around 12 AM from a long day of classes and out with his new found buddies, Levi fell asleep instantly. No longer then 3 hours in, he heard pots and pans clashing together and people shouting "GET UP!" over and over again. Being seriously sleep deprived Levi had no idea what was going on, suddenly he was picked up by 2 strong arms and a bag was placed over his head.
Lead roughly for 5 minutes, Levi and the other pledges finally reached where they were going.   pushed into a unfamiliar room, the bag was stripped off hs head. Not only was the bag tacken off but so was the rest of his clothes. He was stripped quickly by two very strong men and was unable to notice anything around him as his eyes were still adjusting to the light. Levi, along with  the other 9 pledges were placed standing in a circle. Uncertain of what was going on, all 10 pledges were looking around but Levi couldnt help himself but to check out his furture Brothers' cocks. A voice came through a speaker hanging from the ceiling, "welcome, my future brothers. " his voice was stricked and commanding, "This is a trust and team building excerize, you will jerk the  brother on the right of you, those to refuse with lose their place inside out fraternity"
 uncertanty ran through the room as all the boys were undecided. Levi was unbelievably nervous but suddenly he felt a warm hand wrap around his cock. with a sharp gasp, Levi closed his eyes and in a quick motion grabbed the the cock to his right.

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   Levi started to stroke it slowly as this was his first time with another guy, he was nervous was didnt really know what to do. 5 minutes in, Levi started to get more comfortable with what had to be the biggest dick he had seen in his hand. Levi also started to enjoy what was done to him, moans started to fill the room and Levi suddenly felt the urge to cum, however, just as everyone's moans were getting loader and the breathing was getting harder, the voice from the speakers spoke again. "stop!," everyone instantly stopped and mixed with emotions Levi felt relieved and disappointed as the guy to his left gave Levi an amazing hand job, his technique was amazing, the wrist action along with his fast past made levi dripping with precum.
 with Levi's 7 inch long cock hanging in the air with precum dripping, the voice spoke again "good job my furture brothers, you have all proven yourselves worthly. however there is still one more level to pass. " As he was speaking, 10 young and hot looking naked young guys were walking in. Each one stood next to a pledge, the one that stood next to Levi was unbelievably muscular and hot. He had short blonde hair, and was at least 6,2, but what caught Levi's eye the most was his rock hard 8 inch cock, lost in the size of his dick the voice carried on giving instructions. "The brother standing next to you from now on will be your mentor, you will do whatever he says!, you will respect your brother and give what ever he wants to him, that means if he needs a blowjob you give him a blowjob then and there, if he needs a nice fuck, you bend over then and there!"
 woken up by the shocking instructions, Levi broke contact with his giant cock and stared right into his mentour's light blue eyes. frozen by his nerves, his mentour wink at him and said "hey, my name is jake. looks like you and me are gunna have some fun" still standing still from the shocking news, Levi started to hear sucking sounds everyone, the then looked around and say that everyone was "serving their brother". then then loked back at jake as he took a step closer to him, Levi could feel jake's breathe on his ear as he whispers, "i wanna fuck your nice hot ass till i cum allover you, but first im gunna need a blowjob" jake then put both hs hands on levi's shoulders and pushed him on his knees. with jake's rock hard cock infront of his face, Levi closed his eyes and opened his mouth. withing a split second, Jake's full 8 inches was inside Levi's mouth.

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   trying hard not to gag, Levi started to move his head back and forth to suck his dick. jake's hands were now on Levi's head fucking his mouth, jake was mouning increadibly loudly along with the other brothers. Levi finally had to take a break and pulled his cock out of his mouth, "did i tell you to stop?!" demanded jake, jakes face suddenly turn mad and started to whack his cock agaisnt his face. "suck it bitch!" Levi grabbed his long dick and started to lick it up and down. "oooohhh yea keep doing that, your getting me so nice and horny"
 levi was then roughly picked up by jake, then forced to bend over a table. Levi knew what was about to happen as he stared forwards and saw a few of his future brothers getting fucked in the ass in different positions. Levi was sweating from his nerves and from getting so hot from sucking his mentor. he then felt a hard cock tickling his ass, teasing Levi, jake gave him a couple spanks. and then in one swift motion, jake's 8 inch cock was inside Levi. pain struck through Levi and he blurted out a scream, jake then pulled him back from his hair and started to fuck him. Levi was moaning painfully and loudly, a few minutes of fucking, levi started to find the pleasure in anal, his moans slowly turned plesuarble and found himself moving his hips in order to get the full 8 inches inside him. "yea you like that? you like me fucking you hard?", Levi then blurted out "yes. . . .

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  YES. . dont stop, fuck me harder" "hhmm yea you make a good fuck, im so fucking glad i picked you"
Levi then started to feel Jake's cock getting more stiff and hard inside him. he knew Jake needed to cum. Jake then quickly pulled out and turned Levi around an pushed him on his knees, Jake was jerking himself quickly and levi wanted his cum badly, he can see Jake's face start to tense and that made Levi so Horny that he needed to jek himself too. then it finally came, jake grabed Levi by the hair and got his cheek pressed up agaisnt the tip of his cock. Squirt after squirt, levi was being covered by his warm thick seamen. Jake finally let go of Levi's head and bent down to give him a kiss, Levi was so horny he didnt care about the cum and they started to make out witht eh cum all aroud his mouth.
soon all the other brothers finished up on the new pledges. all the mentors were now standing in one corner of the room watching the pledges jerking off, Levi really needed to cum so he didnt waste any time getting it off. he quickly sat down agaisnt a wall and jerked himself vigerously, he felt the cum rush up his dick and finally shot it all over his body. that was by far the best ogasim Levi had ever had he thought to himself. the voice then came back on after all the pedges came, "good job pledges, now you boys have tasted your mentours cum, you are offically one of us" Levi then smiled and knew he was going to have an amazing time in UNiversity now he met his new friend Jake.