Friendship (PART I)


Topic: FriendshipMy uncle was an alcoholic and passed out most of the time; as so, my aunt was the one that brought home the bacon. One day, she was called away to Israel on business and she put me in charge of the house. I found it odd that she would choose to trust me with the house after such a short time living with them, but it gave me a great advantage: I got to do what I wanted.
Every day I would go out and hang out with friends, and then one time I got the idea to invite one of them over. His name was Van. He was a slim, blond, tan skinned sixteen year-old, about average height. We played video games and watched the tube for a few hours until he said that he was bored. I asked him what he wanted to do and he replied that he wanted to try something with me, ever since he first met me. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that he was gay. Seeing how I had never done it before, and I was a little bi-curious, I agreed.
We locked my room and started removing our clothes. He came over to me and began to undress me, while he undressed himself little by little. He had a nice body, toned but not too muscular, and had very little body hair. We were down to our underwear and he asked who should take it off first. He stared at my firm, toned body and decided he couldn’t stand it anymore. He took off my boxers and told me to lay down face-up on the bed.

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He kissed my lips tenderly, then more passionately, until he thought I felt comfortable and began to touch his tongue with mine. It felt soft and warm, turning me on slowly. He took his lips away from mine and began to run them along my neck, kissing and licking as he made his way down. As he made his way down my chest, first he licked my left nipple, then my right, very tenderly so as not to make me feel uncomfortable. Then he made his way down my stomach, all the time licking my abs and my belly button, which tickled at first, but then felt more and more erotic.
Finally, he made his way to my cock, which was rock hard my now. He grabbed it in one hand and licked under it, and then licked my ball sack. I couldn’t help but let out a moan in pleasure as he ran his tongue around, first my right ball, then both right in the middle of my ball sack. Then, like a vacuum cleaner, he took my balls fully in his mouth, all the while I moaned loudly at the feeling. It was a good thing that my uncle was out at the bar where he stayed for most of the night, or my moaning would have aroused suspicion. By then I couldn’t take it anymore and started to curl up, waves of pleasure running through my body. At last, he took his mouth from my balls and took my rock-hard cock in his mouth, which was still in his hand. I had never gotten head before, so it caught me off guard that his mouth was so warm and wet. His tongue was magical. He would move it around my cock head, up, down and around my cock, and kept on doing so as he went in deep.

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   He took my cock all the way to the base, moving his tongue around and stimulating my balls. I couldn’t hold it anymore as he held my cock in his mouth, and I blew my load. This didn’t seem to bother Van, who just swallowed it and kept on sucking, and did the whole thing for about half an hour more, making me orgasm twice more.
Afterwards, he licked my ball sack again, which like magic, brought my cock back to life. He jerked it until he was sure that it was hard and, using the saliva as lube, positioned himself on my cock and started to thrust my cock into his ass. He went slowly at first, getting a feel for it. Once he got used to it, he started to hump faster and faster, holding his anus tight.
We kept going for about twenty minutes when I noticed that his cock was very large and red, and looked very bulbous because of how hard it was. He noticed me looking and put my hand on top of it, but I had another idea. I stopped humping, held him down on my cock and sat up, slowly putting his back on the bed. I had never sucked a cock before, but I had seen him do it a while ago. I slowly pulled my cock out of his ass, causing euphoria for Van, who moaned. I bent down and started licking his balls, which tasted salty and slightly musty. Gasping with pleasure, he said “Put it in your mouth. ” I took his cock in my mouth and moved my head up and down, slowly at first so as not to gag .

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   As I got used to the feeling of it in my mouth, I went faster. It felt so hard and smooth as it moved in my mouth, He couldn’t take it anymore and blew his load in my mouth, his cum catching me by surprise. It tasted a bit salty, and bitter, but the more I held it in, the more I liked the taste. Swallowing, I went for another go. Suddenly he said, “Wait. Put it in your ass, while it’s getting hard. ” Seeing as how he was my only fuck buddy, I felt I had no choice but to do so.
 I turned around and, like a rocket, his cock pushed into my ass. It was very painful at first. Soon, however, it started to feel good, and my cock got hard again. He thrust very hard and fast, making me cry out in pain. He kept thrusting for a few minutes, and then finally, he busted his load again. I felt cum flow down from my ass as he pulled his cock out. As it poured out, I grabbed it and put it on my cock as lube, and then I turned him over and started to hump him hard, just like he had just done to me. I humped for what seemed like an hour, and finally blew my load a fourth time
We lay resting for a few minutes when I had an idea.

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   “Van, how about this: we fuck each other’s asses at the same time?” “How are we going to do that?” he asked. I told him to lie down sideways on his left side. As he did so, I followed and did the same. I inched closer to him until both of our cocks touched, and then I lifted his leg. I put one of my legs under the one on the bed and crossed my other one with the one up in the air. As I did this, I put my cock in his ass, and soon led his into my own ass. I pushed as if jumping to get our cocks pumping, feeling them get hard at the same time. We kept thrusting like this for a long time, until we came again. Though interesting, this had been an odd position to try.
For the next couple of days, I had not seen my uncle. Van’s parents went on vacation and they let him stay with me in the house. We kept on doing it all day all the time while he stayed, enjoying the fact that my uncle wasn’t home. Whenever we needed a break, we grabbed a bite to eat, although with a few skipped meals every now and then, his cum actually tasted less bitter, and he had said the same about mine.
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