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Topic: Gamer's bet, looser penitratesTo this day i dont think he know, or cared i rigged the AI, he might be mad he might not, but what happened, happened. My story starts on a monday, the folks were at work and I was just wakign up with a bit of morning wood. Normaly if my folks wern't home, I would start my day by masterbating my 7 inch morning wood. However today was different, my neighbor and i useual hang out and played video games, i recently bought a lap top and had it hooked to my home network, anywho thats not important. what is I bet him 75 dollars and sex that he could not beat my all time score on the game we normaly played.
We would normaly poke fun at eachother, teast and poke eachother, but we never went all the way, untill today that is. Some nights i would masterbate thinking about his 9 inch penis n my vergin ass while i used a dog penis dildo about the same leingh. . . Well i guess my story begins when we shook on the bet the day befor and i went and basicly progamed the game so he would loose.
Well the day finaly came, i let him in, i was already hard as a rock and i noticed his was bulging in his running shorts. When he sat down at the computer, we began to play. once he lost he was slightly mad but i think he was mor embarresed than mad! I playfuly grabed his cock and pe punched me in my side, i winked and reminded him of the bet. He resopnded by saying you cant be serious can you?
I slid down my pants and playfuly sat behind him kissing his neck. at that moment he turned from soft to rock hard. i immediantly reached down and unbuttoned Danle's pants.

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   he let out a soft moan as i massaged his nipples though his shirt. my breasts are about the size of a 14 year old girls and are sensiive to toutch. He realized i was dead serious about the sex, so he sighed and took his shirt off revealing his well chizled abs. I began to lick his chest and nipples Danle let out moans of pleasure as I did so. I paused and told him told ya you'd have fun. course i had never had sex eather.
But still I kepted on licking his button sized nipples as the air conditioner kicked in it send a shiver up his spine and mine as well as we were both compleatly nude. I stopped licking his nipple and moved to his enlarged penis now about 6 inches out of the 9 long. I cuped his balls in my hands as i began to toung to tip. i forced my toung as deep into his piss hole as i could while i slowly moved closer to is anus with my hand.
Felling my index finger force its way into his anus, he let out a moan as i began to suck. I slowly forced my finger deeper into his ass causing him to shive. His cock was expantind in my mouth the last three inches of the nine. I began to taste his pre cum at the top of my toung and told him it was time. I bent over and spread my ass cheeks with my hands.

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   He looked at my anus for awhile before bending over himself and jabing my pucked hole with his toung. I was on the edge, about to cum myself as he forced his fully erect 9 inch penis into my tiny hole with out any reguard of my cmfort.
The pain was intence but was quickly replaced with pure pleasure as he began impaining me inch by inch in and out in and out gaine two inches and fell back one. before long his entime penis was in my ass. I could feel is balls on my ass crack as he brutaly raped my vergin boy pussy wich by now was spread a whole two inches.
He took hold of my 7 inch cock and worked it between his fingers forcing my cum out onto his penis and nutsack i suttered at the feeling of my own cum lubercating his penis that was raping my ass but i loved every second of it! I felt his gigantic penis begin to twich deep in my ass cheeks. I knew it was not long before he would be breeding my ass.
WOOSH! his cum began to flow into my ass I could feel the heat from it all the way to my chest. He just kepted filling me for what was like 45 seconds of constant ejaculation. He was like a horny aninmal raping me! Just the way I dreamed but it was my best friend! my Fanticy come true! three minutes later he was all out of seed.
I unmounted his gigantic dick as his seed spilled out of my still gaping hole onto the computer chair ruining the aphulstery. Damn it I thought, but who cared not me! I was in LOVE, with another man and my neighbor, best friend, and all around good guy.
Once we were no longer in the heat of the moment, we realized the small room smelled like sex and a gym bag! Looking at the clock wich read 4:30 knowing damn well my folks would be home witin the hour i grabbed a bottle of Ferbreaze and sprayed it all down with air freshener. Danle and I had one last kiss before he headed out and I knew things would never be the same again as I got a text on my phone saying 'I'll be there tomorrow'
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