James Makes Me Bi-Curious


I was 17 years old and had been stationed in San Diego for only a couple of weeks. Being too young to imbibe, the favorite pastime of my older shipmates, I would often find myself alone while exploring my new environment. San Diego is warm, sunny, and as I was soon to find out, a hub for homosexuals looking to nail a young sailor.
I came to learn about this one night while waiting for the bus to take me downtown where I could catch another bus back to base. It was about 10pm and the buses were running about an hour apart. After about 10 minutes a vehicle pulled up and a middle aged man asked if I would like a ride downtown as it would be awhile before the next bus arrived. He was clean cut and seem to pose no threat so I thanked him and hopped in.
He introduced himself as James and made small talk as he drove, at first asking questions about whether I had a girlfriend, how long I’d been in town, and what did I like to do for fun. I noticed that as he talked he would pat my knee or lower thigh, much as someone might touch your shoulder or arm during conversation. I naively took this as a harmless gesture until he began asking more personal questions about my girlfriend and my sex life and his hand came down on my upper thigh just inches from my crotch. I still wasn’t sure whether it was an accident or not until, with only a moments hesitation, he slid his hand onto my crotch and began fondling my cock through my jeans.
Never having had a gay encounter, I froze in my seat. Would he be violent if I rejected his advances? He looked rather tall, even while sitting, and must have weighed about 200 pounds. I was only 5’ 7” and weighed about 120. Should I jump out of the car and run when he slowed down, or should I just sit back and go with the flow? While mulling my options, he worked my now rock hard cock until he had me so horny that I decided, for now at least, to go with the flow.
As if reading my mind, James encouraged me to relax and then told me to hit the lever on the side of the seat so I could recline and get real comfortable.

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   I did as I was told and then spread my legs wider to give him better access.
Tired of working through my jeans, James worked at my zipper and with minimal help from me, was finally able to extract my rock hard 7” cock. James slowly and gently stroked my cock until I thought I would explode, but he seemed to sense when I was getting ready and would back off. After a couple of minutes he finally turned off of the highway onto a very poorly lit street, found a place to park, and shut off the engine.
I had no idea what to expect at this point and told him so. He smiled and again told me to relax as he worked at undoing my belt and unbuttoning my jeans. He instructed me to slide my jeans down to my ankles, then lay back and enjoy. I nervously slid my pants down and laid back very still. James wasted no time getting down to business. He lifted my shirt up to my neck and gasped out loud in appreciation. While I was only slightly built, I did exercise regularly and had a washboard stomach and pronounced pecs which seemed to excite him. He immediately attacked my nipples, sucking them while simultaneously massaging my pectoral muscles. He worked his way down my chest to my stomach, noisily licking and sucking every inch of my body.
I was in ecstasy and ready to explode so I reached between my legs to relieve myself. James calmly grab my hand and placed it back at my side never missing a beat.

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   Apparently, he did a solo! James worked every square inch of my crotch area, licking and sucking my balls, thighs and the base of my cock.
Up until then I had remained silent, but now I was moaning loudly in anticipation and begging him to make me cum. Finally, James grabbed my cock by it’s base and deep throated me. A shiver coursed through my body as I convulsed without cumming. He then slowly worked my throbbing member as he had done the rest of my body; slowly sucking, licking and kissing every inch. When I could take it no more, I put my hands on his head and tried to fuck his mouth. He finally settled into a steady rhythm which had me erupting in seconds with the mother of all orgasms.
When he had finished, he started the engine and made his way back to the highway while I untwisted my underwear and pulled my pants back up. He asked me if I enjoyed it and I told him yes but I felt a little ashamed and embarrassed. He assured me that everybody felt that way after the first time and that with a few more experiences I would get over that feeling. I told him that this would probably be the only time but he just smiled and said, “We’ll see. ”
I was deep in thought when we finally arrived downtown and he pulled over to the curb to let me out. As I climbed out of the car he told me to keep an open mind. I thanked him for the ride and started walking to the bench by the bus stop when I heard him yell, “You have a nice body, I’d like to teach you some things. ”
I responded, “We’ll see.

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