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Topic: Part 1It was a Saturday night and my friend and I were hanging out playing some b-ball and some football. It was a really hot afternoon and when it was about eight o’clock we decided to go inside because it was getting really dark and it was hard to see the ball. I thought to myself I really should have brought some extra cloths to change into because I was really drenched in sweat. I felt really nasty so I asked him if I could take a shower and he didn’t care. We walked into the house I started to strip down as soon as I could which meant as soon as I got in the house. The sweat made me feel really nasty so I needed to get them off.   I was down to my boxers as I walking into the bathroom. As soon as I shut the door I threw my boxers off and started the shower and hopped in. The water felt amazing after a long day of playing around.   After I got done washing everything I looked around and saw a razor and some shaving cream, so I decided to shave myself bare like I always do.
I had let it grow for like three days.  After I was done shaving myself I looked down and was pretty happy with my job.   No hair anywhere. I got out and dried myself and realized again I had nothing to wear and I got the towel that I dried off in and put it around my waist and tied it. I threw on some deodorant and walked out. I thought to myself Ill just ask him to borrow something then I thought I was way much bigger than him.

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    So that plan went up in flames.   I walked out and he looked at me and said dude you don’t have to wear that it’s probably going to get really uncomfortable and we have both seen each other naked so what’s the point.   And I thought to myself yeah it is really uncomfortable and it will fell so awesome to be naked. Then I said well if I’m getting naked then you have to too. He said fine. He only had on boxers anyways. So I dropped the towel and he lowered his boxers and he looked at me and said hey you’re shaved just like me. I said yeah it feels so much better and it doesn’t inch as much.
He said that is true, here come play some video games with me as he handed me the controller. And after about 30 min of playing we decided to get something to eat. So we got some stuff from his fridge. I said Dude you want to go eat it outside and he said but what if people see us and I said well that’s half the fun.   So we open the garage and threw down some lawn chairs and started to eat. His garage was empty because his parents were gone for the weekend and they took the cars. As soon as we set down the first car went by. 

   It was dark enough so they can tell that there are people in there but not that we are totally naked with a growing hard on. We both had a sandwich and some chips. And we decided to stay longer and just talk for a little bit as cars were going by. I was feeling a lot more adventurous so I said to him dude we should go drive around naked for a bit. He thought about it and said it sounds like fun. So we walked out of the garage and he closed it behind me and walked to the street where his car was and I car drove by and honked. It was really getting to me.
I started to feel myself raise a lot after that. And I started to see him raise a lot too. While we were driving I started to rub myself kind of slow but enough for him to start to watch.
    Then I did the unthinkable I reached over and started to rub his balls and cock. He said I going to cum so I stopped stroking him cause I wanted to taste the cum in my mouth. Then after a little while he started to get soft again and so did I. So we did the most daring thing we could do without getting in trouble. We went to McDonalds and went through the drive through and the girl that gave us our food had a kind of horny/really happy face on.

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       We only got a couple of milkshakes and some fries. We walked back to the garage after we parked and went to the family room. I was so excited I said to him that was amazing. He turned and said yeah it was, as he turned the TV on.
    He started to eat my fries and he wasn’t expecting it I leaned down and took his cock in my mouth. I have never sucked a cock before but it was amazing. The taste, the feel,  the excitement of sucking cock. He was still eating his fries while I was sucking him off I could tell he loved it because I could hear him moan softly. One of my hands on his cock and the other one was exploring his hairless body. I reached over his legs feeling them up and all over his chest. He basically screamed I’m cuming in pleasure. Then he shot his cum into my mouth and it tasted amazing. It was so much better than I thought it was going to taste. He said to me now it’s my turn he leaned over and took my six inch cock into o his mouth. He was like a pro at sucking cock but it was his first time ever.

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       It took maybe two min to make me cum in his mouth. After it I asked him how it tasted and he also said amazing. The rest of the night we just played around with each other’s cocks until we fell asleep on top of each other with his cock still in my hand.
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