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So he called me, we began talking not knowing we were walking down the same street. And ask we were walking and talking, we happen to bump into each other. He described to me what he was wearing. Black t-shirt,jeans, and backpack. So I said jokingly, "you know I just passed a really cute guy wearing exactly what you described. " He said "what street?" I said grand. Then he said "don't look now but you just passed me up. " I said no way. So quickly I got off the phone, ran back in the other dirrection. And there he was all 6'4 180lbs of him smiling looking absoultely fine as HELL. With a killer smile, and killer body. I shock his hand and smiled and said "nice to meet you" Do you wonna get some coffee?" He smiled again and said I would love to. O. K. to make a long story short we had coffee and went back to his place. When we got on the elavator, he began to put his hands on my waist and smile and rub my butt like I was his bitch or something! But strangely enough, you know I loved every minute of it.

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  So finally we are inside his place. He slammed the door and grabbed me and started kissing me. Oh I got supper hard! He then forced me on the sofa with a devilish smile, I guess it was his way of telling me who's going to be the bitch! But as hot as he was, I guess I can take a little pain this time. Slowly I started taking off his shirt, then he took of mine. Then we took off our shoes, and before I knew it we were both, butt naked on the sofa with my hand on his ass, and he was slowly throbbing me I was all wet with precum. As we were kissiing, he suddenly stopped and said " You know I like sex with guys, but I don't date them " I grabbed him by the head. Through my tongue down his throat and said "Don't worry I have a girlfriend too!" We both laughed !! He then stood up with his 6'4 frame and 9inch fat cock and put it in the dirrection of my mouth. I began to suck him. He was HUGE!! AS I was sucking him he was moaning, I began to lick his balls! He then said lets go in the backroom. We went in the back, started making out again. And ask we were doing our thing he said " So how do you want me to Fuck you!!" I softly replied on my back with my legs in the air and doggy!!We tried it, but he was to big!! I screamed wait. Then he said I got an idea why don't you sit down on my cock first, and when your ready I will takeover. So I slowly, and I mean slowly sat down on his 9inch cock. I started riding him slowly, I began to kiss him also. Afther about 5 minutes he said get up, turn around.

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   I did it! and He started to fuck me dooggy style I was in so much pain! But I screamed for him not to stop. So we are fucking hard, he's smacking my butt, asking me who's ass is it and everything and being the manly man he was he didn't stop until he came. And he came all over my back. Afther that I was supper sore and said to myself. I want be doing this againfor a long while. We then took a shower. I sucked him in the shower and masterbated. We got out. watched some T. V. He gave me his cell number and I went home sore as all hell. Two weeks later I saw him on the street. We acted like we didn't even know each other, not a smile. But did I care NO. Later that night I went home and called him and said "I saw you today.

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  " He said, "Yea I know. " What are you doing now" I said "nothing". He then invited me over. I went over and we did the same thing all over again! And that's why I love bi-guys! Cause you can have sex with them, after that hang out and act like nothing ever happened. .

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Welcome to praque escorts website

praque escorts site connects everything that is about prague scort . Here you can find not girls only but boysand trans, too. Here you can read the information about each model, her reviews, and comments by other users.
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Batumi is the seat of the Adjara district in southern Georgia and a popular tourist destination for its proximity to the Black Sea and lively nightlife. The city is also well-known for its beautiful escort females, who are a welcome addition to the city's vibrant nightlife.

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