My First Gay Experience


Bam and Dom had been good friends for about a year now. They started college together. Dom was the person Bam got on best with in the class and visa versa. Bam was about 18, 6ft 1” and average build while Dom was 18, 6ft 3” and well built as he was a rugby player. What Dom did not know was that Bam had had a guy crush on him for about a month now. Bam had never done anything gay before but had thought about it a few times and he didn’t think Dom had either.
About a week later Bam and Dom were going to go and see a film at the cinema and Dom asked Bam if he wanted to stay over after. Bam thought for about a second and said yes. He thought this could be his chance to find out. They got back to Dom’s and chilled for a while in the lounge watching another film which Bam had bought with him. After the film had finished Dom said we better go to bed and Bam agreed. When Bam had been to Dom’s house in the past, he had seen that Dom’s friends had stayed over and when they did they stayed in Dom’s room. Of course he was hoping for the Same treatment. Unfortunately, to his surprise Dom said he could sleep in the spare room. Bam was annoyed as this ruined and plans he had thought up about how to try and see if Dom was interested. Bam lay in the spare room while Dom went upstairs to his room.

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   All Bam could think about was being in the Same bed as Dom. After about half an hour of thinking, Bam snuggled up in his covers and got ready to go to sleep.
As he was dropping off he heard someone on the stairs next to the spare room. Then a soft knock on the door as Dom crept in and whispered “Bam, are you awake?” Bam sat up in bed and said “Yes, why?” to which Dom replied “Do you want to come upstairs and stay in my bed? I didn’t want to ask earlier because my parents were still up and I didn’t want them to know”. Bam’s head was rushing, his palms sweating as he said “Yer. Sure”The two guys slowly walked upstairs as not to awaken Dom’s parents and climbed into bed. Bam lay down facing the window and Dom lay next to him and put his arm around Bam. Bam felt safe in Dom’s big strong arms and could fell his muscles as he tightened his grip on Bam. Dom started stroking Bam’s chest as they lay there; slowly going lower and lower until his hand was at the bottom of Bam’s white T-shirt which he had left on. He slid his hand inside Bam’s T-shirt and started stroking him under his T-shirt. Bam turned over and asked Dom “Are you sure you want to do this?” As he said it he thought what a stupid thing to do what if he realises he doesn’t and it is all ruined. But he said yes before Bam had time to really start worrying. Bam now had butterflies in his stomach he was so nervous. He had always been worried that his average 6” dick was not enough for some people luckily it was quite thick (about 6” round). Although he had never received any complaints in the bed department before from any of the girls he had been with.

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He asked Dom if he could go first so that he could see if Dom was bigger than him or not. He had expected him to be much bigger as he was a jock and he thought that all jocks had large cocks. He slid Dom’s pyjama bottoms down so he was just in his boxers, he took one last breath and slid them down to reveal a semi-hard dick which was about 5” long at the moment but as soon as he grabbed it Dom went hard and it expanded to around 7 inches and about the same thickness as his. It was bigger than his but he hoped it would not be so much that Dom would think his was small. It was amazing, the best cock he had ever seen, better than the ones on porn films or anything like that.
He moved down the bed and put Dom’s dick in his mouth making sure to cover his teeth with his lips as his ex had done for him. He heard Dom moan slightly as he sucked as much of it as he could into his mouth. Bam moaned as he deep throated Dom, the vibrations went through Dom’s dick and Dom moaned again. Bam loved to hear him moan. He sucked it as hard as he could until it was a far down his throat as he could handle then let the suction go and went back up to the head, licked a bit and sucked as much as he could back in again. He continued for about 5 minutes, Dom said he was about to cum but Bam just kept on going till Dom shot his load down his throat.
    His cum tasted so good, Sweet and salty at the same time. He sucked as much of the tasty cum off as he could and then let go of his cock, returned to the top of the bed and said “now its your turn” to Dom.
    Dom asked Bam to come and sit on the end of the bed; he then kneeled down at the end of the bed and took off Bam’s T-Shirt and boxers. He looked Bam in the yes and smiled then went down on him.

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       He had a very different technique to Bam. He went up and down quicker lubricating Bam’s dick with loads of spit, making Bam fuck his mouth. He kept going for about 5 minutes like Bam had and then started sucking harder. Bam told Dom he was about to blow but just like Bam had, Dom kept sucking as hard as he could till Bam shot his load into Dom’s mouth. Dom seemed to enjoy it.   He licked Bam’s dick for a bit longer making sure to get every last bit of cum. Bam asked to if he wanted them to fuck each other but Dom smiled and said “Better leave something for next time”. Which Bam loved the sound of that!Dom set the alarm for 6am so that Bam could go back down to the guest room so that his parents wouldn’t suspect anything. And then they went to sleep, Dom with his arms around Bam again. The End…maybe a second part if you like it. Let me know what you think of my first story!
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