my friend and I


Topic: it feltt goodThis story happened like 3 months ago true and its true.One day after school my friend ask me if he could come to my crib because he worked in 3 hours and didn't want to go all the way to his house I said ok when we got there no one was home we went straight to my room {we were both in gym uniforms since we had that class last} he took out 2 dvds from his book bag and I saw they were porn {straight porn} and he told me to pop one in {we always watch porn together but just to see if they were good or not} later on like 20 minutes I was so horny my dick was visible through my shorts I rub it a little then I turn and saw my friend with a big ass bulge in his shorts and I told him damn dude u got a big one he just laugh and said hell yea and took it out I was in shock I never thought he will do something like that he right away started masturbated I just stay there in shock until he grave my hand and guide it tours his big 8 inch thick dick I didn't let him but he told me to help him out and I just though why not and jack him off he just felt on his chess and great abs he had until I stop and took of my shirt and told him your turn dude and without a pause he reach inside my shorts and took out my 7 1/2 inch dick out I lay back on my bed while he jack me off I was moaning it didn't take more then 10 minutes until I shot my load on his hand and my six pack.. I then got up and finish him up he shot his load on my hand his shorts and my abs some of it landed on my lower neck.. we are both straight but this happen again to times which ill post up later ... lolz