My Gay Excursion


I had never thought of myself as the “gay” type; as far back as I can remember I have always been interested in girls.   However, at the age of 15, with hormones raging, any type of sexual experience would have been a good one.  

I had experimented with two friends at the age of 13, doing the circle jerk, some oral sex, had one come on my crotch (he didn’t know he was going to go until it was too late and we both were not expecting it), and even was able to attempt anal with the other friend at one point, but it never went farther then him putting the head of his dick on my asshole (he was wearing a condom but it wouldn’t stay on. He had a long prick (probably about 6 ½ inches) at 14 but it was about as big around as your little finger. I think today he uses finger condoms, not regular ones!) But that was the extent of my experiences until a few years later.

I had found my Dad’s porn at about 13, so I knew the mechanics of sex early on, but had never had any other experiences with anyone else (other than my hand) until Brady came along.   Brady lived near me and was about the same age. He was thinner than me, and at 15 had been sexual with 3 girls that I know of.   Hence, I never thought of him in the sexual way until that summer day.

We were just hanging out at his house, trying to avoid his younger brother who was a pain in the ass and figuring out what to do with the day.   His brother finally left to go play with one of his friends up the street, leaving Brady and me alone.   After about 20 minutes of going through everything we could do at that point, Brady said “I’m thinking that maybe we should try jerking each other off. What do you think?”

This caught me completely by surprise.   He had never mentioned anything like this before and for a second it scared the shit out of me; not only because I didn’t know if he was joking or not, but because at the mention of it, my cock started getting hard!!!  I asked “Are you serious dude?”  He replied “Yeah. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. This will stay between you and me, I promise” And with that, he started reaching for his belt.

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I checked the house to make sure we were alone, and then closed the door to his room.   By this time he already had his pants down to his ankles and was starting to rub his dick.   It was a nice size, about 6 inches and as thick as my own, but his was perfectly straight.   I took it in my left hand as I sat down, and slowly starting stroking it.   Brady closed his eyes. “Wow, I like that. ”

This entire time, my dick was struggling against my shorts, straining to get out.   Without taking my hand off Brady’s cock, which was starting to throb and get warm, I got up and unbuckled my shorts, letting them and my underwear drop to the ground. My dick sprang out from its restraints, 5 ½ inches long and curved to the left at the center.   Brady opened his eyes. “Nice package dude.   Come here” he said.   And before I knew it, he had grabbed my cock with his hand and guided it into his mouth.
The feeling of a warm mouth around the head of my dick was incredible!!!!  I was so excited I felt that I would have blown my load right then and there; however, since I had been masturbating like crazy since I had hit puberty nothing happened.   Brady continued to suck on my dick head, moving up and down slowly as my cock swelled.

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    I leaned into him and pushed my dick farther into his mouth.   Then, he started moaning.   The vibrations from his vocal cords traveled up through his mouth and into my cock, sending warm pulses through my groin. This was amazing.   As much as I didn’t want to, I pulled back out of his mouth with a pop.   He looked up at me and asked “Too much?”

Without another word, I pushed him back onto the bed and lay down with my dick in his face and his in mine, the classic 69 position but on our sides.   I looked his equipment over; in addition to a nice cock, his balls were good sized and smooth. A small tuft of pubic hair stood out in a triangle above his penis.   Pre-come was already oozing out of the tip; he was as excited about this as I was.   I took his dick in my hand and without hesitating, opened my mouth and let it slide in.   At the same time, Brady did the same with my hard penis.

What a feeling!!! I was in heaven!!!   But at the same time, a thousand questions were screaming through my head: Does this mean I’m gay?  Why does this feel so good?  Would it feel like this with a woman?  What if we get caught? What about diseases? OH SHIT!  I stopped for a second.   “Hey Brady. ”  “Yeah?” he replied.   “Did you use protection when you fucked those girls?” 

“Duh, dude.

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    I don’t need a kid” he retorted.   “Did they have anything?”  I asked.   “Not that I know of.   You afraid?” he asked.   “Just nervous. ” I said with a little shake in my voice.
      “Don’t worry dude, I won’t give you anything. ”  With that, he went back to sucking my dick, quickening the pace.

    With that wonderful feeling going on down in my groin, I started on his dick again, moving up and down on the head, then pulling back and tracing it with my tongue.   I could see his balls working back and forth; I knew from watching myself whack off that this meant that he was starting in on an orgasm.   All of a sudden, it came to me: “Don’t let his come hit the bed. ”  I opened wide, put his dick back in my mouth and started sucking, moving down farther and farther until the head of his cock was against the back of my throat and his ball sack was on my nose.   I kept waiting for the gag reflex to kick in but nothing happened. I moved all the way back to the tip of his dick then back down. I did this about three more times then I felt his hand on my chest, pushing me back.

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        I resisted and moved down again; at the same time I saw his balls contract up to the bottom of his dick and felt it grow in girth. He moaned “Oh my god, I’m going!” as I felt his cock spasm in my mouth.   His warm jizz hit the back of my throat, one shot, two, three, four, each as intense as the one before it.  

    My mind was racing: I had blown a guy to orgasm and I was swallowing his come!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I had enjoyed it!!!!!!

    Brady was breathing hard but wasn’t letting up on my own prick.   He went back to jerking on it while he was still moving up and down the shaft with his mouth.   This was more than my body could handle: without warning I was having my own orgasm and started shooting my load.   He must have known because he pushed me onto my back just as the warm sperm started spraying out. I shot about 2 feet into the air on my first push, and it just kept coming. I was screaming without making noise, every muscle in my body was tensed, focusing its energy on squeezing every ounce of semen out of my body through my pulsating dick.

    Finally after about nine ropes of come had sprayed up and splashed back down onto my groin and stomach, my dick stopped shooting and I collapsed back onto the bed, heart racing and breathing hard.   Brady was sitting Indian style next to me, his hand still on my cock which was growing softer and softer with each passing second.   He smiled.

    “Damn man, I know that guys that have big feet are supposed to have big dicks but I didn’t know they had to come so damn much!!”  I smiled back and said “There would have been a lot more had I not jerked off in the shower this morning. ”  He laughed and started licking the come off my dick and body.

    Once I was cleaned up we both got up, made sure we had left no traces of our playtime and then went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

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       I could barely walk and my balls where throbbing, but I knew that this would not be the last time I saw Brady’s dick in my mouth, or vice-versa. And I was right.
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