Topic: My sister opens my eyes to a whole new world the holidayThe next week we all jetted off to Lanzarote there were 8 of us in total I had 3 of my friends and she had 3 of hers, we are a close knit group have been for years my best friend Junior has been with her best friend Stacy for the past 3 years and on this trip they would be sharing a room together and I was sharing with my other mate Steven and Sarah was sharing with her friend Jodie. Not the cheapest arrangement but the plan was that me and Steven would be bringing girls back each night and I wouldn’t have be able to with my sister there. We were in a hotel in Puerto Del Carmen that was just behind the main strip.
The first couple of days were nightmare me and Sarah couldn’t have any time alone at all. We only managed a 10 minute quickie on the second afternoon while Steven and Junior were off somewhere getting something to eat and Jodie and Stacy were down by the pool sunbathing, Sarah had told them she was going to grab her sunglasses so we didn’t have long. So it was just a quick fuck up against the wall of the bathroom. Once we were finished I was fed up, “this is no good, I don’t want to just have a quickie whenever we can we need to get away from them for a bit and be alone,” I said, “How do you suppose we do that?” she said while covering up her beautiful breasts with her white lace bikini that I swear she only got to wind me up, “I don’t know but we are going to have to come up with something,” “then you’d better hurry up and come up with a plan then. ” She then walked past me and brushed her hand against my dick, so I grabbed it and spun her round to face me, “and if I do can I fuck your ass?” I said, “If you want to fuck my ass then you will have to earn it,” with that she kissed me on the side of the mouth and walked away giving her arse a little spank on the way out of my room. I knew I had to come up with something but I didn’t have a clue.
That night we went down the main strip and went in a few bars starting off in the Tequila Bar and Atomic revolution we were all well drunk and we were all talking when I glanced over at a map of the island and it just came to me I said “How about we go to Arrecife tomorrow night instead of coming down here every night its only couple of miles down the road?” “Sounds like a plan bud I will drink to that. ” Junior said and everyone else seemed to agree so it was sorted, we carried on drinking and started to get the shots of Tequila in, one after another when the bar rep came up to us and said, “Do you guys what to try real drink?” “Why what is it?” Jodie asked, “it’s called a royal spirit and its 94% only real men can drink this,” “Fuck it I will have a go fill it up my good man,” Steven shouted, “yeah me too and pour Junior one as well” I said. So he lined up 3 shots along the bar, “Ready? 1-2-3,” Oh my god!!!!! I swallowed it as fast as I could and it still burnt the shit out of my mouth and now my insides were on fire, I’m gasping for air, we all are. Once the burning sensation calmed I started to feel my guts start to churn, “this is not good, I think I going to be sick,” Steven said while starting to dart off to a corner, “think I’ll join you mate,” Junior said, they both started throwing up in the corner, “Soft cunts, I’m going for a piss. ” I walked inside and went into the toilet and straight into a cubical and brought the entire contents of my stomach straight up then quickly tidied myself up and walked out and straight to the bar to get a drink which I gargled to try and hide the smell of sick, I then went back over to my friends who were lent over a railing still being sick. They were in a bad way so we decided to call it a night and on our way back up to the hotel I gloated about being able to handle my drink the best.
That night at around 6am I purposely woke Steven up while making myself sick in the toilet and even though he checked on me he went back to bed and left me there which was where I slept.

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   That morning he came back in to check on me even I have to admit I looked rough so I had a shower and went back to bed. I felt fine really stomach was a little sore but ultimately fine but I kept up the pretence of being ill and when everyone came in the room to see how I was everyone blamed the royal spirit cause I was the only one who kept it down and it must be making me bad, “do you want to call tonight off then?” Junior asked “I’ll be fine by tonight man, we will still go. I have guts of steal me,” “Yeah right you coming for breakfast then?” Jodie asked “No you alright couldn’t eat a thing,” “Gut’s of steal eh?” Steven said while walking out followed by the rest apart from Sarah she waited till the door closed before coming over to the bed and kissed me on the forehead, “You okay?” “Yeah I’m fine,” “What?” “Look tonight I’m going to make them go to Arrecife but you volunteer to look after me, I’m going to play ill all day that way we can do something together,” “You think it will work?” “Hope so. If not we can still have night in while they go down the strip,” “Okay then let’s hope so I’m off down to breakfast and I will see you in a bit,” and she got up and walked out of the room leaving me board and really hungry. . .
My day was comprised of lying on my bed sleeping or when Steven walked in being sick in the toilet then finally the night came, “What are we going to do the ‘cause he can’t come out?” Stacy said “No man. You lot get your selves there. ” I said “Well we can’t leave you by yourself can we?” Stacy said “I will stop with him. ” Sarah said, “Are you sure?” I said, “Yeah you go and see if it’s any good and if it is we will go later on in the week. ” “Sweet let’s go people!!!” Junior shouted, “you sure?” Jodie asked, “Yeah relax have a good time,” I said. With that they all dispersed to get ready and soon it was 7o’clock and they were leaving the hotel Sarah watched them out of the window getting into a taxi while I jumped in the shower for a quick wash. “Right then we have the room to ourselves all night what do you want to do first?” I said “Let’s go down the strip for a bit. ” “Why? We’ve got what we wanted. ” “You have to earn this first,” “Fucking tease,” “I know now put some clothes on and hurry up about it.

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When we got down the strip it was still relatively early so we went for something to eat and then hit the clubs, we were in a club called Paradise and I went to the bar and when I turned around I saw Sarah talking to some bloke who was about the same height as me but was bigger built like he spent most of his life in a gym. This pissed me off so I walked over, “Hey babe this is Joey and Joey this is my boyfriend Joseph,” We both give our polite “Alright,” to each other “We going back to Joey’s for a threesome,” “What?” I said “Just go with it” she whispered in my ear “no” I said “Look if you want to fuck me in my ass then you will do what I want,” I didn’t have a choice so I went along with it and we left. After a short 5 minute walk we arrived at his hotel and walked up to his room.
It’s a small room with 2 small single beds and a bathroom and that’s it. We both sit on a bed each looking up at her as she strips for us firstly taking her skirt off revealing her stunning legs that just shine in the light, then her low cut top exposing her beautiful C cups that just flop down due to the fact she isn’t wearing a bra, she then removes her black thong and we can both see her freshly shaven pussy. She then picks up her thong and puts it in my mouth and takes her top and blindfolds me with it and now all I can do is listen to her approach him, I can hear them kissing and then it stops after around a minute I hear her voice, “Stand up and drop those pants I want to see those cock’s of yours!!” I stood up and dropped my shorts my cock springing out into the air, I then feel a hand on my dick and a mouth rap around the tip as well as a tongue then it stops and I hear slurping, I feel a hand rising up my body and then onto my face grabbing my blindfold and tugging it off to reveal my sister down on her knees sucking Joey’s dick while looking up at me and I also notice that he is still blindfolded.
    I take a look at his dick its smaller than mine only about 6 and a half inches but it still has some girth she then starts sucking mine will stroking his dick which is rock hard at this point, she resumes sucking mine till my cock is fully erect all 8 inches standing to attention ready to fuck she then takes him around the side of a bed and pulls grabs a condom from her purse and tears the packet open with her teeth and puts it on him she then pulls me around to the other side facing him she then hops onto the bed on all fours and reaches back and guides his cock into her pussy and starts rocking backward and forwards on it she then takes my cock in the mouth and starts sucking.
    After about a minute she stops, “Joey spit on your fingers and stick them up my ass. ” She ordered “With pleasure. ” He said I couldn’t believe it he was going to get to fuck her ass before me she then smiled at me and spat on her fingers and reached under my balls and started to finger my arse hole while sucking my cock while periodically applying more spit to her fingers and in turn my ass. Joey starts to speed up, “Slow down Joey keep it slow I don’t want you finishing just yet. ” She said while pulling his cock out of her and stands up spits on her hand and strokes his cock with it while spiting on it a little more, she then signals me to come over to her and she spits on her hand again and reaches around me and sticks her fingers up my ass again and continues to stroke his dick, “Well Joey I think you’re ready to fuck my ass, would you like that?” She said “Yes I would!!” he said rather excited, she then motioned me to kneel on the bed and I look at her with the expression like “what?” while shaking my head, she nodded as if to say yes then guided me down into position she then walked climbed over the bed to face me then reached over to grab his waiting cock. She spat on her fingers again and rubbed my now very wet arse hole again and started to guide it forward.
    I couldn’t believe what was happening I was there in a hotel room across a single bed on all fours waiting to be fucked by a man with my sister helping, then I felt it his cock hit my ass and the pressure grew I could feel my arse hole stretch, “do you like that dick in my ass?” She said. “Yeah it’s so tight!!” “That’s right baby nice and slow now.

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      ” Then the head was in and he reached forward and grabbed my hips and started to pull me towards him slowly and I could feel him getting deeper and deeper till he was fully in and my ass was stretched to max, he then withdrew a couple of inches before pushing it back in, then back out. He started to pump my ass and it started to relax and I even started to rock back onto it and it started to feel good. Sarah went and sat down in a chair across from us and started to masturbate,
    “Yeah that’s it fuck my ass, it feels so fucking good, yeah just like that. You going to masturbate for me Joseph, do you like watching me get fucked in the ass? Yeah stroke that dick for me. ”
    I couldn’t say anything, I still had her thong in my mouth although I was more than ready to spit it out. She licked her fingers on her right hand and reached underneath and started to finger her ass and user her other hand to open her ass then once her fingers were going in and out smoothly she took her hand and started to rub her clit moaning the whole time. Joey started to thrust harder and faster I could feel his ball slapping against the underside of mine, I could feel him tensing up then he gripped me tighter and shouted “I’m going to cum!!!!” “Me too baby!!!! Aghhh!!!” Sarah screamed, I then felt his cock stiffen and spasm and jerk inside my ass as he released his cum. Stacy got up and walked over to us “good boy Joey did you enjoy that. I thought that was amazing did you like it Joseph?” I slid forward off his dick and got off the bed and removed the thong from my mouth, “Yes very much. ” She bent over and took his now half soft dick in her mouth and gave it a quick lick “mmm my ass tastes so good. ” She then stood up and pulled off his blind fold and kissed him while reaching down and taking off his condom putting it to her mouth and draining the contents into her mouth before kissing him again. She then picked up her cloths and started to dress and so did I. She kissed him good night and we both left, “you looked like you enjoyed that?” She asked, “I can’t believe that just happened. ” “You can defiantly have my ass after that. I may have to purchase a strap on after seeing how much you enjoyed that so I can be the one fucking your ass next time!” She said “I can’t wait.

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      ” I said. . . .  
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