Nick is a new Girl, Part 2


> As Nick was walking back to his bedroom, still dressed in a cute school girl's uniform, the front door opened - he had forgotten to lock it! His father walked in, and stared at Nick for a moment, "Who are. . . Nick? What are you doing?"Nick stared at his father in shock, unable to move, his heart beating faster. He looked down at his clothes, and realised just how ridiculous he looked. But then, his father had taken a moment to recognise him, thinking that it was some strange girl breaking into his house. His father stepped over, and put a hand on Nick's shoulder, "Son, what are you doing dressed like that? For a moment, I thought you were the daughter I always wanted. . . " He smiled weakly, "But if your mother finds out that you're doing this, and that I know. . . She'd kill us both, I think. " Nick looked at his father for a moment, surprised that he was okay with it. After a moment, his father continued, "I think we need to have a good long talk about this. "Nick looked at his clothes again, "Dad, can I get changed, first? I love dressing like this, but around you.

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  . . " His father shook his head, and smiled weakly, "No, stay like that. Your mother won't be home until ten o'clock. "Taking his son by the hand, Nick's father led him to the lounge room, where they sat on the same sofa that Nick had given a great headjob to just an hour ago. Nick readjusted his skirt nervously, waiting for his father to speak, to say something about how his son was dressed. "Nick. . . Son. . . That's a great job you've done, of dressing up like that. You really had me fooled. " Nick paused, in shock.

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   Then, he said, "You're. . . you're not angry?"His father shook his head, "No. . . I understand. I dress up sometimes, too, though just in your mother's clothes, and I don't look anywhere as feminine as you. . . " He tilted his head to the side curiously, "So, are you gay?"Nick paused for a moment, trying to work that question out for himself, "I. . . I don't know. I've never been with a girl, but I have been with a guy.

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  . . once. Today. I sucked a guy's cock, and he thought I was a girl. It was nice, though. " He thought about it for a moment, "Maybe I'm bi?"He nodded, "Okay, son. You go get your jacket, I've got some friends I want you to meet. " As Nick went to his bedroom, still in shock, his father gave him a playful slap on the butt, something he'd never done before. Nick started at his father in shock, who just smiled back at him, "Come on, it's getting dark out. "Nick skipped off, and grabbed a jacket that matched his outfit from the suitcase containing all his girly clothes and sex toys, then closed the suitcase, and put it back under his bed. He skipped back to the lounge room, and smiled at his father. Speaking in his girly voice, he said, "I'm ready to go, daddy. "Grinning, his father stood, and stepped over to his son, taking him by the hand, "Come on, I want you to meet a group of very special ladies. I think they'll like your transformation.

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  "He was confused, but Nick let his father lead him out the front door, and into their car. It was indeed getting dark outside, and as his father drove him to. . . wherever it was, night fell properly. They pulled into a parking lot, with only a few lights scattered around, the rest broken and dark, and no cars parked anywhere in sight. They pulled into a parking space underneath the nearest light, and his father honked the horn. After a minute or two, a group of three women, all attractively, if sluttily, dressed, walked over to the car. One was asian, and had black hair, one was a blonde, and the third had firey red hair. The redhead grinned at his father, "Hey baby, you want the usual?"His father shook his head, "No, Kandy, not here for me today. I've brought my son here for a taste of the good stuff. "The blonde walked over to the other side of the care, where Nick was sitting. She leant in to the window, "Hi sexy. Are you sure you're his son? Looks more like a daughter to me. "Nick blushed, and looked over at the blonde, speaking in his girly voice, "Thanks.

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   I try my best. "His father looked over, too, and grinned, "He's interested in your world, I think, fancy giving him the. . . tour?"The blonde opened the door, and took Nick by the hand, leading him out a few metres from the car. The three women surrounded him, running their hands all over his body, grabbing his butt, feeling his crotch, and caressing his male breasts through the few layers of fabric he was wearing. The asian woman grinned at him, "Nice. . . I'm Li, you sexy girl. Now close your eyes, and get down on all fours. "With a little bit of confusion, Nick got down on his hands and knees, and closed his eyes. The women around him giggled for a moment, then he felt a hard cock pressing against his lips. He opened his eyes in shock, and looked up at Li, kneeling infront of him, revealing her 7 inch long hard cock. She grinned at him, "What, you think you're the only transvestite here? Come on, suck it baby.

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  "Nick grinned, and closed his eyes. He moved forward, and took Li's cock into his mouth, sucking on it, gently at first, then with more and more enthusiasm. As he did so, he felt his skirt get lifted up, and his panties pulled down around his knees. A pair of hands slowly caressed his cock and balls, as another slowly rubbed a thick goo, slightly cold, on his anus. From all of his masturbation sessions, he recognised the feeling of being rubbed with lubricant. He tried to relax, and concentrated on his sucking, when suddenly there was pressure at his butt, as a cock was pressed against it. The movement of hands on his cock stopped, to be replaced by soft, loving kisses. His cock got almost instantly hard, and the mouth that was giving him so much attention went from kissing him to sucking on it gently. The cock against his ass pushed in, feeling to be about 6 inches long. He increased the speed and energy of his sucking, and so did whoever was sucking his cock. The cock in his ass stayed in place for a moment, then pulled out, starting a slow thrusting rhythm. He moaned softly, because the shemales pleasuring him were obviously very skilled, and experienced. He wasn't doing too badly, Li was moaning quietly with the pleasure, too. The thrusting in his ass sped up, and within a few minutes, his cock exploded in one of the biggest orgasms he'd ever had. The girl socking on it kept going for a moment, swallowing every drop, then pulled away, grinning.

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   After a few more moments, the cock inside his ass shot a big load into him, as did the one in his mouth. He was surprised as both ends filled with cum, and did his best to swallow what was in his mouth. Li pulled her cock out of his mouth, and leaned forward, licking a little spilled cum off of his cheek. She grinned at him, and kissed him softly on the lips. The cock that was inside his ass pulled out, too, and whoever it belonged to started kissing his stretched hole softly, and poking her tongue in, tasting the lubricant and cum. Nick opened his eyes, and smiled at Li, "That was amazing. . . Thanks girls. " He turned his head, and saw the redhead, Kandy, still licking at his ass, with the blonde sitting next to him, licking her lips seductively. The blonde smiled at him, "You have a tasty little cock. . . Good for hiding underneath your cute female exterior. .

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  . I'm Katie, by the way. It was a pleasure pleasuring you. "Nick blushed, "Thanks, Katie. . . You didn't get any loving, other than a little headjob. . . Can I help you with that?"Katie grinned, and slowly pulled up her red dress, revealing a real pussy, not a cock like Nick had been expecting, "Do you like girls, too?"He smiled, and nodded, "Well, I've never been with one, but I'd love to try. . . Why do you hang out with a pair of transvestites? Seems and odd mix. . .

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  "She rubbed a finger against her slit, "Oh, we make a good team. . . We can give guys pretty much anything they want. . . "Nick pulled himself over to face Katie, and moves his head down, gently sniffing her pubes. She rested her hands, still smelling of Nick's cock, on the back of his head, gently pulling him towards her pussy. He flicked his tongue out, poking at her pussy. As he did so, Kandy stood over him, giving him a perfect view up her skirt, at her butt and cock, the latter still covered in the lubricant, crap, and cum from his ass. He pulled his head from Katie's pussy, and shifted forward so that his small cock was pushing into her pussy. He thrusted in slightly, and as Kandy put her cock into Katie's mouth, Nick slowly spread her ass cheeks with his hands. Leaning forward slightly, with Katie's legs over his shoulders, and his cock in her pussy, he poked his tongue into Kandy's anus, tasty the slightly sour puckered hole. Kandy moaned, and all three girls looked at Nick, surprised by his creativity and adventurousness. He pushed his tongue in again, and thrusted with his cock in time with it.

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  He kept licking at Kandy's ass, alternating between flicking around the rim, and pushing his tongue in, causing Kandy to moan quietly. He also kept up his thrusts, experiencing pussy for the first time. Most of the pleasure, however, was coming from his tongue. It was at that moment that Nick realised that he wasn't bi, he was gay. Here he was, a guy and a girl both completely available to him, and the girl wasn't doing much for him at all. He kept thrusting, to give her some pleasure, but he reached his hands up, tickling Kandy's balls, and kept licking at her anus. Suddenly, Kandy's balls tightened, and a load of cum emptied into Katie's mouth, which she greedily licked up. Her anus also tightened around Nick's tongue. Nick kept lickling, and leant forward, licking Kandy's taint and balls, which were twitching from the orgasm. Slowly, they all came down from their high. Nick kep licking for a bit, and then reluctantly, the three separated. The three girls look at Nick, smiling, and Kandy said, "Nick baby, that was amazing. You really like guys, eh?" Nick smiled, and nodded silently, and the girls gathered together, whispering, then called Nick's father over. His father put his hand on Katie's and Li's butts, rubbing them gently, which seemed to indicate that he usually came here alone. After a moment of whispering, they all giggled, and then Nick's dad went back to the car.


   The girls went back to Nick, and said, "Honey, if you want to help us with a few customers tonight, your Dad says that it's fine for you to 'spend the night at a friend's place'. You'll get plenty of cock, so how about it?"Nick looked at them in shock for a moment, then stood up, grinning, "Count me in. " He waved to his Dad, who waved back, then drove off slowly. The girls turned back to Nick, "Give it a few minutes, and then someone will come along. " They started fixing Nick's hair, makeup, and school uniform, while Katie said, "So, what position do you like?" He thought about it for a moment, then said, "Other than a blowjob to some stranger, that was my first time. . . But I'll try anything once. "They giggled, and said, "Mandy honey, that's so fucking hot. . . " They stepped back from him, and once again, Nick looked like the perfect little schoolgirl. Then, a blue van pulled up nearby, and a middle-aged man got out. The girls walked over to him, and Nick followed along behind. The girls surrounded the stranger, and he said, "Ladies, do you have a new friend tonight?"Kandy nodded, "Jake, this is Mandy.

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   She's a little nervous, but she'll do whatever you want, if you treat her right. And she's brand new, only ridden once. " Nick smiled at him, blushing. The man, apparently named Jake, grinned, and stepped over to Nick, resting his hands on his shoulders. He smiled, "Mandy, eh? Cute name. " Nick blushed more, "So, do you want to give me a try?"Nick nodded eagerly, and Jake moved his left hand down, rubbing Nick's crotch, "Ahh, so you're that kind of girl," He said, grinning, "I guess I'll have to treat you the right way. " Nick reached out, and rubbed his hand against Jake's crotch, "What do you want, big boy?"Jake laughed, and kissed Nick on the cheek, "Baby, I want to put my cock up your ass, while these fine ladies double-team it in your mouth. You think you can take three dicks at once? It'd be so hot, having them in your cute little mouth. " Nick glanced at Kandy, unsure of what to do. She nodded, so Nick moved forward, planting a soft kiss on Jake's lips, then said, "If you can fit it up my tight little ass, it's yours. "The girls moved over, rubbing themselves against Jake and Nick sensually. Katie said, "Jake, honey, if you want the new girl, it'll cost you double. Can't have you perverting her mind for free, eh?" Jake laughed, and nodded, "For this little sweetie, no problem. " He handed over a small wad of cash, and then kissed Nick again, "Whenever you're ready. "Nick turned around, and slowly lowered his panties, leaving his skirt on, then got down on all fours, waiting.

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   Jake knelt down behind him, and rubbed a finger against his asshole gently. Katie stepped over, lifting up her skirt, showing her pussy. Jake licked at it for a moment, then she handed him a lubricated condom, which he opened, and put on his rapidly hardening dick. Then, Kandy and Li came and knelt in front of Nick, pulling out their own cocks. They pressed them together, and slowly moved towards Nick's open, waiting mouth. All of a sudden, just before the two cocks reached his mouth, he felt a pressure on his ass, and then, as his lips touched their goal, a massive cock, maybe as much as 10 inches long, slid inside his ass in one smooth movement. He cried out, and Jake looked concerned that he'd hurt the poor girl. After a moment's recovery, Nick moved slightly forward, and took the two cocks into his mouth, licking gently. Jake took that as his cue, and started to slowly thrust in and out of Nick's ass. It was a whole new feeling, the usual pain mixed with joy, but with the intensity of being impaled on this massive piece of meat. He kept sucking, dispite the massive distraction of the cock in his ass. Kandy and Li moaned, and Katie stood to the side, fingering her pussy quickly, turned on by this foursome. Then, she stepped over, and lay on the ground, again sucking Nick off, while rubbing Jake's balls with one hand. This seemed to turn Jake on more, and his thrusts sped up, and got harder, until it was the best Nick could to to just hold the dicks in his mouth, unable to do any sucking. Suddenly, the condom on Jake's dick swelled, as his cock exploded a load of come into it.

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   He groaned, and his thrusts slowly decreased, and then he pulled out entirely. Nick's sore, stretched ass stayed open for a minute, which Katie took full advantage of, licking and kissing at it happily. Nick once again started his sucking, and rather quickly, Kandy and Li both shot their come into his mouth. Jake said, "Oh, that's hot. Kiss me, baby, let me swallow their come for you. " Nick stood, and faced Jake, who came over, and kissed him, dribbling the load of mixed come into his mouth. After a moment, Jake swallowed, and pulled back. He licked his lips, saying, "You ladies are as tasty as ever. " Then he turned, went back into his van, and left. The girls surrounded Nick, saying, "Oh baby, that was so hot. Did you like it?" Nick swallowed the few traces of come left in his mouth, then said, "Yeah. . . He was so big, though. " The girls grinned, "Yeah, he's a rare treat.

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   Got a wife and kids at home, just loves a bit of tranny ass now and then. "Nick smiled, but then heard the sound of a group of people. All four of them looked over, and saw a group of ten guys, all approaching them. The girls grinned, and whispered to Nick, "Don't worry, these guys just like to watch, and sometimes jerk off over one of us. Can get a little messy to clean up, but it's usually fun. " Nick smiled, and waited for them to get there. The guys stood a few metres away, all staring at Nick. Katie stepped forward, and said, "If you guys want to try the new girl, she'll cost you double, and no rough stuff. " They all nodded, and then the leader stepped forward, pulling out his cock. Nick looked at it, then stepped forward, reaching out his hand. He grabbed the guy's cock, squeezing gently. The stranger smiled at him, and said, "Get on your knees, cutie. "Nick complied, and the guys all gathered around him, pulling their cocks out. One of them gently undid his shirt, exposing his bra and breasts. The guys watched, grinning, and then each of them, in turn, slipped their cocks into Nick's mouth, letting him suck it for a moment, before pulling out again, and jerking off.

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  One of them gently made Nick's head lean back, so that he was looking straight up, and then moved his cock over towards him. He opened his mouth, expecting to get another dick to suck, but instead, was met with a stream of hot come, which splattered all over his face. Then another, and soon his face was plastered white with the come of ten guys, who grinned at him, and put their cocks back into their pants. Then, they turned to the others, and said, "Katie, lick it off her. "Katie stepped forward, and kissed Nick on the lips, her tongue slipping in, and then started licking all around Nick's face, cleaning the cum off. Every so often, she'd kiss Nick again, and he could taste the salty goodness of ten guy's come. Eventually, she was done, and they both stood up, smiling at the guys, who applauded happily. The leader stepped forward, slipped several high-numbered bills into Nick's bra, and kissed him, then said, "If you ever want to come give me a private performance, Katie has my number. "They walked off, and Nick turned to the other girls, "Private performance?" They smiled at him, "Well, if he finds a girl, of either sex, that he really likes, he fucks her properly, and maybe even lets them fuck him, and he pays sooo well. We've all done it, it's a fairly wild ride. I don't think you're up to that just yet, you need more practice. " They giggled, and Katie kissed Nick again, while Kandy and Li rubbed his butt with their cocks, "Mandy, you can work with us any time. " The pulled out one of the notes from his bra, the smallest of them, and said, "Keep the rest, buy some more dresses. . .

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Coming to Amsterdam, the home capital of The Netherlands, can be a very exciting thing to do, mostly if you love hanging out, drinking with your buddies or enjoying forbidden stuff. It’s also a marvelous place for culture, music and other cool things, but today we are going to talk about the most intriguing thing you can do here. escort amsterdam adult services are probably the most demanded and urged in the whole world. Services which can give lust and leisure to almost anyone who comes to Amsterdam and craves the company of a woman.

What type of ladies can I date via this Escort Amsterdam service?

For start, you can travel to Amsterdam for almost any type of woman you can think of, but when it comes to escort Amsterdam services, these give provide nothing but the sexiest and most classy hotties for you to meet. Think of classy ladies of various ages, on duty to give you not just an unbelievable sexual experience, but also a full journey with elegant dates, hot chats, funny moments and plenty of adult fun. It’s something that one must experience when in Amsterdam. No matter your reason in this city, as a man, you have to taste a bit of these amsterdam escort chicks. The entire experience will make you feel powerful, confident and very pleased.

I can choose whatever escort chick I desire?

Sure, when in Amsterdam, and willing to give it a try, you can basically select whatever Escort model you wish. Be it a blonde with big tits and long legs, a kinky dark haired one excited to have you in the sheets with her, a young escort with no skills but a big thirst, a granny with lots of experience and knowledge to make you feel great...everything your mind craves for can become reality if you use the escort Amsterdam services.


Every time you visit to Holland, and you visit this beautiful city called, Amsterdam, bare in mind that you can improve your time spent by accessing the escort amsterdam services. It’s easy and highly secure, intimate and most advanced for any sort of sexual desire. Your hidden wishes can become real with the help of these ladies. Feel free to navigate the section and see the woman you wish. Experience the best levels of pleasure with some really amazing women. Fresh, matures, skinny, chubby, with large knockers, with big butts, dark haired, blondes, ebony, Asian, you name it. The offer is large and the possibilities are vast. All you have to do is surf the escort Amsterdam section and see for yourself. Such wonderful ladies are hard to find on other sites, and their level of experience will dazzle even the most pretentious of men.
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