Recalling Youth Memories


Recalling youth memories

I was raised up in the country attending a country school through the eighths grade. During high school I was bussed to a near by town. Up to and during the first year of high school I had only one friend my own age that I socialized with in games like hiking through the woods exploring or hunting game etc that only lived !/4  mile from me before he moved away during my first year of high school. I only had 2 older boys from two families with each having a smaller kid brother that lived maybe ½ mile from me. All of them gathered in summers to skinny dip in the nude and swim and frolic in our dammed up creek that we used for swimming and bathing. Because none of us had indoor plumbing showers and etc. I was ashamed to undress when the larger boys came around or my best friend and felt bolder around the younger two kids. I had built myself a small hide out club house that I kept secret even from my only friend or anyone just so I could play my sex games without anyone knowing like playing with my gentiles and  masturbation while fingering my ass hole that helped kept me aroused and I could even get my mouth onto the head of my penis even before the adolescent change started. I could climax even before I could eject sperm. I even used my club house during the winter on my outing which my parents assumed I was hunting game. I learned to jack off during grade school by seeing older guys do it occasional in front of us younger kids and calling us sissies. One summer day I had left my club house and approached through the woods to the swimming hole and was astonished at seeing my best friend who was very macho in size compared to my sissy lean physical appearances and the two younger kids standing nude and him letting the dark haired boy fondle his full grown erection. They both was admiring him and asking him sex questions about ejecting come and he told the boy that was admiring him most and still very smaller in boyhood than the blonde haired kid whom was about half way through puberty that if he would lie down and let him put his peter between his slick thighs that he would show him real come. The kid lay down on his back and my friend hovered over himself in a push up position and put his large tool between the lad’s thighs and asked him to clasp them tight on his peter. In just a few seconds he was back on his haunches spurting come in the air for them to see. He then lost his lust and became embarrassed and got up and left quickly.

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   I never mentioned sex to him and he kept away from the swimming hole until he left our area. But I also later felt embarrassed around him remembering his macho and being more endured than I was. Now back to the results of his day with the young boys. As he was leavening they chatted and talked about his erection size and the spurn and how they wished they could be like him. They also touched and fondled each other and the blonde sexy kid tried to sodomize the other willing boy and failed because the boy’s didn’t use any  spit saliva or any way to lube the tawny opening. Then when the smaller penis boy wanted his turn the cute ass boy told him he had to shit. He left him and entered the area I was hiding in and found a log and squatted upon it exposing his smooth buxom buttocks and spread ass crevice to me near my hiding place. The hole opened up exerting a brown thick long brown turd of waste that had the inner elastic membrane linings stretched out about an inch as it slid out and thumped on the ground. Then the membranes withdrew back into him and there was no evidence of his taking a shit leavening such a tawny twinkling velvet reddish pretty sexy sight for me to admire. This sexy sight made me want to push my hard on against. He rose up and whacked on his half grown peter for a few seconds and then also reached back and gouged at his rectum hole with his finger tip. Then he moved down the log and sat down and bent his head down straining as to suck his peter which from my view from behind I couldn’t see or tell if he got any of his dick in his mouth. I must have made a noise because he turned and with astonished eyes looked me straight into my exposed face and as our astonished eyes held contact a transpired awareness set in revealing my admiration of him unto me. I just took time to notice that his buddy had dressed and had left in the direction the big dick boy had taken. I embarrassedly hastily got up and ran back to my hide out and proceeded to lay on the small bed I had improvised and started playing with my peter with the vision of his sexy ass on my mind.


   I had my dong sticking straight up with my head lolled back and my eyes closed.
    I didn’t hear the cloth curtain door being pulled back and know that he was standing over me still naked in his haste to follow me. His name was Chris and I actually had mumbled his name as I visualized his taunting pretty bung hole while jacking on my manhood before I knew of his presence. That’s when my whole nervous system became shocked because his hand grasped my peter just ever so lightly. I brought my knees up and using my hands to push my body back till the wall stopped me. I was breathing hard as recognition set in and he looked at me with a hypostatized pleading in his eyes as to not be scared of him. He sat down on the bunk at my feet and saying soothing words like its ok, just let me touch you, please. My dick was limp as a rag from the shock and I just kept mum as he began to fondle me so gently and electrifying thrills ran through my gentiles that had never felt the warmth of anybody’s touch before. I scooted down letting one leg lay across his lap and the other one behind him as me kneaded me back to a bursting erection that just quickly jerkily  climaxed making me moan his name while trembling and shuddering to fulfillment like I’d never experienced before. I just lay there breathing raspy as I subsided and went limp in his hand that had my come becoming sticky between his fingers still holding my peter. He then moved to get his face near mine and his dreamy glazy blue eyes hypnotized me as he put his red full lips against mine. He put his warm arms around my shoulders and held me close for the longest and my hands automatically began to caress first his shoulder on down to his waist and then to caress his buns with my fingers digging at the crevice that had so recently turned me on and finally to fondle his smaller  meaty erection and cup his balls. After a spell of just pure ecstasy in wet kissing and loving he pushed my head down to his perky peter and guided my mouth onto it and I humbly obeyed and became obsessed by becoming greedy upon it and he wildly climaxed his spartanly sweet clear come into my mouth cavity.

    We just sat quietly awhile and then he said he had to go get his clothes and prepared to leave and he said, I’ll see you tomorrow. I adored the exotic swish of his buns as he exited.

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       Use your imagination as to how obsessed I developed a fetish with lecherous desires for devouring upon and for his buttocks during our next encounters as our relationship continued.

    Only if one could call back the youthful pleasures and desires during the good ole days…. .

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