Sex With Strangers 5


I just got home. I wanted you to know that I just got to do and be what another man wanted. A cock sucking mouth. I'm really not ashamed or emberassed to admit it. I love the feel of the head of a cock and all it's shapes and forms pushing in and out of my mouth. I have tasted lot's of different kinds of sperm. I have smelled and licked and felt all the different types of flesh imaginable. I love them all and crave more. I may be making a turn to a 'sadistic' side of this all. And maybe it's that I want to be used viciously by maybe not one guy, but more than one. I mean that's the next step, right? I take care of one guy. . why not 2, 3, or more?!Well let's just concentrate on tonight. I met a guy I have been talking to online for about 4 months now. I am not going to bore you with all the stuff leading up to it. I want to concentrate on what I want to remember. 

  We met in a safe place. My lights on my car blinked, then his went on. I left my car, walking straight into his headlights so he could get a good look at me. I got in the back seat and it was a larger car, maybe a Lincoln or something. Big room in the back. I was on the floor between the back seat and the front. I heard some moving around and noises like he was turning off everything. He got out, shut the door. He got in the back door across from me. sat down. Now we have talked about what I wanted to do for him and his involvement. I wanted a dick in my mouth. He wanted to have a man suck his cock for the first time. He sat there, and i did what I crave for. .

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  . I unbuttoned his pants, kinda slowly unzipped his pants. He had no underwear on. I smelled the heat of his crotch, his breathing, yet I didn't see his cock. I was kinda expecting to have a hard-on but he was flacid. I had to snake my hand into his pants to find his 'penis'. It was not a large one. I played with his soft penis and rubbed his balls a bit. he was very hairy, and ok, well he was 56 years old. But I didn't care about all that. I could smell urine, sweat, and his ass all drifting outta his open zipper. Fuck all the emotions. I grabbed his pants. I was just angry and didn't care a shit. I pulled his pants down and cupped his balls in my hand.

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   I caught a glimps of his face, and he looked older than I expected. Face down on his cock. I sucked his soft penis into my mouth and worked it like a limp noodle. After about 10 seconds I started to feel it get harder and his hips started to shift and push up. 30 seconds into it, he had a full erection. Sorry to say, it was only like 3-4 inches. (I have yet to find a guy with a HUGE cock. . still looking, cause if one exists locally. . i'll let him fuck my ass) So I was slurping and sucking hard down on his cock. I don't know how I know to do what I can, but maybe it's just that I have a a penis and know what I'd love to have done to me. . . so I was crouched sideways in the back seat of this old mans care, his hard cock in my mouth and he's making this "hungahungahunga" noise.

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   I kinda think he's done this before, because he started to call me names. "oh you young fuck face" and "fuck me you boy slut" I almost laughed a few times. . Even though he told me he had never had another guy suck his cock. . . come on. And I didn't care. It only took me a total of 30-50 seconds to make him cum. It was not that warm in my mouth, it was not thick or heavy. . mostly precum and juice and probably more urine than cum. But I ate it all. I did the right thing and sucked on his cock till he was soft again. it's only polite.

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  That was tonight. And I'm still wanting more. I should of planned it better, and I think I really need more than one guy at a time. Forced Sex? Sure. Come visit me and we'll see. ritcheydrew@yahoo. com.

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