Stevie's Seduction part 2


Topic: 1It is hard to describe my feelings as I entered my bedroom. I felt strangely exhilerated and excited by what Carl had made me do but, at the same time, terrified that my grandparents or friends would find out. I could still feel my heart pounding at the back of my throat and a kind of pressure in my ears. My limbs felt heavy and it was difficult to stand as my legs felt like jelly.  Taking off my clothes with trembling fingers I slid into my big soft bed and laid there thinking back to what had taken place. My mind was awhirl with it all and I realised I had taken my cock in my hand in the same way as I had done to Carl. It began to stiffen immediately as I went back over in my mind the things that had taken place. Part of me wondered if he would come up to my room as he had said and part of me dreaded it actually happening.  
My heart started pounding faster with anticipation and it was difficult to breathe. I heard him approaching across the landing until he was outside my door. "Are you in bed yet, sweetie" he whispered in a low voice and I croaked back a timid "yes". "Good" he said and slowly pushed the door open. As I looked up I gave out an involuntary little gasp of fear and panic - he was totally naked in the doorway and his penis was standing erect, hard and somehow menacing. With wide eyes I stared at him. His skin was very dark, almost negroid, and his body was highly muscled with a weightlifter's 6 pack and well-developed arms and legs.

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   He was obviously a very fit man who worked out a lot. He was very hairy on the chest, arms and legs appearing almost gorilla-like in the subdued light from my bedside lamp.
"What are you doing" I stuttered but he just smiled as he walked towards the bed. "No, please, you musn't" I croaked but he just went "shhh", still with that strange smile on his face. "Time to make you my girlfriend, honey" he said. Puzzled, I replied "But I'm a boy" "Who gives a shit" he laughed, "You're a hell of a lot prettier than some of the girls I've balled, sweetcakes. Move over so I can climb in with you for a cuddle. " With that he pulled back the sheets and slid into the bed alongside me. I hadn't moved across so his body pressed against mine and the feel of it made me shudder, not with repulsion but from pent-up excitement as I felt the heat from his body and his hard cock against my thigh.
"Please, you mustn't" I begged as he put his arm across my chest and started to caress my nipples gently with his fingers. His other hand slid down my body and closed gently over my cock and balls. As I struggled slightly he hissed shhh again and held me tight. I just kept saying over and over "No, please, you mustn't" whilst, In fact, I did very little to stop him. It was as though I was totally under his power, unable or unwilling to struggle free 
He then leaned over and brushed my lips with his tongue several times backwards and forwards before kissing me fully . I was in no fit state by this time to resist his advances even when he parted my lips with his and slipped his tongue into my mouth.

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   It was as though I was mesmerised and it was all a dream.  
Despite the trauma of what was taking place, I began to feel strangely aroused. My cock was hard in his hand and when he whispered in my ear to play with his, I found myself doing it without knowing when I had started to. After kissing, stroking and licking me for 10 to 15 minutes, I had calmed down and realised I was enjoying the strange feelings he had aroused in me, so that, when he started to slide his lips down my neck to circle my nipples with his tongue, I just let him, closing my eyes as the strangely erotic sensations pulsed through my body.
His lips and tongue had reached my navel before I realised what was happening and it was too late to even think of stopping him as he took my cock into his mouth. I remember gasping "NO" and half-heartedly trying to push his head away but the feeling was so wierdly erotic that, in reality, I did not want to stop him. The heat and wetness inside his mouth on my virgin cock were just so incredible, sensations I can recall to this day.  
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