Topic: TAKING MY BROTHERS CUM. 2 Taking my brothers cum 2
 Gran spoilt that moment for us,will there be just hated gran at that moment,of all the moments,it had to be when mum was horny and vulnerable enough through her own orgasmic needs to let me start having some sexual activity with my own personal MILF. I knew it was just as bad as my ruthless brother really but I could give mum all she desired in gentle caring sex. I felt this was what mum felt and was about to lustfully explore in her weakened moment.
 Alone now we looked at each other not dejectedly,but we knew the moment of madness had been lost. "Saved by the bell" mum said, 'Mum,I didn't want to have any bell save me' I know son,its just a 'figure of speech' another time eh! My face said it all. "Come over here stud,lets cuddle some" As my face nestled against her bra' less breast I felt her nipple harden. Cheekily I turned my mouth onto it and sucked through her dress. Huskily, "No,you mustn't,you're making my feet tingle" 'Your feet mum?' Looking up at her face, "Stop it,you know what I mean,yes,that as well,now stop doing it, - in a pleading voice, please,be nice to me,let go of my nipple with your lips"
 'Mum,as I've been nice to you by stopping,will you do me a really big favour' "Go on,like what?its not something rude is it!" 'No not really,well no more than what we've been on about' "Say then,go on,out with it" 'W-E-L-L,as you saw my C-O-C-K  hard that is,would you show me your pussy,I promise not to touch it or anything if that worries you' Without a word,mum looking at the ceiling,obviously not daring to look at me looking,as she pulled her dress up to her belly and with thighs parted,pulled her knickers to one side.
 My cock jerked in my pants and I adjusted it as it hardened. There it was,my mothers pussy,well part of it. 'Mum,why are you keeping your fingers over the top part?' Blushing profoundly,but still silent. Her fingers parted in a vee. A hard protrusion glistened between them like a shiny wet hard bean with a wet piece if skin lifted back above it like a little hood. In a whisper now, "I was trying to hide it,that hard bit is my clitoris peeping out from its hood" She touched the soft tissue shaped like a hood. 'Why? is it sore,its ever so inflamed' "No! No! its about earlier" She pressed her lips open, "See,see how wet and slippery I am,that's because I was going to let you" - My cock was beating a tattoo against my belly.

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   'And mine mum,its pulsing and throbbing against my belly' "My clitoris is hard like a little cock,it does that like yours does"
 'Its because mine wants yours,does yours want mine as well?' "mmm" 'Can we then,you know' I went for broke, 'Will you let me?' Eyes still wide open and looking straight to the ceiling still. "mmm" I moved towards her and leant onto her legs and belly,her eyes closed and I felt her let go her knicker leg and reach for my trouser zip. Expertly she fumbled and pulled my rampant hardon out into her thigh area. I following her lead,pulled at her knickers and got them really over to one side. God,I'm going to cum,I know I will before I can put it in. But no,as her warm pussy lips touched my penis I felt it slide oh! so smoothly inside her. The sensation was electric. "Gently,do me gently" on saying this I felt mum start playing with her clitoris,in seconds,she grabbed at my ass and we thrust mutually at each other.
 "C-U-M-M-I-N-G! You're making me C-U-M-M" She gasped as I exploded into her. "Your CUM,its in me" I was on another planet as we pumped at each other and still I felt surge after surge pump up mum's quim. "Phew! We shouldn't have,you know that" I nodded. With my cock still deep in her,she gripped hold of me and almost crushed my ribs so I couldn't breath properly. "That bum thing! another time eh? If he does it to you tonight,wait till after he's gone to sleep and come into my room and I'll let you do it to me. Don't worry about his KY. I've got some" She giggled as I stood off from her and my still rock hard cock wetly pointed at her.

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   Playfully putting her hands up like in a cowboy film. "Yes oh great throbbing one,I'm yours to do to me as you wish" adding, "I mean that,my bellies tingling like mad because of our illicit sex"
 'Mum,you've forgot about dad being with you' "No I haven't,he's off on a man thing with his mates,I wish Brian was as well,but he said nothing. I hope he takes the bike off somewhere, But I'm a bit fearful, - shocking me with this crude statement, its my meat he's got planned for his manly spit after last night" I must admit after my previous experience and with a promise of fulfilment with mum,I was relishing the chance of my brother un-beknown to him making all things possible for me with became night,I heard Brian,yes the bike was with him and they stayed by the door,just inside in fact. All was hushed tones,then my bedroom door quietly opened,it was mum. In a whisper, "He's trying to do her against the hallway wall. I jumped out of bed and it wasn't lost on mum that not only did I have a hardon up to my chin,it was showing,that is the KY. I'd already applied in my eagerness to put Brian to bed so to speak and allow myself all night for mum. "He may not want you now" she smiled whimsically" Then with a dirty wicked smirk she opened her gown and pressed forward at my hardon with her belly,no contact just plain torment.
 She was going and we could hear the bike working at our Brian's cock,the grunts became fragmatic then with his usual burst of energy the sound very clearly told us he's spilled his seed in the bike and in turn she'd orgasmed rather loudly over his cock. "Fuck woman,that's all over my trousers" - "Do we go up now?" "No,tomorrow,I'll get mum to sort somewhere for our kid to sleep, then you wont be bothered about what I wanted,but said you wouldn't in case he watched,alright?" "Yeah,if you say so,we could now though,I wouldn't mind if he woke up while we were at it,although its very kinky mind"
 My reaction was. Go home you bitch,I'm not interested in your kinky stuff,I'm on a mission to mum. Just fuck off will you! Surprisingly as Brian passed mum's room, "goodnight mum" and it even sounded as though he meant it. In he came,off came his clothes. He pulled at his foreskin. As it rolled back it showed every sign of the bikes juice that he'd said about going on his clothes.

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   'She was sweet tonight then?' "You heard her cumming did you,I bet it made you horny,lets see,got a hardon have you,want me to let you have a go on her,you horny little toad" I blatantly pulled enough clothes away to let him see my hardon,then turned away and pulling my ass cheeks apart to show the KY.
 I said, 'Want some,you letting me hear her getting it got me horny yes,in fact I was jealous,she'd drain you out and I couldn't get last night repeated' It worked, "Don't ever fear little virgin ass brother,there's lots more where that came from" I then got a repeat performance of the night before except I didn't get bit on the knob. But he was so intense because I gave the impression I needed more of his cock,that he failed to notice mum open the door just a tiny bit as he grunted his sperm into my bowel. She hung there not blinking as he tried to wank me stupid but with the heat of his cock in my ass it just hung flacid. It was of no consequence as just as mum said,he like dad was only interested in getting his orgasm.
 With sperm in and over my ass,he slunk over to his own bed and was asleep in moments. I gave it ten minutes or so,then as intended I crept over to mum's room. In a whisper, "Did you hear what he said to the bike,he's going to try and talk me into letting you stay in this room to give them a free hand" Quietly she giggled,"just watch me play hardball with that" She turned, "see" Her ass crack was covered in jel' "Had to start without you,I couldn't get over how such a tiny little asshole could open for a cock his size" Now on her back, "Have a little play with what I showed you this morning" another giggle, "You made me feel like a little girl showing it down the lane to the kids, - adding, I used to make them give me 5p to look and 10p to touch"
 'Did a man give you a pound?' "No,I was only ten then" 'Well?' She slapped my naked ass,thwack! thwack! 'Shhh! "Well that's dirty,tickle me for fucks sake before I decide to stop you doing it and anyway,after its in I want you to try and roll me onto my belly,I still think I'd prefer it like that but we'll start spoon like okay" I had little trouble with fucking mum in her ass,as soon as I got my helmet past her sphincter she took over and thrust at my length until I was completely up inside her rectum. As I got near to cumming mum said "Its making my pussy cum,push me onto my belly"
 I came hard and fast until I could cum no more. The feeling of my pubic bone against my mum's soft ass cheeks was like a water bed. Still deep inside her I started to rock gently on her bum's softness, "You're making me cum again,she forced her hand under her belly and down to her clit,I could feel her,she was masterbating as I pumped until with little short gasps she orgasmed and clenched and opened her ass cheeks making me shoot as only a young cock can,jet after jet pumped from me until my orgasm was verging on pain. We lay entwined for over a half hour.
 "Off" I did and she rolled onto her back, "See,that was all so lovely,kneel over me,in so doing,I jumped as she pulled my foreskin back and wiped my cock with some wet cool tissue. "I want you to do some more of what we done this morning,No knickers now,see" Of course I knew she was naked but the fun of remembering I'd had it up her knicker leg made my cock surge to a solid ramrod, "Now,fuck me now" I gently pushed as she sucked air into her heaving lungs, "God this is what I have so wanted over the years,gentle loving sex" We kissed,I mean a real kiss,sexual as you like,before that kiss ended our orgasm's mingled as did our juices. I rolled from mum completely satisfied, "You satisfied me more than I've ever had in my life,I want you to stay and sleep here,but we may not wake in time,go back in now and tomorrow,we get to do it all night"
 I crept back to my room and slept the sleep of a god.

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   The god of sex I suppose it was"!
 All for now,bye.