Topic: TAKING MY BROTHERS CUM.  Taking my brothers cum.
 I had very limited options when my brother fucked my fifteen and whimpy framed,with a brother twenty three and built like a brick shithouse. The option of resistance or such consequences he mentioned left me taking the best option as I seen it at the time.
 I knew mum was wary of his aggressive mode when horny and as I was more close too mum,where as Brian, (That's him) likened more to dad. Another bruiser of a man. I conceded to his demand because. He had often made the remark, "If I don't get some pussy tonight,mum's going too get a fucking good raping"
 Earlier there had been a commotion down stairs between him and a bike he tended to use as a backstop for sex. She had hollered, "No not with your brother in there,I wont" I neither knew what she wouldn't do or cared. Until I heard the door slam with "FUCK YOU THEN YOU FUCKING TART" She had obviously pissed off. A bit more fumbling took place before I heard him mumbling to himself as he ascended the stairs. "Fuck her,I got better to fuck here anyway.
 I waited with pending apprehension as I expected to hear mum's door open,his promise to rape her if horny was fast becoming a reality. Or so I thought. My door opened and closed and I found myself holding my breath as to what would happen next. His bed creaked as he sat on it and I knew he was stripping off.

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   As I faced towards him,I peeped through one squinting eyelid. Mumbling still, "Fucking cow" while he looked down on his hard cock that he was grasping in his fist. He pulled his foreskin back then up again towards his knob. Looking towards the door,somebodies going to take a fucking,right now!
 He rose up and was about to move towards the door when in panic,I turned my body away and uttered, 'She being a bitch again?' This distracted his line of thought. He stopped and I knew I'd gained his attention. He I guessed was studying my backside because on turning I sensed a cool draft on my rear. The bedclothes had followed my movement,leaving my naked ass uncovered. - We both always slept naked. - No comment was made but,my heart stepped up a beat as I felt he may stick it between my legs and cum as he'd done several times when I was younger. Either way at least my mum wouldn't be raped,and what's a bit of spunk between my legs anyway?
 My bed moved as his weight came on to it, "Your ass looks just like a woman's sticking out like that. Not a sign of a hair back here,how about round here?" His hand lunged round my waist to my front and felt my cock area. "Hmmm! All manly and hairy there,must be just your ass that's female" He grasped my cock. "Go on,fuck my wrist,lets see your ass move" I dry fucked his palm as his other hand poked at my bums hole. "That's Niicce that,go quicker,quicker still" My cock was all the time getting harder. "Like that eh? How does this feel?"
 I felt his prick popping against my ass crack now.

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   He moved me and himself till my bum was getting punched at with the spongy head of his manhood. "Go slower now,you feel good you little squirt" Still his cock just pressed at my hole but couldn't enter, - I'm not even sure if he planned too. By now I had precum on my cock head and his was making my asshole sticky as I dry fucked his fist. "STOP! Let me reach over a bit" His hand left my cock as he reached back towards his own bed. He was back behind me spoon fashion but not hard against my ass. "Wait a mo' see what you think of this" With that a cold slippery handful of KP. hit me in the ass.
 He worked some up my ring with his finger. Gripping his hardon he now slid the head of it backwards and forward along my groove. I could hear a sticky sound coming from my ass and his knob as he got more and more agitated with his movements. Then his hand came back on my cock and gripped it tighter than before. "Fuck my hand,see how it feels with the KY. on it" It felt good,but so now did his cock sliding at my asshole each time I pulled down and made my ass press at his hardon.
 I knew what was about to happen,because he'd press his fist hard into my groin to steady then stop my thrusting and at the same time move and press at my asshole with his hardon. Then it felt different, "HOLD STILL! I've got you,wait" I stopped moving as I felt his slippery cock enter my ass ring.

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   It didn't hurt so much as it seemed to be making my ass stretch to big. "Don't move or I'll cum" We lay still and I was conscious of my cock shrinking in his hand. I think the reason was the sensation at my asshole as I felt the big fat head of his cock creeping ever deeper in to my insides.
 Slowly I felt it pass my sphincter until I felt a release as the helmet seemed to pass my tight ring part. I felt Brian relax some now,it occured to me that with the sensation,neither of us was breathing. He now pressed his length up my rectum. My limp prick was deserted by his hand as he forced his other  hand under my waist and gripped me on my hips and started to fuck me rampantly. Grunting with ecstacy now,the grunting became very audible Once he became so carried away he nearly pulled out completely,but the following thrust shot cum up my ass as his first shot pumped from his cock deep into my bowel. Hammer thrust after hammer thrust with accompanying grunts squirted cum up my ass. "Fuck! You fucking little virgin,that was an awesome fuck you gave me"
 He lay still with his hard cock stuffed deep up inside me. He wasn't softening,then his moving started again,in no time the slurping of his cum already deposited in my ass was added to with even more cum erupting into my bowel from this brotherly fucking. He pulled out and told me to lay on my back. In so doing I expected him to suck me. At first I wasn't disappointed,having squeezed the residue of sperm from his knob onto my leg. He took hold of my soft cock and with it curled in his cheeks I marvelled at the warmth and spittal he rolled my knob in.

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   Fuck then he bit,I mean bit,fucking hard that is. He pulled slowly from my cock biting at intervals as he gradually sucked hard to hold my knob part in till the very end. When he had his lips just behind the shoulder of my flacid helmet,he drove his teeth in me enough to bite the end off. I yelped as it brought water to my eyes.
 "She yelps like that when I bite her nipples,fucking whore she is" He looked at my watering eyes and had the cheek to say, "Sorry for that bite" The rotten bastard! Still mum was safe for now! I watched his hairy ass as he clambered across his own bed,I had a vivid vision of ramming a red hot poker up it and stirring his guts up. Course,It wont ever happen and frankly I enjoyed his fucking,but oh that bite was not for morning with just me and mum left in home. "Lot of goings on last night,you okay? It wasn't her in your room,was it?" With sad eyes,she looked at me, "It was you,he did didn't he?" I nodded, 'He was heading to your room,so I distracted him' "I heard the grunts. What was that yelp,he hurt you with it?" 'No,that was when he bit me' "Where? show me,did he mark you?" 'No,not really' "Let me see" 'NO,its okay honest' Mum gave me a stare. "It was wasn't it? He bit you on your" She pointed to her pussy. I nodded. "Tender is it?" Relaxing a bit as our talk seemed so mature and easy. 'No,it was all soft and gibblety,so it didn't hurt like I would think it would if it had been' I trailed off. "Hard you mean,yeah,perhaps so"
 "Still show me anyway,let me see he hasn't broke the skin,you never can be too careful with a bite,especially with his grotty nashers" I reluctantly opened my zip and pulled my dick free. Closing on me, "Not like that" Squatting she tugged at my trousers and down they came with my boxers. "Lets take a good look,not shy are you?" I wasn't but mum's talking was effecting my loins and it showed.

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   My cock was at half mast. "oo look,its still working okay,that's some relief" 'M-U-U-M, That's why I only wanted to let you peep' She smiled, "Don't be embarrassed,I'm flattered you think dirty about me. Not like Brian,now he frightens me with his looks and threats,rest assured,I knew what he had in mind last night and every night. Thanks for saving me,you did it for me didn't you?"
 I nodded, "Its only putting off the inevitable though,believe me. I wouldn't mind if he was any good at it,but frankly he's usless. That little slut last night know's, its 'wam bam thank you mam' absolutely useless for the woman and like your dad,they don't give a damn about what a woman's needs are" I'm looking at her,its like a dam has burst. "Sorry for running on,but I'm so dam horny,just waiting and hoping,you know. Oh stop babbling ann. Sorry bab's" While this outburst was going on she'd been half looking at my cocks skin but at no time stopped holding it. Now I had a rampant hardon. Then she done the unthinkable. She kissed it right on the end.
 Instinctively I pressed towards her mouth. "I know,it makes you move like that,I was last night when I heard what was being done to" Her hand smoothed at my bum cheek. Up and down she went,she seemed reluctant to stop.

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   "ANN,No that's naughty" But still she smoothed me. A bomb shell hit me from mum. "I mustn't ask,I must resist it, - talking to herself, - What did it feel like? He did have it inside not just between your legs didn't he?" I looked at her as the memory of last nights sensations came flooding back and I knew my cock was dribbling precum.
 "Sorry son,I should control my emotions,but I've never had that done and as I heard him on you I desperately wondered what it was like" My cock throbbed now. "Would you! Would you do it for me,you understand,you know do me like it" She squeezed my hardon. "With this I mean,a real warm hardon. No,forget it I shouldn't even think like that. Ann stop now you dirty hussey" 'I could mum,are you really sure' "I want too,but as sure as I will ever be" She flattened herself onto the floor and flipped her skirt up at the back. "Go on do it" 'No mum,not like that he didn't' "How then?" 'He got like a spoon behind me' She turned, "Like this?" 'Yes but youv've got your knickers on' "Pull them. pull them off then"
 Clearly mum was horny and getting hornier by the second. 'Up on your bed mum,lets do it there' She was up and at it,heading up the stairs ahead of me with her knickers in her hand. She flopped on her bed just as the doorbell rang. "Fuck,who the fuck would be knocking this time? Dash down and tell them to fuck off" 'Okay,but mum you don't talk that way usually' "I do when I'm horny and I'M FUCKING HORNY NOW" I got to the door and my heart sank. No sending away now,it was gran,mum's mother.
 'Mum its gran,she's in the lounge now' "Oh,Okay I'll be there in a second" Mum appeared,secretly raised her eye's up in her head and mouthed FUCK behind gran's back.

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   "How nice of you to call in so early mum,I'm so pleased" She lied. My day was ruined,I thought,mine and mum's. FUCKING OLD WITCH!
 I will continue in part two.