The Feeling's Mutual: Ch. 2


My head was spinning: a man I barely knew had just asked me to take a shower with him after he had groped me. I may have been just a 15 year-old boy, but I knew what this would mean. It meant that if I followed him into the shower, I would have sex with him. This revelation was shocking and exciting at the same time because I had had thoughts of sleeping with older men before. In fact, I jerked off to thinking about that more than about anything else. It wasn't as if I were gay, it's just that I had a fascination with other men's penises. I had imagined wrapping my soft, boyish lips around a grown man's juicy cock more than a few times and I was excited at the prospect of doing so now. Unable to resist the temptation, I followed him into the showers. This showerroom was basically a square room with showerheads on three walls and bathroom stalls on the other. With no curtains it was obviously meant for rinsing off and not for full-on nude bathing. When I walked in the door, I caught my first good look of the man from the pool: he was slightly pale, had a slender build, and was just beginning to sprout gray hairs. He had a face that wasn't distinct in that he wasn't overly handsome, but he wasn't ugly and he didn't have a delicate face but it wasn't rough either; you could lose him in a crowd and you would never pick him out. He was alone in the dim light of the showers. He sized me up for a moment, then spoke: "Come over here and take a shower. " I took the showerhead next to him and turned it on. After rinsing for a few minutes without speaking, he took off his trunks.

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   I turned and stared at his manhood; it was already erect and looked to be about 6" long with average girth. "Sorry, you don't mind, do you? The shower in my room is broken and I need to wash down here. " It was obviously a lie (it was a very nice and well-maintained hotel) but I was so mesmerized that I didn't care. I just stared and stared and my little cock started to swell until it almost burst through my trunks. I was a little embarassed despite the fact that I was prepared to do far more than just stare. I turned to hide my face, and a second later I felt a hand grab my ass and squeeze. It didn't stop until I turned around about 5 seconds later and he looked at me and and said, "Sorry, I slipped. " Yeah right!, but I was turned on even more by his lies. He just stood there with his cock at full attention and I couldn't help but look down and I saw it again. I was losing it and I knew that I couldn't last much longer before I knew I would drop to my knees.
    He must have seen it too because he put his left hand on my head and his right on his cock and pushed my head down a little. I didn't need more encouragement and so I dropped down and put his cock right on my lips. I stuck out my little tongue to taste it and I was in a whirlwind of sexual excitement after that. I engulfed his warm, hard cock with my mouth and started sucking like it was a lollipop; I basically assaulted his cock with my tongue. I just started swirling my tonuge all around his sweet dick and he started groaning like I've never heard before or since.

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       I was just sucking and sucking with my little boyish mouth. Then he started fucking my face. No, it's more accurate to say I was fucking his cock because I was certainly setting the rhythm. He may have had his hand on the back of my head but I was pumping of my own free will. After a few minutes he started moaning louder and louder until his cum hit the back of my throat. In all my fantasies I had never thought of this and I was shocked and immediately started to gag and I threw up on the shower floor. He just laughed and said, "Room 235. I'll be there all day tomorow. " Then he bent down, kissed my lips lightly, gave my ass one last squeeze and walked out the door. " To be continued . . . (if anybody wants me to finish).