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Topic: The begining of threesomesSo this is my story of how I found out that I really loved threesomes, It was about two years ago I was twenty two at the time. 5'5" 120lbs 34c ash blonde. Just to help with the picture. I was living with my boyfriend at the time Tom a good looking guy a colledge athlete. It was the middle of July so we decided to go to the pool of the apartment complex I put on my two piece white bikini that is about two sizes two small it was middle of the day so I figured we would have the pool to ourselves, the kids pool was in a different area of the complex. Just as we were getting ready to go to the pool Tom got a call on his cell phone, it was Robert and wanted to know what he was doing, Tom invited him to join us. I got  a little nervous, and maybe even turned on I normally only wear this suit for Tom cause I know it turns him on. I had my robe on so he did not know I had it on I thought about asking him if he wanted me to change but then I kinda liked the idea that Robert would be checking me out. So we went down to the pool there was a couple other people there just tanning, I took off my robe and looked at Tom he just smiled and dove into the pool. I put one foot in just to check the temp. I walked to the stairs and slowly made my way in. We where in the pool for about twenty minutes when Robert showed up he pulled off his shirt and dove right in. He is on the same basketball team as Tom, so also in great shape. After splashing around a bit. I decided to go lay out in the sun the one thing I did not metion about my suit is it goes kind of see throuh when wet not totally my nipples and other key areas don't show but really does not leave much to the imagination. As I walked out of the pool I looked back to see both guys watching me walk to get my towel I layed back with my sunglasses on and with out them knowing I watched them.

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   Every time one would dive under the water the other would just stare at me. It was turning me on and I could feel my nipples start to harden and my pussy start to twitch. After a while I asked if they were hungry because I was headed up stairs to shower and I could make some lunch. Tom said that would be great and Robert smiled and said, "sure". I headed upstairs just carrying my robe so all could check me out. I got to the apartment and went in to take a shower I wanted to make it quick. I got out and just put on my robe nothing else. My robe hit just above mid thigh and if I tied it just right it would show my clevage. The guys came in I walked over to Robert and handed him his plate bending over to give him a good shot of my tits. at the same time giving Tom a good shot of my ass. Then the test I figured how Tom handled the next moment would tell me which way the rest of the day would go I went back into the kitchen and brought out Tom's plate and bent over to give him a good view of my tits and Robert the same shot of my ass. Tom just smiled I turned back to Robert and sat in a chair just across from him I could see a slight buldge in his trunks I uncrossed my legs and left them a little spread so he could see my shaved pussy. I was getting so hot at this point I just wanted to stand up and drop my robe, but Tom just stood up and said well it looks like you will get your chance Robert then looked at me and said Robert really wants to fuck you. I said nothing and watched Tom take off his trunks his seven inch cock sticking straight out. he helped me up out of the chair and pulled at the belt of the robe and pulled it off me.

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   I looked over at Robert who was adjusting himself. I just kneed and started sucking Toms cock. Tom then asked Robert, "What are you waiting for?" With that he stood and walked over my way he then pulled down his trunks and another seven inch cock was right in my face I took turns sucking those beautiful cocks I just could not get enough I was hotter then I have even been before. then Tom pulled away and got behind me and started rubbing my clit I thought I would cum right then, but I did not then he put me up on all fours and started licking my pussy it was so good some one licking my pussy while I had a cock deep in my mouth. Then Tom said to Robert you wanted to fuck her so come on. I reluctenly let Roberts cock out of my mouth. As Tom and Robert switched I put Toms cock back in my mouth as I felt Robert put two fingures in my pussy as deep as he could then I felt his cock head at the opening of my hot pussy and he pushed in all the way in one hard deep stroke. When he did my pussy twitched and I let out a moan this is what ectasy is cock in my pussy one in my mouth keeping a perfect rythim. After a  bit Tom and Robert really increased there rythim I stoped sucking long enough to say I wanted to swallow them both. I do not know if it was that statement on top of every thing else but I had the hardest orgasim I had every had right after I said that. Tom then said he was close and Robert said he was and he slowed his pace Toms cock then swelled in my mouth and I felt he hot cum shoot to the back of my throat I kept swallowing then Robert said he was going to come I quickly turned around and barely in time as he shot his load some hitting my cheek and hair before I could get my mouth around it. I then sat back as the guys did the same and the only word that was said was DAM and that was by Robert. the rest of the day played out much the same each one taking me in differnt  positiions all ending with them cumming in my mouth. And since then I have had many more threesomes, If you like this one maybe I write about the others. .


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