4 Way part 1


Sometimes you do some stupid things. I did that last night. I had an EX boyfriend and 2 of his friends come to see me. I hadn’t seen my EX in over 2 years. Well, we went to a few bars and hung out. Some of my other friends came out and we drank and partied. Well, my EX and his 2 friends rented a motel room. We got tired of being out on back roads so we went back to the room and drank there and watched some TV. By this time my EX was hugging and kissing on me. All my friends had gone home already. So I was the only girl with 3 guys. My EX kicked his guy friends out of the room, and we laid on the bed kissing and touching for a while. I heard the door open and I looked and saw one of his friends walk in and sit down. He asked my EX if he could touch me, and I said no. He asked my EX again, this time I didn’t say anything. My EX, whom we shall call Shawn, must have motioned for him to come over to the bed, because next thing I know Shawn and lets say Donnie were sucking on my nipples.

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   Then Ronnie moved his face to mine and asked if he could kiss me. I nodded as he started to kiss me really softly. But then his kisses started to get hard as he rubbed my breast and Shawn sucked on the other and started to finger my pussy. I started to moan and Ronnie and Shawn both took a hand and put them on their cocks. I could feel how excited they were. They were both hard and throbbing. Both of them started to rip my clothes off of me then pulled theirs off. I felt both of their dicks in my face. I would suck on one and rub the other then switch. Donnie took his turn first. I hadn’t ever had a cock that big. I was scared that it would hurt. I was right, I felt him push into me and I let out a big moan as he said “Yeah baby, you like that”. I managed to say yes just as Shawn put his dick back in my mouth, although sucking on it was rather hard because Donnie was fucking my pussy so hard, I was moaning and screaming with pain and pleasure. They were both loving it, and so was I.

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   Donnie picked up pace and Shawn stood there and watched as he rubbed his dick. Donnie and I both came at the same time. Just a few seconds after Donnie pulled out of me Shawn plunged in. I scream because my pussy was so tender. Shawn folded me in half and fucked me fast and hard. I was screaming louder. He pulled my hair and choked me. I loved it. He start to fuck me fast and I felt Donnie suck on my nipples. I came twice before Shawn ever did. Finally, when I was cumming a third time Shawn came and pulled out of me. I fell limp as Donnie shoved his dick in my face and told me to suck it. He pushed it in my mouth and I choked a little, but I think he liked that. He told me “Get it hard baby and I’ll fuck you again”. It didn’t take a minute to get him hard.

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   Shawn went outside to have a smoke with his other friend Zack. This time Donnie was a little more gentle. He didn’t seem to last long, he kissed me as he fucked me really slow. But still it was hard and he was going really deep. I came really fast, and so did he. He asked me “Next time, it’s just going to be me that comes to see you. ’Cause I want all this to myself. Darlin’ we’re gonna become GOOD friends”. The second time I came he did too. We laid there for a moment, I sat up and looked for my clothing, but it was so dark and I was so worn out I just laid there. Donnie got up and put his jeans on and went outside to smoke with Shawn and Zack. The minute he opened the door, Zack pushed Donnie out and slammed the door shut and locked it. I looked up at him as he stripped all of his clothes off. Zack got under the covers with me and start to rub my even more tender pussy. I bucked and squirmed to get away.

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   He put his dick in my face and told me “Suck it baby. Get it hard. C’mon, I wanna fuck”. I managed to get him hard after a few minutes of deep throating and hard sucking. He laid between my legs and slipped into me. It hurt, but I was liking it. Zack didn’t take too very long to cum, and I came once before he did. I was fucking me fast, but not too hard. All the while biting my chest and neck. When he came I grab my smokes and laid in the bed and had one. By this time, Shawn and Donnie had come back into the room and were sitting in the chairs while I lay there smoking a cig trying to catch my breath.
This is not the end of this story, if you like…please let me know, and I will tell you about the rest of the night.
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