An exciting night....


   Mira was a girl that didn't have a lot of excitement in her life. She was an average girl, pretty, but average. She stood 5'9" with long thick dark hair and gorgeous bright green eyes. She weighed 135lbs with 34C breasts. She kept herself clean shaven and hardly ever wore make up.   One day she decided she was going to go camping for a vacation. She invited a couple of guy friends, Ryan and Barry. Ryan was around 5'8" at 145lbs. He was muscular and had blond hair and blue eyes, he was around 7 inches long and very thick. Barry was around 5'11" and 140lbs. He had brown hair, brown eyes and was 9 inches long and slightly less thick than Ryan. Both of the guys she had known for several years.    They got to the campsite that evening and decided to put up their tents before lighting a fire. Both of the guys were watching Mira while she struggled with her tent.   "Ya want some help?" Barry asked her, making her jump. "No.

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   I like looking like a dumbass" she replied.    Both guys decided to help and put her tent up within minutes. Ryan said he would start a fire so Mira could head down to the beach. Barry decided to tag along. Mira went inside her tent and slipped on a bikini with cherries on both the bottoms and the top. Barry put on a pair of loose swim shorts and they headed off.    When they reached the beach, Mira asked Barry to put sunscreen on the backs of her legs and her back. He readily agreed and began rubbing sunblock all over her. This easily turned him on as he ran his fingers all over her legs and butt. Mira could tell by the tightening of his shorts he was excited. After he finished she lotioned his back, carefully caressing every inch of his back. Both knew nothing was going to happen while they were on the beach. There were too many people around.    After an hour they went back to their site and Ryan had prepared dinner. They ate and joked and enjoyed being outdoors.

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   Mira pulled out a surprise, a bottle of Vodka and some orange juice, as well as a few jello shots. The guys were more than happy to do jello shots with her and a few body shots of vodka off Mira. They drank steadily for an hour, all of them getting pretty tipsy.   Mira said she was going to bed, and she asked if the guys would join her, she said it was supposed to get very cold and she wanted body heat. They agreed in a second. Ryan got in the back, then Mira, then Barry. They were all relaxing untill Ryan started rubbing the back of Miras thighs. In turn Mira reached forward and kissed Barry passionatly on the lips.    "What was that for?" Barry asked.   "Because you really two really turn me on" Mira replied.  With that Barry reached down and began rubbing her clit. Mira squirmed in excitement. Ryan began rubbing up against her and she squirmed against them both as her hand made its way down to Barry's already hardend cock. Neither man could take any more.    Barry pulled Mira's shorts down and began fingering her.

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   Ryan was so incredibly hott he pulled his cock out and put it into Mira's mouth.   "Oh god Mira, suck that cock" was all he could say as he plunged in and out of her throat.    Barry laid on his back and pulled his cock out as well. He began rubbing his cock while he watched her head bob up and down on his friends cock.   "I think Barry wants some attention" Ryan said quietly.  Mira took that as a hint and pulled her mouth off Ryan and began sliding her mouth around Barrys hard cock. He immediately grabbed her head and pushed her all the way down his cock. He groaned with excitement as no other woman had been able to do this. She bobbed up and down, faster, longer strokes. She rubbed around his balls and pushed him all the way down her throat and held him there, sucking and licking his thick prick. She pulled her head up and licked the tip.  She then sat up and climbed on top of Ryans hard thick cock and he began pushing in and out quickly. Barry stood up and pushed his cock all the way down Mira's throat. He began face fucking her hard and quick. Groans of ecstasy escaping his mouth.

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     Mira could feel her body being taken over by her first orgasm of the night. She pulled away from Barry and screamed out for Ryan to fuck her harder. With that Ryan rammed his cock into her fast and hard. Barry immediately came up behind her and pushed his cock quickly into Miras ass, making her orgasm even harder.   She was shaking while Ryan pumped from the bottom and Barry filled her ass hole as much as it could take. She had never had anyone in her ass before. It didn't take her long to discover she loved it. She begged them to go faster, harder. Soon, Ryan pulled out of her and traded places with Barry. Ryan pushed in slowly, his cock was shorter than Barrys, but thicker. Barry plunged himself in and out of Mira's cunt quickly.     "Oh. . . .

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  . . . god. . . . . . . Fuck. . Me. . " Mira moaned out as the guys fucked harder and harder.


     "Fuck" she screamed as her second orgasm raged through her body.  With that she could feel Ryan shove all the way into her and cum, squirting his jism inside her tight ass. As soon as he came, Barry fucked quickly, orgasming harder than Mira had ever felt. . .    "Thanks guys. . . . that was fucking awesome. . " Mira said as she kissed Barry and turned around and kissed Ryan.   "Lets see what happens tomorrow. . " She said with a smile as she climbed off of Barry's cock and laid between them in bed.

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  . . .
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